11935British Oxygen Factory - No InformationNANANANA
21935Welded Barge - No InformationNANANANA
31935Carbide Store - No InformationNANANANA
41935London Flat - No InformationNANANANA
51935Bexhill Swimming Pool & Pier - No InformationBox HillBexhill-on-SeaSussexNA
61935House in Chelsea (See Notes)Church StreetChelseaLondonNA
71935Aldershot - No InformationNANANANA
81935Reinforced Brickwork (See Notes)NANANANA
91935Hollow Tile Floor - No InformationNANANANA
101935Bovis Store - No InformationNANANANA
111935Mitchell Tipper - No InformationNANANANA
121935Whittingham College (See Notes)NAWhittinghamNANA
131935Pell Supervision Tests - No InformationNANANANA
141935Iron & Steel Symposium (See Notes)NANANANA
151935Article of Builder Magazine (See notes)NANANANA
161935Article for Welding Incorporated (See Notes)NANANANA
171935Article for Builder Magazine (See Notes)NANANANA
181935Article For Labour News (See Notes)NANANANA
191935Book (See Notes)NANANANA
201935Section Of Book For British Oxygen (See Notes)NANANANA
211935Sandown Garage - No InformationNANANANA
221935Wells Coates Flats Hove - No InformationNANANANA
231935Convent Harrow on the Hill - No InformationNANANANA
241935Brae Court Flats (See Notes)NAKingstonSurreyNA
251935Lewis Dovetail Construction (See Patent)NANANANA
261935Sunspan House Wales - No InformationNANANANA
271935House for Mr.Sweet - No InformationNANANANA
281935Ekco Laboratories Southend - No InformationNANANANA
291935Water tower -No InformationNANANANA
301935Edmund Terrace Flats - No InformationNANANANA
311935Simpsons of Piccadilly (See Notes)NAPiccadillyLondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
321935Church for Spence Sale - No InformationNANANANA
331935Sound City Film Studio (See Notes)NANANANA
341935Great West Road Garage - No Information32a Great West RoadNANANA
351935Streatham Flats Pulman Court (See Notes)NAStreathamLondonNA
361935Steel Ceiling Inspection Sunspan House - No InfoNANAWalesNA
371935Howard Hotel Chimney Design - No InformationNANANANA
381935Waverley Welding Co L.C.C - No InformationNANANANA
391935Ealing House -No InformationNAEalingLondonNA
401935Odeon Cinema Staffordshire - No InformationNANANANA
411935St Johns Wood Flats (See Notes)NASt Johns WoodLondonNA
421935Hove Flats Toms - No InformationNANANANA
431935Kilburn Flats - No InformationNANANANA
441935Lordship Terrace Tenements (See Notes)NAStoke NewingtonLondonNA
451935Kew Flats - No InformationNANANANA
461935Southwick Rehousing - No InformationNASouthwarkLondonNA
471935Embassy Court Brighton (See Notes)NABrightonSussexNA
481935Cornard Knitting Mills Ethelm Street - No InfoEthelm StreetSudburyNANA
491935Ecclesiastical Commissioners Rehousing (See Notes)NANANANA
501935Edgeware Flats - No InformationNANANANA
511935Kingston Hill Flats - No InformationNANANANA
521935Engineer South Africa - No InformationNANANANA
531935Surrey AdvertiserNAGuildfordSurreyLeslie Hiscock
541935Horseferry Road - No InformationNANANANA
551935Camden Town Offices (See Notes)NACamdenLondonNA
561935St Johns Wood Flats 2nd Contract (See 41)NASt Johns WoodLondonNA
571935ICI Laboratories (See Notes)NANANANA
581935Rootes Garage - No InformationNANANANA
591935Wells Coates Experiments With Floors - No InfoNANANANA
601935Reclamation Job - No InformationNANANANA
611935Leigh On Sea House (See Notes)NANANANA
621935Sunspan House Surrey - No InformationNANASurreyNA
631935Angmering House - No InformationNAWorthingSuxxexNA
641935Southall Factory (See Notes)NASouthallMiddlesexNA
651935JEN Wells Coates - No InformationNANANANA
661935Suggestions 8 Storey House Over Railway - No InfoNANANANA
671935House At Leicester - No InformationNALeicesterLeicestershireNA
681935Mr Durell House - No InformationNANANANA
691935Old Bond Street Reconstruction - No Information25 Old Bond StreetLondonNANA
701935Camden Town - No InformationNACamdenLondonNA
711935Wellington Road - No InformationNANANANA
721935Austins - No InformationNANANANA
731935Folkstone Rotunda Foreshore DevelopmentNAFolkstoneNANA
741935Test House - No InformationNANANANA
751935City Arms Millwall - No InformationMillwallNANANA
761935Massett Collingwood Road - No InformationNANorthamptonNANA
771935Northwood Garage - No InformationNANANANA
781935Whittingham College - No InformationNANANANA
791935Schmidt Roof - No InformationNANANANA
801935Connaught Place - No Information5 Connaught PlaceNANANA
811935House for Mr Leanse - No InformationNANANANA
821935Bath House door in wall - No InformationBathNANANA
831935Suntrap House - No InformationHayling IslandNANANA
841935Schools Competition - No InformationNANANANA
851935Coronation Stand Simpsons of Picadilly -No InfoNANANANA
861935Huddersfield - No InformationNANANANA
871935Kensington Palace Gardens - No Information1 Kensington Palace GardensNANANA
881935Bentley Wood House Mr Chermayeff (See Note)Bentley WoodNANASerge Chermayeff
891935Evloe Church - No InformationNANANANA
901935Holland Park - No Information14 Holland ParkNANANA
911935Lambeth Building Development - No InformationLambethNANASamuel Harding
921935Palace Gate Flats (See Notes)NANANANA
931935Mr Walton House in Hampstead - No InformationHampsteadNANASamuel Harding
941935Sound City 5th Studio - No InformationNANANAConnell Ward & Lucas
951935Fisher House (See Notes)NAEsherNAWells Coates
961935Frognal House (See Notes)NANANAConnell Ward & Lucas
971935Gloria Cinema Hillingdon - No InformationNANANANA
981935Newton Road (See Notes)32 Newton RoadPaddingtonLondonDenys Lasdun & Partners
991935Grovenor Street 18 - No InformationNANANANA
1001935St Johns Wood Flats Alterations (See 41)NASt Johns WoodLondonNA
1011935Ramsgate HangarNANANAPleydell Bouverie D
1021935Herstmonceux School - No InformationNANANAPleydell Bouverie D
1031935Fairwarp Sussex - No InformationNANANATurner Lord
1041935Mr Waterhouse's House Hampstead - No InformationNANANASamuel Harding
1051935Stirling Street 5 - No InformationNANANASerge Chermayeff
1061935Not IssuedNANANANA
1071935Manchester Biological LaboratoryNANANANA
1081935Waterhouse Leeds - No InformationNANANANewman S
1091935Mr Fromers Garage No InformationNANANANA
1101935Reinforced Brickwork Tests - No InformationNANANANA
1111935FS Bonnett Flats - No InformationNANANANA
1121935Conduits In Floors - No InformationNANANABates
1131935Dr Rustons House - No InformationNANANANA
1141935Bridge Over Thames No InformationNANANASchreiner H
1151935Connell Wales - No InformationNANANAConnell Ward & Lucas
1161935Blackheath Flats No InformationNANANANA
1171935Kensington Block Of Flats - No InformationNANANANA
1181935Rycote Manor - No InformationNANANANA
1191935Wellington Road GarageNANANANA
1201940Headrow Reema Leeds Maisonettes - No InformationNANANANA
1211940CSCA Kensington - No InformationNANANANA
1221940Roehampton House - No InformationNANANANA
1231940Seven Dials - No InformationNANANABurnett & Kellner
1241940Reinforced Brickwork Tests - No InformationNANANANA
1251940Not IssuedNANANANA
1261940London Brick Company - No InformationNANANANA
1271940Olympia Exhibition Stand Womans Fair (See Notes)NANANAEntwistle
1281940Devon Dance School - No InformationNANANAHenning R
1291940Bovis Factory - No InformationNANANANA
1301940Denmark Hill Flats - No InformationNANANAYorke FRS
1311940Acton Factory Visit - No InformationNANANANA
1321940Timber House Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1331940Nottingham Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1341940Sparta Street Housing Heathside Estate FlatsSparta StreetNANANA
1351940Architects Association Lectures (1938) (See Notes)NANANANA
1361940Archectural Manufacturing Lectures - No InfoNANANANA
1371940Langham Street - No InformationNANANAMarshall & Tweedy
1381940Majestic Hotel Underpinning Folkstone - No InfoNANANANA
1391940Mendel Air Raid Shelter - No InformationNANANANA
1401940Acton Council Flats -No InformationNANANANA
1411940Clapham FlatsNAClaphamLondonArmstrong
1421940Bath Church - No InformationNANANAGoodhart Rendel
1431940South Africa Chapel - No InformationNANANAOrchard
1441940Mendel Air Raid Shelter - No InformationNANANAMendel C
1451940Roehampton DC Report - No InformationNANANANA
1461940Welded Roof Trusses - No InformationNANANANA
1471940Malago StoreNANANANA
1481940Cray - No InformationNANANANA
1491940Chelsea Air Raid Shelter - No InformationNANANAArmstrong E
1501940Clapham Air Raid Shelter - No InformationNANANANA
1511940Entwistle Holiday Camp - No informationNANANAEntwistle
1521940Cottage 3 Roomed No InformationNANANAEntwistle
1531940Holiday Camp Corridor Type - No InformationNANANAEntwistle
1541940Clarence Terrace - No Information5 Clarence TerraceNANANA
1551940Bank Of New Zealand Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1561940Derry House Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1571940Holiday Huts - No InformationNANANANA
1581940British Aircraft Hangar Examination - No InfoNANANANA
1591940Clifton Hill -No InformationNANANANA
1601940Bristol Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1611940Box More Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1621940Territorial Army Garages - No InformationNANANANA
1631940Gravesend Air Raid PrecautionsNANANANA
1641940Bedminster Bristol Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1651940Malago Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1661940Highfield Court Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1671940Cinema Centre - No InformationNANANANA
1681940Gilby Alterations - No InformationNANANANA
1691940Gilby Reports - No InformationNANANANA
1701940Better Glass Bungalow - No InformationNANANAEntwistle
1711940Mrs Springs House - No InformationNANANANA
1721940Architects Journal - No InformationNANANANA
1731940Information sheets years 1939-40 (See Notes)NANANANA
1741940Architects Association Lectures (See Notes)NANANANA
1751940Article for Building - No InformationNANANANA
1761940Henning and Chitty Weston Super Mare - No InfoNAWeston Super MareNANA
1771940Waterbank Gravesend - No InformationNANANANA
1781940Tothill Street 21 Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1791940Tothill Street 33 Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1801940Alie Street Air Raid Shelter - No InformationNANANAKaufman
1811940Chiswick Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANAKaufman
1821940Viga Restaurant Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1831940Waterlows Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1841940Lettsom Street Air Raid PrecautionsNANANANA
1851940Bank Of New Zealand Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1861940Mr Green Air Raid Precautions - No InformatonNANANAMaxwell Fry
1871940Cheam Surrey Air Raid PrecautionsNANANANA
1881940Ellis Goldstein Air Raid Precautions - No InfoCommercial StreetNANANA
1891940Ellis Goldstein Air Raid Precautions - No InfoDevenant StreetNANANA
1901940Ornstein & Masoff Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNAWhitechapleNANA
1911940Article On Shelter Architects JournalNANANANA
1921940Article For Builder - No InformationNANANANA
1931940Article for Welder - No InformationNANANANA
1941940North Riding School - No InformationNANANANA
1951940Great Orex Street Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
1961940St Johns Wood Flats (See job no 41)NASt Johns WoodLondonNA
1971940Article for Building - No InformationNANANANA
1981940Amhurst Park Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
1991940Block Building Construction - No InformationNANANAFaludi
2001940Board Mills New Merton - No InformationNANANANA
2011940Reinmann School - No InformationNANANANA
2021940ICI GC7 Northwich S202NANANANA
2031940Board Mills New Merton - No InformationNANANANA
2041940Carter Advice on Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
2051940Asbestos Cement Tests & Reports (See Notes) S205NANANANA
2061940Luton Air Raid Precautions - No InformationNANANANA
2071940Turvox Hall Assembly & Storage - No InformationNANANANA
