Taking on all Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering & Building Reporting


Samuely undertake the full range of traditional structural engineering design services and use our creative and technical knowledge to add value to our work. Our ability to understand and translate architects and clients’ aspirations into original, buildable and cost-effective structural solutions has led to our involvement in many significant and award-winning projects.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions in our engineering and concentrate on the areas of design and construction where we have an influence. We aim to provide lean structures, we design for future adaptation and we actively monitor the embodied carbon in our designs in order to reduce the effect of our work on the environment.

Structural design

Inspections & reporting

Historic & listed buildings

Building refurbishments

Sustainable building design



Expert Witness


Samuely provide Civil Engineering design services in support of our structural work. This combined approach allows us to give a fully co-ordinated design service which brings efficiencies and cost savings. We co-ordinate our design work with the architect and services engineer to ensure a seamless approach on site.

Samuely take a holistic and sustainable approach in our civil design works. We like to think creatively in order to provide effective, efficient, economic and elegant solutions that not only provide benefits now but for future generations as well. We seek to deliver sustainable, low carbon and minimally invasive solutions where we can.

Flood risk assessments

Basement impact assessments

Below ground drainage


External works

Highway design


Samuely have a wide-ranging knowledge of construction history and building techniques which allows us to provide a comprehensive appraisal of the condition of a building. We report on building defects, the implications of alterations, the load capacity of a structure and the effects of adjacent developments.

Following inspection we can then provide specifications for any remedial works that may be required and oversee the works on site. In some instances we recommend an ongoing monitoring approach so that any building issues can be measured over a number of seasons. This is helpful in insurance claims, for example, and allows all parties to fully understand the scale and magnitude of the problem.

Structural investigations & reporting
Building pathology
Construction monitoring
Repair & remedial work specification