2081940Precast Concrete Roof - No InformationNANANANA
2091940Article For Engineering - No InformationNANANANA
2101940Air Ministry Scheme - No InformationNANANANA
2111940Leeside Crescent Air Raid Precautions - No InfoNANANANA
2121943Two Stroke Engine (See Patents)NANANANA
2131943BKES & A Robinson - No InformationNANANANA
2141943Ealing Studio - No InformationNANANANA
2151943Ventilation Seperator - No InformationNANANANA
2161943Ealing StudioNAEalingMiddlesexNA
2171943SGB Office Building - No InformationNANANANA
2181943Lincoln Electric Company Box Bridge - No InfoNANANANA
2191943Bedplates In Welded Steel WF TafelbergNANANANA
2201943Truvox Engineering WorkshopNANANANA
2211943LP Pleaty Factory Tolworth - No InformationNANANANA
2221943Welded BracketsNANANANA
2231943Cement & Concrete Association Book (See Note)NANANANA
2241943Heston Aerodrome Store Building - No InformationNANANANA
2251943Army Hut - No InformationNANANANA
2261943Coventry Experimental House - No InformationNANANANeel E
2271943Bridge Over CanalNANANANA
2281943Croydon Bus Garage - No InformationNANANANA
2291943Post Office Mast Scaffolding for RepairNANANANA
2301943LMS Canteen Room - No InformationNANANANA
2311943Juxton Police Station GarageNANANANA
2321943Thornycroft Garage - No InformationNANANANA
2331943LNER Station RoofNANANANA
2341943Heston Aircraft Garage - No InformationNANANANA
2351943Water Tower -No InformationNANANANA
2361943Prefabricated Temporary Houses - No InformationNANANANA
2371943Truvox New Stores Building - No InformationNANANANA
2381943ND FactoryNANANASommerfield
2391943Scaffolding Development ofNANANANA
2401943Sommerfield Tracks - No InformationNANANANA
2411943Platts LanePlatts LaneNANAJaretski HS
2421943Beach Road - No InformationNANANASommerfield
2431943Water Tank - No InformationNANANASommerfield
2441943SGB 80' BuildingNANANABroom & Wade
2451943Truvox Store Building TE 116 - No InformationNANANANA
2461943Plywood Panels Test - No InformationNANANANA
2471943Canteen BuildingNANANANA
2481943Tubar & Tubrick HousesNANANANA
2491943Jaretzki Beams (See Patents)NANANANA
2501943SGB Temporary Building - No InformationNANANANA
2511943Western Incubator - No InformationNANANANA
2521943Thornycroft Garage Spray Shop - No InformationNANANANA
2531943SGB Peonix Bungalow - No InformationNANANANA
2541943Cooling Tower - No InformationNANANANA
2551945Winget DRU (See S205)NANANANA
2561945Hidumunium DFU (See S205)NANANANA
2571945BBA Report (See S205)NANANANA
2581945ICI Report (See S205)NANANANA
2591945ICI Tests On Perspex & The Use Of Plastic (S205)NANANANA
2601945Farringdon Road EC1 Daily Worker (Demolished 1988)75 Farringdon RoadIslingtonGreater LondonGoldfinger & Penn
2611945Not IssuedNANANANA
2621945Tube And Fitting Building 50' - No InformationNANANANA
2631945United Daries Prefabricated Roof (See 364)NANANAHartland Thomas
2641945Montevideo Exhibition Building - No InformationNANANAMisha Black
2651945BEA Aircraft Hangar (See Notes)NANANANicholson C
2661945Hertfordhsire School ComplexNANAHertfordshireNA
2671945Malago Colodense Factory Bedminster BristolSheen Road Argus RoadBristolAvonNA
2681945Questors Theatre W13 - No InformationNAEalingLondonCyril Sweett
2691945Western Microstat - No InformationNANANANA
2701945Cromer Street FlatsCromer StreetNANAHenning & Chitty
2711945Tarran House - No InformationNANANABooth & Ledebeer
2721945Wigmore Street 93 - No InformationNANANAJaretski HS
2731945Arcon Glasshouses (See 292)NANANAArcon
2741949Fullers Glasgow - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
2751949Hatfield Polytechnic Technical CollegeNAHatfieldHertfordshireEaston & Robertson
2761949Kings Street No 16 - No InformationNANANAGoldfinger & Penn
2771949Guildford Road No 8 - No InformationNANANANA
2781949Fullers TorquayNATorquayDevonEC Kent
2791949Devenant Street - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
2801949Old Ford WarehouseNANANADenton & Jutson
2811949St Johns Nurses Home - No InformationNANANABertram Carter
2821949Saltash BakeryNASaltashCornwallBertram Carter
2831949Gravesend House - No InformationNANANABertram Carter
2841949Colombo House - No InformationNANANABoyd A
2851949Dunns Bromley - No InformationNANANANA
2861949The Ridgeway Golders GreenThe Ridgeway No 4Golders GreenLondonNA
2871949Film Studio - No InformationNANANANA
2881949Little Thurrock Torell StreetNANANANA
2891949Montague Square - No InformationNANANANA
2901950Lancaster Gate 85 - No InformationNANANAVA Pilley
2911950British Plimber PressNANANANA
2921950Arcon Tropical roof (General no for all Arcon)NANANANA
2931950Chase GlasshousesNANANANA
2941950Loughton Factory - No InformationNANANANA
2951950Michels - No InformationNANANANA
2961950Royal Accademy Of Dramatic Art Theatre (See 415)NALondonLondonNA
2971950Trusses Slab Prototype For Houses - No InformationNANANASommerfield
2981950King Alfred School AlterationsNANANANA
2991987IBM Warwick holes in floorsBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireNA
3001951Power & Production Stand 1951 Exhibition (Notes)NANANAMisha Black
3011951Arcon Housing Board (See 292) -No InformationNANANANA
3021951Gordon Brown Office BuildingNANANANA
3031951Church Street - No InformationNANANAEaston & Robertson
3041951Sugarhouse Lane Factory E15 (see 540)Sugar house LaneHackneyGreater LondonNA
3051951Stanhope StreetStanhope Street No 3NANAVA Pilley
3061951Moss Brothers CalculationsNANANAEC Kent
3071951Standard School - No InformationNANANAGoldfinger & Penn
3081951Halifax FactoryNAHalifaxYorkshireBlow Gardiner & Dickinson
3091951Civic Restaurant ClaphamNAClaphamLondonNA
3101951All Souls Langham - No informationNANANANA
3111951Tea CentreNANANANA
3121951Guards Club - No InformationNANANACurtis
3131951St Marys Bourne Street - No InformationNANANACurtis
3141951Lessness Primary School ErithNAErithNAMaycoras E
3151951Festival Of Britain Engineering Pavilion SB4 (300)NANANAGrenfell Baines
3161951Edinburgh College Of Art Lectures - No InformationNANANANA
3171951Architectrual Press Article - No InformationNANANANA
3181951Arcon Housing Roehampton (Arcon jobs 292)NANANANA
3191951Victoria & Albert Museum Extension - No InfoNANANANA
3201951Sparta Street Housing Retaining Wall - No InfoNANANANA
3211951Hardwicks - No InformationNANANAHammett & Norton
3221951Sparta Street Laundry - No InformationNANANANA
3231951St Johns Church St Leonards On SeaNASt LeonardsSussexNA
3241951Television Studio - No InformationNANANANA
3251951Festival Of Britain Transport SB11 Arcon (300)NANANAArcon
3261951Abingdon SchoolNAAbingdonOxfordshireBridgewater & Shepherd
3271951Trinity Church PoplarEast India Docks RoadNewham PoplarGreater LondonHandisyde & Stark
3281951Arcon LCC Flats (See 292)NANANANA
3291951Newton Enstein HouseNANANANA
3301951Arcon Coventry Cathedral Competition (See 292)NACoventryMidlandsArcon
3311951Moss Brothers Bedford Street - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
3321951Moss Brothers Haringey - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
3331951Dugdale Printing WorksNANANANA
3341951St Pauls Cray School - No InformaitonNANANAMaycoras E
3351951Old Palace School PoplarNAPoplarLondonHandisyde & Norton
3361951Cubitt Town School PoplarNAPoplarLondonHV Lobb
3371951Beverley School Report - No InformationNANAYorkshireNA
3381951Arcon Noli Houses (See 292)NANANAArcon
3391951Arcon ICI Factory Whitton (See 292)NAWhittonSuffolkArcon
3401951Inland Revenue Offices Euston Road - No InfoNANANAPilley AV
3411951Olympia Ideal Homes Exhibition - No InformationNANANAKadleigh S
3421951Arcon 0128 Native Houses (See 292)NANANANA
3431951Victaulic Boiler House Arcon 146A (See 292)NANANANA
3441951Arcon 1127 Universal Building - No InformationNANANANA
3451951Arcon Exhibition StandNANANANA
3461951Enfield Cables Limited 'Unitectum' Boreham WoodNABorehamwoodHertfordshireHartland Thomas
3471951Arcon Challenge Rubber Works Boreham Wood (292)NANANANA
3481951Woodberry Down Secondary Modern SchoolNALondonLondonLondon County Architects
3491951Manchester Square - No InformationNANANAMilbank
3501951Blackwell Secondary School HarrowNAHarrowMiddlesexEastwick Field
3511951Oxford University BridgeNAOxfordOxfordshireHandisyde
3521951Thomas Morson & Sons Ltd Summerfield Works OfficesNAEnfieldMiddlesexBoyde K
3531951Arcon Export Housing (See 292) - No InformationNANANANA
3541951Arcon Tropical Roof Development (See 292) No InfoNANANANA
3551951Eaton Square - No informationNANANANA
3561951Fullers PlymouthNAPlymouthDevonNA
3571951Arcon Schools (See 292)NANANAEC Kent
3581951Moss Brothers Liverpool - No informationNANANAEC Kent
3591951Eccleston & Windle SchoolNANANAGrenfell Baines
3601951Lamp Standard - No InformationNANANANA
3611951Metropolitan Water BoardNANANAHV Lobb
3621951Wigan Mesnes High School Technical CollegeNAWiganLancashireGrenfell Baines
3631951Cowes FactoryNANANAHV Lobb
3641951Preston School - No InformationNANANAGrenfell Baines
3651951Skylon (Vertical Feature) 1951 Exhibition (See 300)NAEmbankmentLondonPowell & Moya
3661951Sparta Street Flats Blocks 6 & 7 & LaundrySparta StreetLewishamGreater LondonArmstrong
3671951Dulwich House - No InformationNANANANA
3681951Moss Brothers Liverpool - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
3691951Southall Technical College - No InformationNANANAAlistair McDonald
3701951Kingsmead LCC SchoolNALondonLondonFairweather F
3711951Fullers Hammersmith - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
3721951Eastcote Lane SchoolEastcote LaneNAMiddlesexMiddlesex County Architects
3731951Fullers Regent Street - No InformationNANANAEC Kent
3741951Loughton Valley High SchoolNANANAHarrison JEK
3751951Craig House Office Block Uxbridge Road West EalingUxbridge RoadEalingMiddlesexDavie EH
3761951Bourne Secondary SchoolNANANAEastwick Field
3771951Glynn Mills Television MastNANANANA
3781951Barley Lane School IlfordBarley LaneIlfordEssexDuncan Scott
3791951Ossett FINA Petroleum LaboratoriesNAOssettYorkshireHammett & Norton
3801951Exhibition 1951 Restaurant Battersea Park -No InfoNANANAGwynn P
3811951Paragon Road School HackneyParagon RoadHackneyLondonNA
3821951John Brameston School EssexNANAEssexDuncan Scott
3831951Little Thurrock 2 TorrellsNANANAHarrison JEK
3841951Jenson & Nicholson Factory (see 292)NANANALey Colbeck
3851951Alderney Waterworks BournemouthNABournemouthDorsetRaglan Squire
3861951Russell & Bromley EastbourneNAEastbourneSussexRaglan Squire
3871951Fullers Guildford - No InformationNAGuildfordSurreyEC Kent
3881951Water Tower SB5NANANALeonard Manassah & Partners
3891951Fullers WindsorNAWindsorBerkshireEC Kent
3901951Amulgamated Engineering Union - No InformationNANANAAustin Smith
3911951Wigan College Of Further Education Thomas LinacreNAWiganGreater ManchesterHV Lobb & Baines
3921951Peter RobinsonNANANAMisha Black
3931951Whitechapel Jubilee Coffee Company - No InfoNANANAMorrison & Roase
3941951Haywards Kennington - No InformationNANANAHarrison JEK
3951951Sir Thomas More RC School Tottenham (See 989)NATottenhamLondonDuncan Scott
3961951Minty Farm Cow Shed & GranaryNANANAEastwick Field
3971951Onslow Village Hall - No InformationNANANADuncan Scott
3981951Hatfield Polytechnic College ExtensionNAHatfieldHertfordshireEaston & Robertson
3991951Fielden House London Bridge Street (See 399 796)London Bridge Street 28-42SouthwarkGreater LondonLacey J
4001951Hatfield Technical Secondary SchoolNAHatfieldHertfordshireEaston & Robertson
4011952Cottingham SchoolHarland WayCottinghamYorkshireGiraud/East Riding Council Architects
4021952Chanies Street No 11Chanies Street No 11NANAEC Kent
4031952Barclays Bank Horley - No InformationNANANAHubbard Ford H
4041952Saltash Bakery Damage To Roof - No InformationNANANACarter B
4051952Not IssuedNANANANA
4061952Williams & Williams Stand For ExhibitionNANANANA
4071952Fullers PutneyNAPutneyLondonNA
4081952ICI Report Kennington - No InformationNANANANA
4091952St John The Devine Kennington - No InformationNANANAGoodhart Rendel
4101952Stewart & Lloyd Corby - No InformationNANANAHubbard Ford H
4111952Bedford FlatsAshburnham RoadBedfordBedfordshireMax Lock
4121952Edgeware Synagogue - No InformationNANANAJaretzki HS
4131952Tilbury Power Station Mitchell Eng. 2 ConveyorNANANAMitchell Engineering
4141952Tilbury Power Station Mitchell Eng. 2 TransporterFort RoadTilburyNAMitchell Engineering
4151952Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art Theatre (See 296)NALondonLondonAlistair MacDonald
4161952Smiths Plymouth 2New George StreetPlymouthDevonWH Smith
4171952Stewart & Lloyd AblutionsNANANANA
4181952Kirby Water Tower -No InformationNANANAHarrison JEK
4191952St Marys Bow - No InformationNANANAGoodhart Rendel
4201952Export House Arcon - No InformationNANANANA
4211952Driffield County Secondary SchoolNADriffieldNAGiraud K
4221952Fullers Gloucester RoadGloucester Road 81LondonLondonEC Kent
4231952Simpsons Of Piccadilly New EntranceNAPiccadillyLondonNA
4241952Beckenham School Of Art - No InformationNABeckenhamNAMayorcas E
4251952Anerley East County Primary School Penge KentNABromley PengeKentEC Kent
4261952Blacklane Primary School Sandwich - No InfoNASandwichKentEC Kent
4271952Alexandra Primary School BeckenhamCarter Road Bertie RoadBeckenhamKentMayorcas E
4281952Westgate Primary School MargateNAMargateKentKent County Architects
4291952Wentford County Primary School DartfordNADartfordKentKent County Architects
4301952Chislehurst & Sidcup SchoolFootscrayChislehurstKentH & M Ledbetter
4311952Fullers Sutton53 Sutton High StreetSuttonSurreyNA
4321952School Typical Construction for 4 Storey - No InfoNANANANA
4331952Balloon Cable Anchorage - No InformationNANANANA
4341953Kent Schools MiscellaeniousNANAKentNA
4351952Fullers GuildfordNAGuildfordSurreyNA
4361952Christopher Wren School St Clement DaneDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonLondon County Architects
4371952Staveley Road Secondary Modern SchoolStaveley RoadChiswickLondonEastwick Field
4381952Sugar Hill - No InformationNANANANA
4391952Turners Of Bedford - No InformationNANANANA
4401952Poole Biscuit WarehouseNAPooleDorsetLacey J
4411952Lambeth ConveniencesNALambethLondonLacey J
4421952War Office Shell RoofNANANANA
4431952Crawley Methodist ChurchNACrawleySussexFerey Son & Adam
4441952Poyle Bacon Factory WarehouseNAPoyleSurreyPite H
4451952Hauling Way CanopyNANANACollins JE
4461952Holy Trinity Church Bermondsey (See 615)NABermondseyLondonGoodhart Rendel
4471952Phoenix House - No InformationNANANANA
4481952North Thames Gas Board Garage BrentwoodNABrentwoodEssexNA
4491952Alanby School East Riding (See 653)NAEast RidingYorkshireGiraud K
4501952Durham University Kings College Library NewcastleNANewcastleTyne & WearEaston & Robertson
4511952Camden School For GirlsNACamdenLondonEastwick Field
4521952North East Coal Board Pye HillPye HillNANAMayorcas E
4531952Tranby House School Hessle (See 653)NAHessleNAGiraud K
4541952Brough SchoolNABroughNAGiraud K
4551952Cannon Street Whatling House EC4 Demolished '92Cannon StreetLondonLondonEaston & Robertson
4561952Standard Telephones Harlow - No InformationNAHarlowEssexSommerfield
4571952Highgate HouseNAHighgateLondonGwynn P
4581952Craig House Uxbridge Road Offices Boiler HouseUxbridge RoadEalingLondonNA
4591953Bentham Road Flats Hackney (See 592)Bentham RoadHackneyLondonLondon County Council Architects
4601953Holland Village Road No 9Holland Village Road 9NANALacey J
4611953North Thames Gas Waltham Green ConversionNAWaltham GreenNALacey J
4621953Bahrain Dome Arcon - No InformationNANANANA
4631953Windsor College Of Further EducationNAWindsorBerkshireBridgewater & Shepherd
4641953BIF Stand 1953 (See 292)NAEarls CourtLondonNA
4651953Betteshanger CollieryNANANAMitchell Engineering
4661953Silentbloc Factory CrawleyNACrawleySussexNA
4671953Truvox Alterations - No InformationNAWembleyMiddlesexNA
4681953Truvox Wedge Shaped ExtensionNAWembleyMiddlesexEric Fermin & Partners
4691953Hoo Secondary SchoolNAHooCornwallLyons & Israel
4701953Chatham Ambulance GarageStar Mill LaneChathamHertfordshireEC Kent
4711953Bloomsbury Square - No InformationNANANAHarrison JEK
4721953ICI Welyn Report On Welds - No InformationNAWelynHertfordshireJefferiss Mathews
4731953Picton Street Flats - No InformatonNANANALondon County Council
4741953Harlow Garage - No InformationNANANANA
4751953Cambridge University Hostels - No InformationNACambridgeCambridgeshirePowell & Moya
4761953National Docks Labour Board Albert Embankment-memoAlbert EmbankmentLondonLondonFredrick Gibberd
4771953Blackpool Pleasure Beach Big Dipper & Ghost TrainNABlackpoolLancashireEmberton J
4781953ICI Offices WelynNAWelynHertfordshireJefferiss Mathews
4791953Coleshill Grammer SchoolNAWarwickWarwickshireWarwickshire County Architects
4801953Wolston SchoolNAWarwickWarwickshireWarwick County Architects
4811953Highbury Quadrant School - No InformationNANANAHowe J
4821953Woolwich Road Service Station Retaining WallWoolwich RoadGrenwich CharltonGreater LondonGreen
4831953Adhesive Tape Factory Grinding MachineNANANANA
4841953Langley Secondary SchoolNANABerkshireBridgewater & Shepherd
4851953Truvox New Floors to Exist Building - No InfoNANANANA
4861953Flat Roof Development - No InformationNANANAGear A
4871953London Electricity Board Regent Street - No InfoNANANAMisha Black
4881953Alleynes Grammer School Stevenage (See 868)NAStevenageHertfordshireEaston & Robertson
4891953Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ghost Train (See 634)NABlackpoolLancashireNA
4901953Blackpool Pleasure Beach Water Caves (See 634)NABlackpoolLancashireNA
4911953Fisons Research Station LevingtonStation ContractLevington IpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
4921954Cow Close Secondary Modern School Farnley LeedsNALeedsYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
4931954Maidstone GarageNANANAEnthoven & Mock
4941954Peniston School West RidingNAWest RidingYorkshireEnthoven & Mock
4951945Malory Comprehensive School LewishamLauncelot RoadDownhamKentBridgewater & Shepherd
4961954London Bridge No 2 (See 399 & 796)NANANALacey J
4971954Haywards Factory 2 Demolished '84NANANAWestwood Sons & Harrison
4981954Bedwell Flash Housing - No InformationNANANALionel Brett
4991954Stevenage FC Flats - No InformationNANANALionel Brett
5001954Simpsons Of Piccadilly New Floors - No InfoNAPiccadillyLondonEmberton J
5011954North Leamington School Park Hall WarwickPark RoadLeamingtonWarwickshireWarwickshire County Architects
5021955Caldwell Street Flats Lambeth - No InformationNANANABridgewater & Shepherd
5031955Turvox Dance Hall Harmony Hall New FloorsNANANAEric Fermin & Partners
5041955Ferrodo FactoryNANANAAshworth & Fletcher
5051955Redhill Proposed HouseNARedhillSurreyEastwick Field
5061955Ulster (Belfast) Hospital Physiotherapy BlockNADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
5071955Arcon Export Housing Single storey (See 292)NANANAGear A
5081955Arcon Export Housing 2 storey (See 292)NANANAGear A
5091955John Laird Factory Sandyhill Glasgow (See 652)NASandyhill GlasgowStrathclydeNA
5101955Truvox Drawing Office ExtensionNAWembleyMiddlesexEric Fermin & Partners
5111955Truvox Rola Celestion Thames DittonNAThames DittonSurreyNA
5121955Mid Warwick College LeamingtonNALeamingtonWarwickshireWarwick County Architects
5131955Stamford First Presbyterian Church Connecticut USANAConnecticutUSAHarrison & Abramovitz
5141955Truvox Dance Hall Harmony Hall Phase 2 WembleyNAWembleyMiddlesexNA
5151955Poyle Bacon Factory Support Structure (See 444)NANANANA
5161955Chiswick Comprehensive Staveley Road SchoolStavely RoadChiswickLondonEastwick Field
5171955New End Hospital Bed Lift Motor Room HampsteadNAHampsteadLondonLacey J
5181955Creighton School originally known as TollingtonTwyford AvenueHornseyLondonMiddlesex County Architects
5191955Alperton Secondary Modern Boys SchoolEaling RoadWembleyMiddlesexMiddlesex County Architects
5201955Fleecefield Primary SchoolBattenham RoadEdmonstonMiddlesexMiddlesex County Architects
5211955Harlow The High Adam House Market Place Block EThe HighHarlowEssexFredrick Gibberd
5221955Richard Sutcliffe Bridge Over Stream (See 809)NANANAEnthoven & Mock
5231955Thermagrad Gardiner Modular Construction (See 346)NANANAHartland Thomas
5241955Trough Construction - No InformationNANANANA
5251955Precast Flat Slab Construction - No InformationNANANANA
5261955Coal Board Laboratories CheltenhamNACheltenhamGloucestershireEaston & Robertson
5271955Prinknash Abbey - No InformationNANANAGoodhart Rendel
5281955Crest Road Secondary Modern School (Now John Kelly School)Crest RoadBrent NeasdenLondonMiddlesex County Architects
5291955Church of The Seven Sorrows LiverpoolNALiverpoolMerseysideGoodhart Rendel
5301955Derby College Phase 1 Stage 1Kedleston RoadDerbyDerbyshireGrenfell Baines (Now Design Partnership)
5311953Richard Sutcliffe Blacksmiths Shop (See 809)NANANAEnthoven & Mock
5321953GW Collins Tontine Street St Helens ExtensionTontine StreetSt HelensNARaymond Ellis
5331955Rok Crete TeesNANANANA
5341955Castle Hill UR Church Ipswich InvestigationNAIpswichSuffolkJohns & Slater
5351955Burnham On Crouch Secondary Modern SchoolNABurnham On CrouchEssexJohns & Slater
5361955Heinz Store BuildingNANANAGrenfell Baines
5371955ICI Offices Welyn Stage 2NAWelynNAMatthews
5381955Thurleston School IpswichNorwich RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns & Slater
5391955Northallerton School - No InformatonNANANAJohns & Slater
5401955Sugarhouse Lane Factory ExtensionSugarhouse LaneNANAWoodroffe Buchanan & Coulter
5411955Brunswick Close FlatsBrunswick CloseIslingtonGreater LondonEmberton J
5421955Fulbourne Estate St Peters FlatsVallence RoadStepney Tower HamletsGreater LondonStillman & Eastwick Field
5431955Hove Flats - No InformationNAHoveSussexWells Coates
5441955Princes Gate Flats - No InformationNANANAWells Coates
5451955Curzon Street Offices W142 Curzon StreetLondonLondonBridgewater & Shepherd
5461955Northampton Post OfficeNANorthamptonNorthamptonshireRiches & Blythin
5471955Harlow College Of Further Education West EssexNAHarlowEssexFredrick Gibberd
5481955Ystrad Mynach CollegeChapel Road Lower Ystrad MynachHengoedGlamorganAllwyn Lloyd & Gordon
5491955St Johns St Leonards Phase 2NASt LeonardsSussexGoodhart Rendel
5501955Hammersmith Hospital ExtensionDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonLacey J
5511955Princes Street Offices Fisons Not Built (See 691)NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
5521955St Cecilia Church North CheamNACheamLondonGoodhart Rendel
5531955John Fisher School Chapel PurleyNAPurleyNAGoodhart Rendel
5541955Fransciscan Friary Crawley Renumbered Job No 637NANANANA
5551955ICI Mast - No InformationNANANANA
5561955Ipswich School (Henley Road) Hall25 Henley RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
5571955Sidney Chaplin High School Folly LaneFolly LaneWalthamstoweLondonBridgewater & Shepherd
5581955Suffolk College Stage 1Rope WalkIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
5591955Royal Street Flats Canterbury HouseRoyal StreetStangateLondonCreed JG
5601955YMCA Hostels Semley Street - No InformationNANANAClifford Culpin & Partners
5611955Coke Research Laboratories ChesterfieldNAChesterfieldDerbyshireWestwood Sons & Partners
5621955Shell Research South Refinery Office StanlowNAManchesterLancashireGrenfell Baines
5631955North Thames Gas Camden TownNACamdenLondonNA
5641955Gloucester Cathedral The Great CloisterNAGloucesterGloucestershireWaller & Sons
5651955Shell Haven OfficesNAHavenHertfordshireHV Lobb
5661955Farmiloe Office & WarehouseNine Elms LaneNine ElmsLondonGuy Morgan & Partners
5671955Shell Shellhaven West Block CanteenNAShellhavenEssexHV Lobb & Partners
5681955Church Of The Sacred Heart CobhamBetween StreetsCobhamSurreyGoodhert Rendel
5691955Auckland Grandstand New ZealandNAAucklandNew ZealandNA
5701955Leicester College Scraptoft Hall Phase 1NALeicesterLeicestershireBridgewater & Shepherd
5711955Shell Research Thornton Centre (See memo)NAEllesmereCheshireFredrick Gibberd
5721955Exhibition StandNANANAEastwick Field
5731955Coronation Barn & ArchesNANANAStramit Boards
5741955Reema Construction Ltd Contracts (See 622)NALeedsYorkshireNA
5751955Peterborough Hospital Nurses Home Boiler MortuaryThorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireGuy Aldis
5761955St Thomas Hospital York House Commerical SiteWestminster BridgeWestminsterLondonFowler Howitt
5771955Marylebone Road176-204 Marylebone RoadWestminsterGreater LondonSir Hugh Casson
5781955Orrell Lamberhead Green School WiganOrrell RoadWiganLancashireLyons & Israel
5791955Brandon Estate Flats SE11NASouthwarkLondonLondon County Council Architects
5801955Oxford College Boat HouseNAOxfordOxfordshireBridgewater & Shepherd
5811955Ratcliffe Mills DewsburyNADewsburyYorkshireGrenfell Baines
5821955Dame Colet House Frances Grey Memorial Hall RoofNANANABridgewater & Shepherd
5831955North Thames Gas CamdenHigh Street 148-150CamdenLondonLacey J
5841955Winchester College Assembly HallCollege WalkWinchesterHampshireBridgewater & Shepherd
5851955Princes Street 2 Offices - Not Built (See 691)NANANAJohns Slater Haward
5861955Royal Airforce Establishment No 1 Compressor HallNABedfordBedfordshireMinistry Of Works
5871955Becton Gas Works TranporterNABectonNARobert Cort
5881955Royal Airforce Establishment No 2 AuxiliaryNABedfordBedfordshireMinistry Of Works
5891956Thatham Church Hall - No InformationNANANAGoodhart Rendel
5901956Accrington College Phase 2 (See 669)Sandy LaneAccringtonLancashireGrenfell Baines
5911956Preston Telephone Exchange - No InformationNANANAGrenfell Baines
5921956Dickens Square SE1 Maisonettes (See 459 & 904)Dickens SquareLondonLondonLondon County Council Architects
5931956Vincent Square & Rochester RowVincent Square 65/65 Rochester Row 71-79LondonLondonNA
5941956Hyde Park Gardens Flats Reconstruction12 Hyde Park GardensLondonLondonLacey J
5951956Simpsons of Piccadilly Alts to 6th Floor No InfoNAPiccadillyLondonNA
5961956Moss Brothers Covent Garden (See 1043)Bedford Street No 22Covent GardenLondonEC Kent
5971956Addison Avenue House - No InformationAdison Avenue No 56NANAEastwick Field
5981956Haywards Factory Extension Demolished '84NANANAWestwood Sons & Harrison
5991956Huddersfield Technical College ExtensionRamsden StreetHuddersfieldYorkshireFredrick Gibberd
6001956Woodcock Hill Estate BirminghamWoodcock HillBirminghamMidlandsDavid Roberts
6011956Ogilby Estate Hall - No InformationNANANANA
6021956Brussels Exhibition Official Pavilion 1958Avenue De L'EuropeHeysel BrusselsBelgiumHV Lobb & Partners
6031956Brussels Exhibition Industrial Pavilion (See 602)NABrusselsBelgiumED Mills & Partners
6041956Adhesive Tapes No 2 Factory Shaw MillNANANAED Mills & Partners
6051956Walkden House Offices Melton StreetMelton Street 3-10CamdenGreater LondonWW Fisk
6061956American Embassy (See 1716 for loading drgs)Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonEero Saarinen & Associates/Yorke Rosenberg Mardell
6071956Abingdon RAF Station HangarNAAbingdonBerkshireNA
6081956Shell Stanlow CanteenNAStanlowCheshireBaines & Hargreaves
6091956Vauxhall Road Offices Liverpool (See 839)315 Vauxhall RoadLiverpoolMerseysideRaymond Ellis
6101956St Thomas Hospital Nurses Homes & Link ExtensionNAHackneyLondonW Fowler Howitt
6111956Fishponds Colodense Factory ExtensionSheene Road Argus RoadBristolAvonNA
6121956Robinsons Fishponds Office Block (See Notes)NABristolAvonNA
6131956Windsor College Of Further Education (See Notes)NAWindsorBerkshireBridgewater & Shepherd
6141956Horley School For MCC - No InformatonNANANANA
6151956Holy Trinity Church Dockhead SE1 (See 446)NABermondsey SouthwarkGreater LondonGoodhart Rendel
6161956Scarborough High School For Boys North RidingCemetery RoadScarboroughYorkshireBaines & Hargreaves
6171956Rossendale College Of Further Education Phase 2NARawtenstallLancashireGrenfell Baines & Hargreaves
6181956Weybridge National College Of Food TechnologyThe HeathWeybridgeSurreyBaines & Hargreaves
6191956Hemel Hempstead Development Renumbered job no 644NANANANA
6201956Clare Silos - No InformationNAClareSuffolkJohn Slater Haward
6211956Belsize Square Community Hall51 Belsize SquareCamden HampsteadGreater LondonReifenberg HJ
6221957Reema Flats Leeds (Also 6009)Halton Moor Moortown Leafield Seacroft GiptonLeedsYorkshireReema Construction Ltd/Leeds City Architects
6231957Heinz Sealand Industrial Estate Chester No InfoNAChesterCheshireNA
6241957Washington Hotel Curzon Street ExtensionCurzon StreetLondonLondonKatz & Vaughan
6251957Pleydell Estate Galway Street Flats FinsburyGalway StreetFinsburyLondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
6261957Shell Thornton British Rail Anchor Stru. Elec.NANANAMisha Black
6271957Harlow College Of Further Education Stage 2Haydens RoadHarlowEssex WestFredrick Gibberd
6281957Wigan College Of Further Education Thomas LinacreLibrary Street Parsons WalkWiganManchesterBaines & Hargreaves
6291957St Edmunds Terrace FlatsSt Edmunds Terrace No 29LondonLondonPlanning & Development
6301957Suffolk College Workshop (See also 834)NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
6311957Skelmersdale & Holland SchoolSandbrook RoadUphollandLancashireLyons Israel & Ellis
6321957St Thomas Hospital Stage 1 OP & OT BlocksNAHackneyLondonFowler Howitt
6331957St Josephs Church Hall Epsom (Files Destroyed)NAEpsomSurreyGoodhart Rendel
6341957Blackpool Pleasure Beach Limited (See Notes)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb
6351957Abbey House Dockhead - No InformationNANANANA
6361957Liverpool Flats Reema - Not BuiltNANANANA
6371957Franciscan Friary CrawleyThree Bridges RoadCrawleySussexGoodhart Rendel
6381957Cambridge Corpus Christi College Squash CourtsNACambridgeCambridgeshireNA
6391957Babcox & Wilcox Stand Brussels (See 292)NABrusselsBelgiumLucas Mellinger
6401957Bruton Place No 42 ExtensionBruton PlaceLondonLondonBridgewater & Shepherd
6411957Sheffield Housing Reema - Not BuiltNANANANA
6421957Hammersmith Hospital PGMS WorkshopDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
6431957Draper Street Flats Elephant & Castle (See 693)NAElephant & CastleLondonLondon County Council Architects
6441957Hemel Hempstead Town Centre DevelopmentNAHemel HempsteadHertfordshireHHDC Architects/Fuller Hall & Foulsham
6451957Cranbrook Roman Catholic ChurchNACranbrookKentGoodhart Rendel
6461957Steel Joists Prestressed Concrete Casting (646)NANANANA
6471957Carmel College Synagogue - Not BuiltNANANARosenberg H
6481957Reinforced Prestressed Beams (See 646) 'Patent'NANANANA
6491957Smallbrook St.Development (Files Destroyed)NANANANA
6501957Robinsons Fishponds L Department Office Block(859)NANANATowning Hill
6511957Aegis Grove SW8 Reema (Demolished In 1982)Thessaly RoadBatterseaLondonReema Construction Ltd
6521957Sandyhills GlasgowNAGlasgowStrathclydeNA
6531957Barlby School (Formerly 650 by error)NAEast RidingYorkshireNA
6541957St Thomas Hospital Cobalt Building (Proposed)NAHackneyLondonFowler Howitt
6551957St Thomas Hospital Squash Courts - No InformationNANANANA
6561957Blackpool Pleasure Beach Derby RacerNABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb
6571957Meuxs Brewery Nine ElmsNANine ElmsNANA
6581957Chorley Grammer School Lancashire (See also 792)NAChorleyLancashireLyons Israel & Ellis
6591957Urmston Grammer Technical SchoolBradfield RpadUrmstonLancashireLyons Israel & Ellis
6601957Blackpool Pleasure Mouse Ride (Files Destroyed)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
6611957Braintree Assembly HallNABraintreeEssexNA
6621957Dulwich College Gymnasium - AbandonedNANANAEaston & Robertson
6631957Leicester University Physics Block (See 879)University RoadLeicesterLeicestershireSir Leslie Martin
6641957Norwich Central LibraryNANorwichNorfolkNorwich City Architects
6651957Ebor Gardens York Road Reema Leeds (See 622)Ebor Gardens York RoadLeedsYorkshireReema Construction Ltd/Leeds City Architects
6661957North Gower Street231-233 North Gower StreetLondonLondonStern S
6671957Park Close Ilchester Place Melbury Road Flats42 Park Close Ilchester PlaceKensingtonLondonPlanning & Development
6681957Birmingham Foundry - No informationNANANANA
6691957Accrington College Of Further Education Phase 3Sandy LaneAccringtonLancashireGrenfell Baines
6701957Wexham Park Hospital SloughNASloughBerkshirePowell & Moya
6711958Tenterden Grove HouseTenterden GroveNANANA
6721958Teheran Project Princess Fatimas Garden ResidenceNASaadabadTeheranBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
672.09997561958Coca Cola Factory Persia (Iran) (numbered as 672a)NANAIranNA
6731958Phoenix Timber Kiln Rainham (See 766)NARainhamEssexED Mills & Partners
6741958Cambridge University School Of ArchitectureNACambridgeCambridgeshireSir Leslie Martin
6751958The Spinney IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkNA
6761958Hammersmith Hospital Wolfson Institute TheatreDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
6771958Barlborough HallNANANAGoodhart Rendel
6781958Penches Building Albert EmbankmentAlbert Embankment No.21LondonLondonFredrick Gibberd
6791958Guildford Civic HallNAGuildfordSurreyBridgewater & Shepherd
6801958Blackpool Pleasure Beach Radwig Schloss (See 634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
6811958Moss Brothers LeedsNALeedsYorkshireEC Kent
6821958St Thomas Hospital Prototype WardNAHackneyLondonFowler Howitt
6831958Swansea Housing Reema - AbandonedNANANANA
6841958Teheran Office Block & Tehran ProjectNASaadabadTeheranBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
6851958St Thomas Public HouseNAHackneyLondonW Fowler Howitt
6861958Shell Woodstock Labatories Compressor HouseSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
6871958Blackpool Pleasure Beach Velvet Coaster (634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
6881958Shell Thornton Office Block (See 571)NAEllesmereCheshireFredrick Gibberd
6891958Church Street Flats MaryleboneChurch StreetMaryleboneLondonBridgewater & Shepherd
6901958Nelson Road Flats Portsmouth Reema (See 822)Nelson Raynville Wingfield StreetsPortsmouthHampshirePortsmouth City Architects
6911958Princes Street Fisons Ipswich Scheme 3Princes StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
6921958Bowmakers CardiffCulverhouse CrossCardiffWalesAlwyn Lloyd & Gordon
6931958Draper Street Flats Elephant & Castle Stage IIDraper StreetElephant & CastleLondonLondon County Council Architects
6941958Elliot Brothers Boreham WoodNABorehamwoodHertfordshireBeard Bennett & Wilkins
6951958Southlands School FJS Independent ArbitrationNANANAHV Lobb & Partners
6961958Gundolf StreetGundolf Street 10-20LambethLondonKennedy Hawkes
6971958Blackpool Pleasure Beach Kellys Cottage (See 634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
6981958King Alfreds Grammer School Wantage - No InfoNAWantageOxfordshireHV Lobb & Partners
6991958St Ninians & St Martins Church WhithornNAWigtownScotlandGoodhart Rendel
7001958Derby College Stage 2 (see 846)Kedleston RoadDerbyDerbyshireGrenfell Baines (Now Design Partnership)
7011958Pretoria Printing Works South AfricaNAPretoriaSouth AfricaEaston & Robertson
7021958Liverpool University Students Union LibraryNALiverpoolMerseysideBridgewater & Shepherd
7031958Hilversum FBI Pavilion (See 603)NAHilversumHollandED Mills & Partners
7041958Istanbul Tower (See 684)NAIstanbulTurkeyNA
7051958Staincliffe General Hospital DewsburyNADewsburyYorkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
7061958Bowmaker Factory ExeterPinhoe EstateExeterDevonshireAlwyn Lloyd & Gordon
7071958Epping Church Of England SchoolNAEppingEssexHV Lobb & Partners
7081958Lea on Sea Methodist Church SpireNAPrestonLancashireGrenfell Baines
7091958Hummingbird Garage St Albans - AbandonedNASt AlbansNACrabtree
7101958Woodchurch Estate Birkenhead Reema - Not BuiltMersey Mount Grosvenor RoadBirkenheadMerseysideNA
7111958Farmiloes Office Block Nine ElmsNine Elms LaneNine ElmsNAGuy Morgan & Partners
7121959Hull Hospital South & North Blocks & Boiler HouseNAHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
7131959Shell Thornton Engineering Service Block (571)NANANANA
7141959Fisons Research Station Levington ExtensionStation ContractLevington IpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
7151959Gloucester Town Hall - No InformationNANANANA
7161959Cambridge University Biochemistry Labatory (1589)NACambridgeCambridgeshireHammett & Norton
7171959Cambridge University Harvy Court Gonville & CaiusWest RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireSir Leslie Martin
7181959Margery Street Housing St Helena Finsbury166-170 Farringdon Road & 2 St Helena StreetIslingtonGreater LondonFinsbury Borough Architects
7191959Fulbourne Hospital OAP Villas & Boiler House (752)NAFulbourneCambridgeEdgington Spink & Hyne
7201959Gorlston House for F MitchellMarine ParadeGorlston On SeaNorfolkHV Lobb & Partners
7211959CEGB Dungeness Control Room (See note)NADungenessKentHV Lobb & Partners
7221959Shell Thornton Physics BlockNAEllesmereCheshireFredrick Gibberd
7231959St Martins Bank Regent StreetRegent StreetLondonLondonBridgewater & Shepherd
7241959Shell Woodstock Txicology LaboratorySittingbourne LabatoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
7251959Convent Of The Poor Clares Hawarden - No InfoNAHawardenNAGoodhart Rendel
7261959Reading University Anatomy LibraryNAReadingBerkshireEaston & Robertson
7271959Silentbloc Factory Extn Crawley (See 466)NACrawleySussexAustin Smith
7281959Malborough College Dining HallNAMalboroughWiltshireDavid Roberts
7291959Royal Veterinary College - AbandonedRed Lion SquareLondonLondonDyneley Luker & Moore
7301959Royal Palms Blackpool Beach (See 634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
7311959Canterbury Hotel Slatters RestaurantNACanterburyKentEC Kent/Architects Association
7321959Melbury Road Flats Block 2 (see notes)42 Park Close Ilchester PlaceLondonLondonPlanning & Development
7331959Liverpool University Student Union Library (702)NALiverpoolMerseysideBridgewater & Shepherd
7341959Hammersmith Hospital Administration Extn - No InfoDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonPlayne & Lacey
7351959Leicester College Scraptoft extn to Classroom BlkNALeicesterLeicestershireBridgewater & Shepherd
7361959British Fermentation Yeast Factory In FelixstoweNAFelixstoweSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
7371959Richard Sutcliffe Factory Extn Block B (809)Horbury WorksHorburyTyne & WearEnthoven & Mock
7381959Shell Thornton AMPG Laboratory Group 2 (571)NANANAFredrick Gibberd
7391959Shell Thornton Technical Information Block (571)NANANAFredrick Gibberd
7401959Leicester University Engineering LaboratoryNALeicesterLeicesterchireJames Stirling & Gowan
7411959Bishop Otter College Of Further EducationNAChichesterSussexBridgewater & Shepherd
7421959Salters Hall Fore Street EC2 - AbandonedFore StreetMoorgateCity of LondonEaston & Robertson
7431959Leicester University Lecture HallUniversity RoadLeicesterLeicestershireSir Leslie Martin
7441959Rainham Timber Development - (Files Destroyed)NABathNANA
7451959Kings Square Housing Development Finsbury EC1Kings SquareIslington FinsburyGreater LondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
7461959Marley Tile Offices SevenoaksLondon RoadSevenoaksKentHV Lobb & Partners
7471959Wharf Road Depot Finsbury EC1Wharf RoadIslington FinsburyGreater LondonFinsbury District Architects
7481959Peterborough Hospital Outpatients & Main BlocksThorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireGuy Aldis
7491959Hammersmith Hospital LaboratoryDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
7501959Tompion Street Housing Extn Brunswick Close (541)Tompion Street Brunswick CloseFinsbury IslingtonGreaater LondonFranck Dr
7511959Shell Sittingbourne Canteen BuildingSittingbourne Research LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
7521959Fulbourne Hospital AdmissionsNAFulbourneCambridgeshireEdgington Spink & Hyne
7531959Blackpool Pleasure Beach BonanzaNABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
7541959Richard Sutcliffe Block E Drawing Office ExtnNAWakefieldYorkshireEnthoven & Mock
7551959Cambridge Church Of The Holy Cross - AbandonedNACambridgeCambridgeshireLittle
7561959East Hull Mixed Comprehensive - was David ListerNAHullHumbersideLyons Israel & Ellis
7571959East Finchley Flats - AbandonedNANANAColin & Jennifer Jones
7581959Ebor Gardens & York Road Extn Reema Leeds (622)Ebor Gardens York RoadLeedsYorkshireNA
7591959Cambridge St Catherines College New Fl.- AbandonedNACambridgeCambridgeshireDavid Roberts
7601959Moss Brothers Covent GardenNACovent GardenLondonEC Kent
7611959Moss Brothers Southsea New Stairs - No InformationNASouthseaNAEC Kent
7621959Shell Woodstock Administration Block ExtensionShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
7631959Blackpool Pleasure Beach Roof Over Grotto (see 634NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb & Partners
7641959St Bedes RC School Cherry Hinton CambridgeNACherry HintonCambridgeshireDavid Roberts
7651959Phoenix Timber Glulam Shop Essex - AbandonedNARainhamEssexNA
7661959Phoenix Timber Drying Kilns Rainham EssexNARainhamEssexED Mills & Partners
7671960Shell Thornton Lecture Theatre - AbandonedNANANAFredrick Gibberd
7681960Shell Thornton Research Centre Gatehouse (see 571)NANANAFredrick Gibberd
7691960St Johns Approved School TiffieldNATowcesterNorthamptonshireCrabtree & Associates
7701960Burnham On Crouch School Phase 2NABurnham On CrouchEssexJohns Slater Haward
7711960YMCA Norwick (See Patent)NANorwichSuffolkNA
7721960Meux's Brewery Phase 2 - No InformationNANine ElmsNANA
7731960Avenham HouseNANANALyons Israel & Ellis
7741960Norwich Union Building Society Hanley (Patent)NAHanleyStaffordshireNA
7751960Corn Exchange Ipswich (1406)NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
7761960Bridge 30ft. For Boulton & Paul (Patents)NANANANA
7771960Sutcliffes Plating Shop Extension Wakefield (809)NAWakefieldYorkshireEnthoven & Mock
7781960Glasgow BTC Underground SignNAGlasgowStrathclydeNA
7791960Shell Woodstock Animal Cremation BlockShell Sittingbourne LabatoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
7801960John Woodward Berkley Square AlterationsBerkley SquareLondonLondonBridgewater & Shepherd
7811960Silentbloc Crawley Canteen Extension (See 466)NACrawleySussexAustin Smith & Partners
7821960Beechwood Close House - No InformationNANANANA
7831960Raynville Road 2 storey block Reema Leeds (622)Raynville RoadLeedsYorkshireNA
7841960Blackpool Pleasure Beach Kiddies Carousel (634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb
7851960Morcambe Circle Swing - No InformatonNAMorcambeLancashireNA
7861960Freere Street Walsall Garage (See Patent)Freer StreetWalsallNABoulton & Paul
7871960Butcher Street PortsmouthButcher StreetPortsmouthHampshireNA
7881960Wates Sign For Crane - No InformationNANANANA
7891960Cold Storage Building USA - AbandonedNANANANA
7901960Wykebridge & Wither Park Reema Leeds (622)NALeedsYorkshireNA
7911960Walter Palfrey Rochester Remedial WorkNARochesterKentCollins JE
7921960Chorley Grammer School Extension (See also 658)NAChorleyLancashireLyons Israel & Ellis
7931960American Embassy Eagle Support (see 606)Grovesnor SquareLondonLondonEero Saarinen & Associates
7941960Elliot Brothers Warehouse RochesterMaidstone RoadRochesterKentYorke Rosenberg Mardall
7951960Littlemore Lane Oldham Reema (6015)Littlemore Lane/Huddersfield Road/Ripponden RoadOldhamGreater ManchesterReema Construction Ltd
7961960Fielden House London Bridge St Caretakers FlatLondon Bridge StreetLondonLondonPlayne & Lacey
7971960Blackpool Pleasure Beach Kahill Tower (634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb
7981960National Childrens Homes Penhurst Chipping NortonNAChipping NortonOxfordshireHV Lobb
7991960Headlands School Gymnasium PenarthNAPenarthSouth GlamorganHV Lobb & Partners
8001960Blackpool Pleasure Beach Cableway (634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb
8011960Ockendon Culverhouse Boys School ExtensionNAOckendonNAHV Lobb
8021960Peterborough Hospital Main Ward Block & OP (748)Thorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireGuy Aldis
8031960Bradford Eye & Ear HospitalNABradfordYorkshireWH Watkins Grey & Partners
8041960Delaware OAP Home Warwick Crescent Paddington W9Cirencester Place Warwick CrescentPaddingtonLondonBertram Carter
8051960Dorking 11 Storey Flats - AbandonedNADorkingSussexNA
8061960Victoria Boys & Girls Club Stamford Hill - No InfoNAHackney Stamford HillGreater LondonHV Lobb & Partners
8071960Hampstead Road Dorking Maisonettes - AbandonedHampstead RoadDorkingSurreyHV Lobb
8081960Singapore Housing Reema - AbandonedNANANANA
8091960Sutcliffes Office Block WakefieldNAOssett WakefieldYorkshireEnthoven & Mock
8101960National Childrens Homes Woking - No InformationNAWokingSussexHV Lobb
8111960New Carlton Redevelopment LeedsEbor Gardens & Lincoln GreenLeedsYorkshireLincoln City Architects
8121960Oxford New College Sacher BuildingNAOxfordOxfordshireDavid Roberts
8131960Wellingborough SchoolNAWellingboroughNorthamptonshireDavid Roberts
8141960Brick Cladding PanelsNADorkingSussexNA
8151960Bishop Otter College Alterations (See 741)NANANABridgewater & Shepherd
8161960Blackpool Pleasure Beach Footbridge (634)NABlackpoolLancashireHV Lobb
8171960Malborough College Band RoomNAMalboroughWiltshireDavid Roberts
8181960Robinsons Fishponds L Department Extension (859)Sheene Road Argus RoadBristolAvonJohn E Collins
8191960Forest Of Needwood School Rolleston On DoveNARolleston On DoveStaffordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
8201960Stanhope Gate Offices (See Patent)14 Stanhope GateLondonLondonBoulton & Paul
8211960Bridge 85ft. Surrey (See Patent)NANASurreyBoulton & Paul
8221960Wingfield Street Flats Portsmouth ReemaWingfield StreetPortsmouthHampshirePortsmouth City Architects
8231960Dorinda Street Home For The AgedDorinda StreetIslingtonGreater LondonLyons Israel & Ellis
8241960Ipswich Shop Front - No InformationNAIpswichSuffolkHooper & Olley
8251960London Zoo Canal Banks Cattle & Deer HousesOuter CircleRegents Park WestminsterGreater LondonBridgewater & Shepherd
8261960St Edmunds Terrace NW81-6 St Edmunds TerraceLondonLondonPomeroy & Partners
8271960Truro County Hall CornwallNATruroCornwallCornwall County Council
8281960Willesden Technical College ExtensionNAWillesdenMiddlesexManning & Clamp
8291960Wyther Estate Armley Ridge Road Reema Leeds (622)Armley Ridge RoadLeedsYorkshireNA
8301960Shell Stanlow ExtensionNAStanlowCheshireGrenfell Baines & Hargreaves
8311960Hammersmith Hospital Changing UnitDu Cann RoadHammersmithLondonPlayne & Lacey
8321960Gusford Primary School Ipswich (1073 & 1180)NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
8331960Turnbulls Garage Showroom & Service AreaNAPlymouthDevonRoseviare
8341960Suffolk College Stage 4Rope WalkIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
8351960UIA Congress Administration BuildingSouth BankWaterlooLondonTheo Crosby
8361960Hemel Hempstead Town Centre Dev. TC8 14 15Bridge Over The MarlowsHemel HempsteadHertfordshireFuller Hall & Foulsham/HHDC Architects
8371960St Helier Jersey Flats - AbandonedGreen StreetSt HelierJerseyJersey Planning & Development
8381960Leicester College Scraptoft HallNALeicesterLeicestershireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
8391960Collins Food Warehouse Vauxhall Road LiverpoolVauxhall RoadLiverpoolMerseysideG Raymond Ellis
8401960Shell Woodstock Workshop BlockSittingbourne LabatoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
8411960Moss Brothers Chester Lobby SlabNAChesterCheshireEC Kent
8421960Arcon Housing Canada - AbandonedNANACanadaNA
8431960Peterfield Church Of England SchoolNAOrwellCambridgeshireLyster & Grillett
8441960Newham College Library - No InformationNANewhamNADavid Roberts
8451960Whites Hotel Lancaster Gate92 Lancaster GateLondonLondonHammett & Norton
8461960Derby College Of Technology Stage 3Kedleston RoadDerbyDerbyshireGrenfell Baines Hargreaves(Now Design Partnership)
8471960Forest Gate Planning & Development - AbandonedNANANANA
8481960Belfast Synagogue IrelandNABelfastIrelandYorke Rosenberg Mardall
8491960Shell Woodstock ACD Formulation LaboratoryShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentNA
8501960Western Lane Otley - No InformationNANANANA
8511960Swan Centre Yardley was Tivoli Centre 2 BirminghamCoventry RoadBirminghamMidlandsJames A Roberts
8521960Brunswick Park Primary SchoolNANANAJames Stirling & Gowan
8531960Dixons Warehouse GrimbsyWest Marsh MillGrimbsyHumbersideSheppherdson & Dixon
8541960Ross Group Offices GrimsbyNAGrimsbyHumbersideHV Lobb & Partners
8551960Goodwood Racecourse Development - AbandonedNANANAHV Lobb
8561960Shell Woodstock Biochemistry Laboratory Stage 3Shell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
8571960Finsbury Library Galway StreetGalway StreetFinsburyLondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
8581960Sutcliffe No 4 Gantry Extension (See 809)Horbury WorksHorburyTyne & WearEnthoven & Mock
8591960Robinsons Fishponds L Department ExtensionSheene Road Argus RoadBristolAvonNA
8601960London Zoo Aviary Regents Park Snowdon AviaryRegents ParkCamdenLondonCedric Price/Armstrong Jones/Bridgewater Shepherd
8611960Sussex & Dorking Multi Storey Dev. - AbandonedNANANANA
8621960Barnes Dev.Metropolitan Water Board - AbandonedLonsdale RoadBarnesLondonNA
8631960Donegal Street Finsbury EC1 FlatsDonegal StreetIslington FinsburyGreater LondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
8641960Old Victorians Victoria Boys & Girls Club -No InfoNANANAHV Lobb
8651960Goldsmith GardensNANANABridgewater & Shepherd
8661960Barclays Bank HayesStation RoadHayesMiddlesexEdgington Spink & Hyne
8671960Chevron Units - No InformationNANANANA
8681960Alleynes Grammer School Stevenage (See 488)NAStevenageHertfordshireEaston & Robertson
8691960Reading Bridge AdviceNAReadingBerkshireEaston & Robertson
8701960Waltham Abbey FactoryNAWaltham AbbeyHertfordshireEmberton Franck & Tardrew
8711960Newbury Secondary Modern SchoolNANewburyBerkshireHV Lobb & Partners
8721960Chantry School Ipswich - No InformationNAIpswichNorfolkJohns Slater Haward
8731960Glasgow Factory - No InformationNAGlasgowStrathclydeNA
8741960Dublin Trinity College & East Pavilion LibraryNADublinIrelandAhrends Burton & Koralek
8751960Eaton Hotel - AbandonedNANANANA
8761960Chiswick Offices Production EngineeringChiswick High RoadChiswickLondonNA
8771960East Anglian Daily Times (See 988)Lower Brook StreetIpswichSuffolkNA
8781960Cambridge Peterhouse College AccommodationNACambridgeCambridgeshireSir Leslie Martin
8791960Leicester University Bennet & Mathematics BuildingNALeicesterLeicestershireSir Leslie Martin
8801960Elliot Brothers Rochester WorksNARochesterKentYorke Rosenberg Mardall
8811960Forest Gate High School West HamForest StreetNewham West HamLondonColquhoun & Miller
8821960Blythebridge Grammer School StaffordshireNABlythebridgeStaffordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
8831960Shell Woodstock Biochemistry LaboratorySittingbourne Research LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
8841960Reading University Windsor Hall ResidencesNAReadingBerkshireEaston & Robertson
8851960Bissells Leigh - No InformationNANANANA
8861960Shell Woodstock Analytical LaboratorySittingbourne Research LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
8871960Tettenhall Secondary SchoolWindmill CrescentTettenhallStaffordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
8881960Ulster Hospital Belfast Main Ward BlockNADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
8891960Davis Estate Primary School KentNAChathamKentFredrick Gibberd
8901961Paradise Row Henley Flats - AbandonedParadise RowHenleyBerkshireNA
8911961Gloucester Green Oxford - AbandonedNANANANA
8921961Porchester Terrace Flats52-54 Porchester TerraceLondonLondonManousso
8931961Newton Street - AbandonedNANANANA
8941961Harpenden Childrens Home - No InformationNAHarpendenNAHV Lobb
8951961Tidbury Street & Milford Manor Reema (See 651)Tidbury Street Milford ManorLeedsYorkshireNA
8961961Moss Brothers Covent Garden Shop Front & CanopyNACovent GardenLondonEC Kent
8971961Atlas & Settle Roads West Ham Housing (6013)Atlas Road Settle RoadNewham West HamGreater LondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
8981961Hull General Hospital Hull Boiler HouseNAHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
8991961Headlands School Gymnasium (See also 799)NAPenarth CardiffSouth GlamorganHV Lobb & Partners
9001961Ulverley Green Road Flats Sceptre Park BirminghamSceptre Park UltonSolihullMidlandsJames A Roberts
9011961Church Street PortsmouthChurch StreetPortsmouthHampshireMellor
9021961St Thomas Housing Royal StreetRoyal StreetLambethGreater LondonFowler Howett
9031961Chichester Theological College Library Boiler HToll House Close West Gate Gillett HouseChichesterSussexAhrends Burton & Koralek
9041961Cheam Office BlockLondon RoadCheamLondonAhrends Burton & Koralek
9051961High Street Dev. Hebden Bridge Reema - Not BuiltHeptonstall Road / Bridge LanesHebden BridgeLeedsNA
9061961Royal Globe Insurance BristolCorn StreetBristolAvonAlec F French & Partners
9071961Royal Globe Insurance Society Leeds - AbandonedNALeedsYorkshireNA
9081961Royal Globe Insurance Society Leicester -AbandonedNALeicesterLeicestershireNA
9091961Royal Globe Insurance Society DublinCollege GreenDublinIrelandPurcell AV & Associates
9101961Middleton Town HallNAMiddleton ManchesterLancashireLyons Israel & Ellis
9111961Stepney Unit Workshops - AbandonedNANANALyons Israel & Ellis
9121961Charing Cross 2 Storey Leeds Reema Stage 2NALeedsLeicestershireSheriden Shedden
9131961Spring Grove Mill Oughtibridge Peter DixonsNASheffieldYorkshireSheppherdson & Dixon
9141961Shell Thornton AMPG Group 3 (See 571)Shell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
9151961Lincoln Civic Centre - AbandonedNALincolnLincolnshireEvans & Gailey
9161961Craig House Uxbridge Road Alterations (See 375)Uxbridge RoadEalingLondonNA
9171961Basildon & Chalvedon County Secondary SchoolNorthlands DriveBasildonEssexYorke Rosenberg Mardall
9181961Cannon Park Hall TheatreNABirminghamLancashireBirmingham School Of Architecture
9191962Norwich Union Building Soc. Liverpool - No InfoNALiverpoolMerseysideNA
9201962Reading University Whiteknights Park Site Invest.Whiteknights Park & Upper Redland RoadReadingBerkshireEaston & Robertson
9211962Church Gardens Dorking - No InformationNADorkingSurreyHV Lobb
9221962St Thomas Hospital Res. & N Link - AbandonedNANANAW Fowler Howitt
9231962Swinnow 2 Storey Leeds Reema - No InformationNALeedsLeicestershireSheriden Shedden
9241962Kirkstall Hill Leeds ReemaNALeedsLeicestershireSheriden Shedden
9251962Moorville Estate Leeds ReemaNALeedsYorkshireSheriden Shedden
9261962Poplar Estate Leeds Reema - No InformationNALeedsLeicesterchireSheriden Shedden
9271962Greenside Estate Leeds Maisonettes Reema Stage 3NALeedsLeicestershireSheriden Shedden
9281962Hurst Avenue Broadlands Road Highgate Flats25 Hurst Avenue Broadlands RoadHighgateGreater LondonLam Beil & Partners
9291962Orsett Stage 2NANANAHammett & Norton
9301962St Pauls Choir SchoolNASt PaulsCity of LondonArchitects Co Partnership
9311962Beaconsfield Royal Army Educational SchoolNABeaconsfieldBuckinghamshireRobert Matthew Johnson Marshall
9321962Whittington Grange Special SchoolNAWhittingtonNAJames A Roberts
9331962Stephen Street Norwich - No InformationNANANANA
9341962Heston Street Tanners Hill DeptfordHeston StreetDeptfordGreater LondonBridgewater Shepperd & Epstein
9351962Melbury Road Flats (See also 667 732)54 Park Close Ilchester PlaceLondonLondonPlanning & Development
9361962Cardiff University Dept Of Anatomy & PhysiologyNACardiffSouth GlamorganSir Percy Thomas Partnership
9371962Louth Plastics Factory Advice OnlyNALouthNANA
9381962St Johns School Engineering Shop TiffieldNATowcesterNorthamptonshireCrabtree & Associates
9391962London Zoo Cattle House No 2 (See 825)Regents ParkLondonLondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstain
9401962Tidbury Street Reema MaisonettesTidbury StreetLeedsMidlandsReema Construction Ltd
9411962Shire Hall Soundy Mill Berkshire County OfficesSoundy MillReadingBerkshireHancock T
9421962London Zoo Aviary & Bridge Approachs (See 825)Regents ParkLondonLondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein/Cedric Price
9431962Moss Brothers Hole in Floor - No InformationTring StreetCovent GardenLondonDodds
9441962Peterborough Hospital Night Nurses Homes Stage 2NAPeterboroughCambridgeshireGuy Aldis
9451962West Heath Road Hampstead FlatsWest Heath RoadHampsteadLondonJames Stirling & Gowan
9461962Swan Centre Yardley Cinama & Car ParkCoventry RoadSheldon BirminghamMidlandsJames A Roberts
9471962Fulbourne Hospital Stage 2 (See 752)NAFulbourneCambridgeshireEdgington Spink & Hyne
9481962Wilsons Mr S House CambridgeGrant Chester RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireWilson Sandy
9491962New Carlton Reema Leeds Houses Type 1 (See 811)NANANASheriden Shedden
9501962Battersea County Secondary SchoolCulvert RoadBatterseaLondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
9511962New Malden Development Shops & DwellingsDukes Avenue Grafton RoadNew MaldenSurreyNA
9521962St Albans Development - AbandonedNASt AlbansHertfordshireNA
9531962Leicester University Gilbert Murray HallNALeicesterLeicestershireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
9541962Bromley Cricket PavilionCrown LaneBromleyKentHammett & Norton
9551962Haslitt House British Gas PLC was Westminster BankHaslitt HouseHigh Holborn WestminsterGreater LondonJ Seymour Harris & Partners
9561962Reading University St Georges Hall Of ResidenceNAReadingBerkshireHowell Freeman & Batten
9571962Burrels Field Cambridge Lord Adrians HouseGrange RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireNA
9581962Shell Thornton First Aid BuildingNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
9591962Sangamo Weston Factory FelixstoweLanger RoadFelixstoweSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
9601962Tivoli 3 Flats Birmingham (See 851)Church Road Lily RoadBirminghamWarwickshirreJames A Roberts
9611962Polytechnic Of Central LondonRegent Street Clipstone StreetLondonLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
9621962Cambridge University CentreGranta PlaceCambridgeCambridgeshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
9631962Elliot Brothers GEC Boreham WoodElstree WayBorehamwoodHertfordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
9641962Oxford - AbandonedNANANAYorke Rosenberg Mardall
9651962Shell Woodstock Tunstall Stage 3Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittinigbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
9661962Park Street & Melbourne Street PortsmouthPark Street Melbourne StreetPortsmouthHampshireMellor F
9671962Cardiff University Physology & Biochemistry (936)NACardiffSouth GlamorganSir Percy Thomas Partnership
9681962Royal Globe Insurance Society CoventryWarwick RoadCoventryMidlandsTwentyman Percy & Partners
9691962Rangoon University - No InformationNARangoonNABrown Daltas & Associates Inc
9701962South Bank Footpath DevelopmentSouth BankLondonLondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
9711962Ulverley Green Road Flats Sceptre Park AdviceUlverley Green Road UltonSolihullHumbersideJames A Roberts
9721962St Edmunds Terrace Houses4-5 St Edmunds TerraceLondonLondonPomeroy & Partners
9731962Shell Woodstock Farm GaragesShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd
9741962Peterborough Gables Maternity Hospital - AbandonedNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireGuy Aldis
9751962Prince Albert Road Flats25 Prince Albert RoadCamdenLondonPlanning & Development
9761962Peterborough Hospital Nurses Home & Pool AbandonedNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireEast Anglian Hospital Board Architects
9771962Clarkes Close Micheal Cliff House Finsbury EstateClarkes CloseIslington FinsburyGreater LondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
9781962Triplex Factory & Offices BirminghamEckersall RoadKings Norton BirminghamWarwickshireJames A Roberts
9791963Newham College Of Further EducationWelfare RoadNewhamGreater LondonNewham Borough Architects
9801963Cambridge University History LibrarySidgwick RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireJames Stirling & Gowan
9811963Peterborough Hospital Staff Nurse & Sisters HomesThorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireGuy Aldis
9821963Carpenters Road James Riley Dennison & Lund PointCarpenters RoadWest HamLondonNewham Borough Architects/TE North
9831963Shire Hall Soundy Mill Reading (See 941)Abbey StreetReadingBerkshireHancock T
9841963Manders Paints Wolverhampton (Renumbered - 1042)NANANANA
9851963Reading Assizes Court - AbandonedNAReadingBerkshireNA
9861963London Road Maidstone5 - 11 London RoadMaidstoneKentManousso Paul
9871963Cedric Prices House Seldon Advice OnlyNANANANA
9881963East Anglian Daily Times IpswichLower Brook StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
9891963St Thomas More School Remedial Works (395)NANANANA
9901963Mayford Approved SchoolNAWokingSurreyParsons Sons & Partners
9911963St Thomas Hospital Stage 2 ReconstructionLambeth Palace RoadLambethGreater LondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
9921963Cornwall Swimming PoolNANACornwallNA
9931963Fun Palace - No InformationNANANANA
9941963House In Harlow - No InformationNAHarlowEssexNA
9951963Peterlee Development Youth Centre - AbandonedNANANAJD Coxon & Associates
9961963Barley Lane School Remedial Works (395)NAIlfordEssexScott Brown Rigg & Turner
9971963Hull Hospital Training Centre Phase 2NAHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
9981963Olympia Stage 1 - AbandonedNAOlympiaLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
9991963Norwich City Hall Extension Police StationSt Giles StreetNorwichNorfolkNorwich City Architects
10001963Carpenters Road St2 H480 James Riley & DennisonCarpenters RoadWest HamLondonNewham Borough Architects
10011963Lancaster University Site Investigation (See 1116)NALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10021963St Johns School TiffieldNATiffieldNACrabtree
10031963Shell Woodstock CanteenSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10041963Exeter UniversityNAExeterDevonshirePlayne & Lacey
10051963Hull General Hospital Stage 2 Nurses HomesNAHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10061963Peterlee Town Halls Group - AbandonedPeterleeDurhamMidlandsJohn Coxan & Partners
10071963Redfern Galleries - AbandonedNANANANA
10081963Oxford University Science Area Zoology PsychologyNAOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
10091963Foulgers Opening OAP Houses & FlatsNANorwichNorfolkDavid Percival
10101963Oxford University Chaplaincy DevelopmentCambridge TerraceOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
10111963Banbury Estate Church Crescent Heston Road HackneyChurch Crescent Henston RoadHackneyLondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10121963Trinity Street Housing Block C430 Trinity StreetNewhamGreater LondonNewham Borough Architects
10131963British Museum National LibraryNALondonLondonSir Leslie Martin
10141963Camden School for Girls stage 2NACamden Kentish TownGreater LondonStillman & Eastwick Field
10151963Shell Woodstock Field Works LaboratorySittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10161964Windsor College Of Further EducationClaremont RoadWindsor EastBerkshireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10171964Cardiff University Mathmatics & Science (See 936)NACardiffSouth GlamorganSir Percy Thomas Partnership
10181964Warwick University LibraryGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10191964Whitechester WimbledonWimbledon RoadWimbledonLondonEmberton Franck & Tardrew
10201964St Andrews University St Salvadors HallNorth StreetSt AndrewsFifeJames Stirling
10211964Trinity Street stages 1 & 2 (See 1012)430 Trinity StreetWest HamLondonNewham Borough Architects
10221964Lancaster University Soc Studies Admin UnderpassNALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10231964Shell Tunstall Laboratory Stage 4Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10241964Heston Motorway Service StationM4 HestonHayesMiddlesexJames A Roberts
10251964Petersham House Roedean CrescentRoedean CrescentNANALeonard Manasseh & Partners
10261964Westminster Bank West BranchNAChistlehurstNACampbell Jones & Son
10271964Restronguet Point BoathouseRestronguet PointNANANA
10281964Elliot Brothers Rochester Stage 3Maidstone RoadRochesterKentYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10291964Pleydell Estate Galway Street FinsburyGalway StreetIslingtonGreater LondonFranck & Deeks
10301964Fulbourne Hospital Group StoresNACambridgeCambridgeshireEdgington Spink & Hyne
10311964Queens Street PortsmouthNAPortsmouthHampshirePortsmouth City Architects
10321964Somerville Road PortsmouthSomerville RoadPortsmouthHampshirePortsmouth City Architects
10331964Northleigh House Mikvah & Boiler HouseNANANAGJF Long Belfast
10341964Shell Woodstock T I DSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10351964Warwick University Science GeneralGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10361964Leicester University Mary Gee HallRatcliffe RoadLeicesterLeicestershireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
10371964Triplex Holding Ltd1 Hayes MewsNANAJames A Roberts
10381964GPO Olympia Restroom - No InformationNAOlympiaLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
10391964Silentbloc Factory Extension (See 466)Manor RoyalCrawleyEssexJM Austin Smith & Partners
10401964Leamington College of FE Mid-Warwick Stage 5NALeamington SpaWarwickshireWarwick County Architects
10411964Guildford Civic HallNAGuildfordSurreyMartin & Bayley
10421964Manders Centre Wolverhampton Central DevelopmentNAWolverhamptonMidlandsJames A Roberts
10431964Moss Brothers Bristol76 Park StreetBristolAvonEC Kent
10441964Royal Holloway College Roads (See 1051)Eaglefield GreenEghamSurreySir Leslie Martin
10451964Liverpool Town Centre - AbandonedStrand Street Paradise StreetLiverpoolMerseysideKingham Knight Associates
10461964Lancaster University Bowland College AnnexeNALancasterLanchasireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10471964Warwick University Housing & SocialGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10481964Oxford University Merton College Car ParkOxfordNANAYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10491964Moss Brothers Cladding Panels - No InformationNANANASir Leslie Martin
10501964West Heath Road Swimming PoolNANANAGowan J
10511964Royal Holloway College Bourne Lab Library BuildingPiggery Gate Entrance Englefield GreenEghamSurreyColquhoun Miller & Partners
10521964Royal Holloway College Physics (See 1051)Piggery GateEghamSurreyMichael Brawne
10531964Winchester College78 79 KingswayWinchesterHampshireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10541964Windsor College of Further Education Ph 3 & 4Claremont RoadWindsorEast BerkshireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10551964Royal Holloway College Library Extension (1051)Englefield GreenEghamSurreyEdgington Spink & Hyne
10561964Shell Woodstock Tunstall Blending LaboratorySittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10571964Olympia Lorry ParkNAOlympiaLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
10581964Bunhill Fields Burial GroundNANANABridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10591964Shell Woodstock Canteen & Workshop ExtensionSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10601964Trotts Hill Stevenage Flats - AbandonedNAStevenageHertfordshireVincent
10611964Rotork Factory extensionNABathAvonLeonard Manasseh & Partners
10621964Warwick University Boiler HouseGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10631965Royal Holloway College Donors Hall of ResidenceEnglefield GreenEghamSurreyAttenborough & Jones
10641964Beaconsfield Army School of Education 2 GymnasiumNABeaconsfieldBuckinghamshireRobert Matthew Johnson Marshall
10651964Shell Woodstock S P F B unitSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Woodstock Division
10661964Boots NottinghamNANottinghamNottinghamshireSkidmore Owings & Merrill/YRM
10671967Cambridge Darwin CollegeNewham Road Silver RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
10681964Cambridge Darwin College Alterations (1067)Newham Road Silver RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
10691965Fulbourne Hospital Group Laundry - AbandonedNANANAEdgington Spink & Hyne
10701965Sangamo Weston Enfield - AbandonedNAEnfieldHertfordshireJohns Slater Haward
10711965Somers Road / Henrietta Road PortsmouthSomers Road Henrietta RoadPortsmouthHampshireNA
10721976Golden Gates Sandbank CrackingNANANADare
10731965Dale Hall Primary School Ipswich Schools ProjectsNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
10741965Warehouse - AbandonedNANANAGowan J
10751965Oxford University Sir William Dunn PathologySouth Park RoadOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
10761965Millward & Sons Maidstone82 High StreetMaidenheadBerkshireHowell Freeman & Batten
10771965Moss Brothers Fire EscapeNAManchesterLancashireEC Kent
10781965Shell Woodstock Technical ServicesSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10791965Shell Woodstock T I D BuildingSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10801965Shell Woodstock Tunstall Laboratory stage 5SittingbourneNANAFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10811965Shell Woodstock Synthesis LaboratorySittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10821965Basildon & Chalvedon Secondary School was PitseaNABasildonEssexYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10831965Gloucester Avenue St Pancras NW141 Gloucester AvenueCamden St PancrasGreater LondonJames Stirling
10841965St Andrews University scheme with 1020 - AbortiveNASt AndrewsFifeJames Stirling
10851965Oxford Heythrop Jesuit College Res.Hall -AbandonedOxfordOxfordOxfordshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
10861965Grandstand Newmarket - AbandonedNANewmarketSuffolkWilson Sandy
10871965Hull University Social ScienceNAHullHumbersideNapper Errington Lee Collerton Barnett
10881965Lambeth Hospital Operating Theatre DemolishedGilbert StreetLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10891965Warwick University 2nd Hall Of Residence Stage 1Gibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10901965Lancaster University SS2/1 Lonsdale CollegeNALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
10911965Hammersmith Hospital Laboratory Block BridgeHammersmithNANALyons Israel & Ellis
10921965Warwick University stage Special ResidenceGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
10931965Royal Holloway College External Works Pump StationEnglefield GreenEghamSurreyAttenborough & Jones
10941965Shell Woodstock Millstead LaboratorySittingbourneNANANA
10951965Shell Woodstock Milstead Lab T I D ExtensionSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
10961965Spring Grove Mills Pulpfield OughtbridgeSpring GroveOughtbridgeYorkshireSheppherdson & Dixon
10971965Shell Formulation Lab & Boiler House AlterationsSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
10981965Royal Holloway College Arts & Maths (See 1051)NANANATrevor Dannatt
10991965Lancaster University External Works (1965 start)NALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11001965Whitecross Street FinsburyWhitecross StreetIslington FinsburyGreater LondonFranck & Deeks
11011965Liverpool Customs House SiteSteers House Canning PlaceLiverpool 2MerseysideKingham Knight Associates
11021965Muswell Hill Primary SchoolMuswell HillHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Architects
11031965Clissold Park Secondary SchoolClissold RoadHackney Stoke NewingtonGreater LondonStillman & Eastwick Field
11041965Silentbloc Factory Crawley Welfare (See 466)NACrawleyEssexAustin Smith & Partners
11051965O C H 65 Feasibility Study - AbandonedNANANACedric Price
11061965Amberfield School IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
11071965Cambridge Chandlier - AbandonedNANANANA
11081965Scratchwood Service Area - AbandonedM1 Adjacent Mill Hill Golf ClubHendonGreater LondonJames A Roberts
11091965Cardiff University Anatomy Stage 1 (See 936)NACardiffSouth GlamorganSir Percy Thomas Partnership
11101965Carpenters Road st3 & 4 Dennison & James Riley PtCarpenters RoadNewham West HamGreater LondonNewham Borough Architects
11111965Cardiff University Anatomy Biochemistry PhysiologyNACardiffSouth GlamorganSir Percy Thomas Partnership
11121965Trinidad - AbandonedNATacaringuaTrinidadJohn Prizeman
11131965Evelyns Secondary SchoolAppletree AvenueHillingdonMiddlesexDouglas Stephen & Partners
11141965Babraham Hall Animal Physiology CambridgeNACambridgeCambridgeshireColin St John Wilson & Partners
11151965Westminster Bridge Retaining Wall - No InformationNALondonLondonGreater London Council Roads Department
11161965Lancaster University Arts GroupNALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11171965Lancaster University Central HallNALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11181965Leicester College Ph 3 Teaching Block ExtensionNALeicesterLeicestershireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11191965Watling House Cannon Street EC4 Balcony AltsCannon StreetLondonLondonEaston Robertson Preston & Partners
11201966Heathrow Airport Boiler House & Cargo AreaLondon (Heathrow) Airport South Perimeter RoadHounslowMiddlesexFredrick Gibberd & Partners/Meers Pring & Wager
11211966Bishop Otter College Extension (See 741)NAChichesterSussexBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11221966Triplex WillesdenNAWillesdenLondonBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11231966Western General Hospital Hull RMO AccomodationLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11241966Bristol Cathedral St Peter & St Paul R CClifton Park Off Pembroke RoadClifton BristolAvonThe Percy Thomas Partnership
11251966Shell Woodstock S P F B Unit No 3Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
11261966Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hayward Bldg DiagnosticGoldsmith Row Hackney RoadHackneyLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
11271966Redcar Central LibraryCoat Ham RoadRedcarYorkshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
11281966Oxford Heythrop College 2nd Hall of ResidenceNAOxfordOxfordshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
11291966Oxford Heythrop College 3rd Hall of ResidenceNAOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
11301966Wild Fowl Trust Peter Scott Observ.Tower- No InfoNANANAPeter Bicknell
11311966Silentbloc Factory Crawley Modification (See 466)NACrawleySussexAustin Smith Salmon Lord
11321966Ulster Hospital Outpatients Casualty was BelfastNADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
11331966Kent Uplands & Tewkesbury Rds & Park Lane HaringeyKent Uplands Tewkesbury Roads & Park LaneHaringeyLondon N4 N15 & N17Haringey Council Architects
11341966Manders Paint Store Eastbourne MewsEastbourne MewsPaddingtonLondonManders
11351966Liverpool Civic & Social Centre & Relief FlyoverNALiverpoolMerseysideColin St John Wilson & Partners
11361966Bishop Otter College Music Block (See 741)NAChichesterSussexHarrison & West
11371966Dale Hall Primary School Geodesic/Triodesic DomeNANANAJohns Slater Haward
11381966Oxford Balliol & St Annes Colleges ResidenceManor RoadOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
11391966National Docks Labour Board Air ConditioningEmbankmentLondonLondonNA
11401966Lancaster University Site Works 1967 StartNALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11411966Warwick University Physics LaboratoryGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11421966Manders Centre British Home Stores WolverhamptonNAWolverhamptonMidlandsJames A Roberts
11431966Lancaster University Site Works 1966 StartNALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11441966Warwick University Arts Centre Stage 1Gibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11451966Oxford Templeton Centre of Management StudiesNAOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
11461966Dixons Spring Grove Mills Oughtbridge ExtensionSpring Grove OughtbridgeSheffieldYorkshireSheppherdson & Dixon
11471966City Road Development Peregrine Kestrel LagonierNAIslingtonGreateer LondonFranck Deeks Bousell Partnership
11481966Syon House Transport Museum - AbandonedLondon Road A315IsleworthMiddlesexDarbourne & Darke
11491966Joel Street - AbandonedNANANANA
11501966Shell Woodstock Biology Laboratory ExtensionShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
11511966Suffolk College Phase 5 - Abandoned was IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
11521966Hazlitt House Party Wall - No InformationNANANASeymour Harris
11531966Lancaster University Boiler House Phase 2NALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11541966Camberwell Grove Housing Grove LaneGrove Lane Camberwell GroveSouthwarkLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
11551966St Martin In The Field Youth CentreTrafalgar SquareLondonLondonAhrends Burton & Koralek
11561966Ulster Hospital Boiler House ExtensionNADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
11571966Lancaster University Site Works 1968 startLancasterNANABridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
11581966Warwick University Arts Centre - AbandonedGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11591966Oxford University Sir Will Dunn Serv Duct -AbandonSouth Park RoadOxfordOxfordshireNA
11601966St Thomas Hospital External WorksLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11611966St Thomas Hospital Nurses Home & SchoolLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11621966St Thomas Hospital Ward & TreatmentLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
1162.0999761966King Alfred School renumbered 1168NANANANA
11631966St Thomas Hospital Ward BlockLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11641966St Thomas Hospital Treatment BlockLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11651966St Thomas Hospital Demolition - No InformatonLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11661966St Thomas Hospital Road WideningLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonNA
11671966St Thomas Hospital Computer Bldg - No InformationLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11681966King Alfred School Golders GreenNAGolder GreenLondonLush & Lester
11691966Number not issuedNANANANA
11701966Hull Hospital Group LaundryLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11711966Oxford University Queens College Florey BldgNAOxfordOxfordshireJames Stirling
11721966Geodesic Dome 60ft Diameter - No InformationNANANAJohns Slater Haward
11731966Geodesic Dome 150ft. Diameter - No InformationNANANAJohns Slater Haward
11741966Royal Holloway College External Works Stage 2Englefield GreenEghamSurreyAttenborough & Jones
11751966Royal Holloway College UGC Athlone Hall (1063)Piggery Gate Entrance Englefield GreenEghamSurreyAttenborough & Jones
11761967Warwick University 1st & 2nd Halls Stage 2Gibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11771967The Green No 2 Richmond2 The GreenRichmondSurreyDarbourne & Darke
11781967Manders Paints Salisbury - No InformationNANANANA
11791967Dixons Spring Grove Mills Machine House SheffieldSpring GroveOughtbridgeNASheppherdson & Dixon
11801967Hadleigh Aided Primary School IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
11811967Pneumatic Structures - No InformationNANANACedric Price
11821967Trinity Street Housing Newham stage 4 & 5 (1012)430 Trinity StreetNewham West HamLondonFeldman & Bennis
11831967Warwick University Chapel - AbandonedGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11841967Carpenters Road Housing st 4 James Riley/DennisonCarpenters RoadWest HamLondonNewham Borough Architects
11851967Peterborough Hospital stage 3 AlterationsNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireEast Anglian Regional Health Authority
11861967Brentford Nylons Factory & OfficeGreat West RoadBrentfordMiddlesexSt John Harrison/Harry Spencer & Associates
11871967Brunel Shopping Centre SwindonThe ParadeSwindonWiltshireDouglas Stephen & Partners
11881967French Embassy58 Albert GateKnightsbridgeLondon WestminsterDouglas Stephen & Partners
11891967Luton Airport HangerNALutonBedfordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11901967Carpenters Road Housing stage 4 See 982 1000 1110Marquess RoadIslington FinsburyGreater LondonDarbourne & Darke
11911967Boots Canteen Alterations - No InformationNANottinghamNottinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11921967Horseshoe Ridge House St Georges HillSt Georges HillWeybridgeKentMargaret Maxwell
11931967Battle Hospital Reading was Export Hospital BattleOxford RoadReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11941967Lambeth Hospital Computer & Renal Dia CentresNANANAYorke Rosenberg Mardall
11951967Fulbourne Hospital Central Area (See 752)NAFulbourneCambridgeshireEdgington Spink & Hyne
11961967Maidenhead Central LibrarySt Ives RoadMaidenheadBerkshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
11971969Polytechnic Of Central London (Renumbered 1425)NANANANA
11981967Tayto Factory DublinNACoolock DublinEireCrompton
11991967Warwick University Further Residences - No InfoGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12001967Warwick University Sports Pavilion- No InformationGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12011967Hull Royal Infirmary Nurses Training School ExtnLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12021967Hull Hospital External Works Phase 3NAHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12031967Africa Centre Extension38 Kings StreetLondonLondonDerek Walker John Attenborough Bryn Jones
12041967Miles Coverdale Primary County SchoolNANANAColquhoun & Miller
12051967Kingsgate Primary SchoolNANANAColquhoun & Miller
12061967Reading Station - No InformationNAReadingBerkshireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
12071967Carding Company Pellon Works HalifaxAlbert Hill Street MillHalifaxYorkshireKingham Knight Associates
12081967Basildon South West Development PlanNABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
12091967Runcorn Southgate HousingChapel Street New Town CentreRuncornCheshireJames Stirling
12101967Dome 160ft. Diameter - No InformationNANANAJohns Slater Haward
12111967Warwick University Footbridge - No InformationGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12121967Charing Cross The ArchesNACharing CrossLondonBrown Sandy
12131967Beaulieu Museum Complex Roads & BridgesMontagu Motor Museum ComplexBeaulieuHampshireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
12141967British Transport Docks Board Computer BuildingHayes RoadSouthallMiddlesexCedric Price
12151967Barnsbury Road House68 Barnsbury RoadLondonLondonDavid A Lee
12161967Housing Research - No InformationNANANACedric Price
12171967St Martins RC Primary School Luton (See 832)NALutonBedfordshireJohns Slater Haward
12181967Fulbourne Hospital Alts To Exist Buildings (752)NAFulbourneCambridgeshireEdgington Spink & Hyne
12191967Peterborough Hospital Stage 2 Alts (See 1185)NAPeterboroughCambridgeshireEast Anglian Regional Health Authority
12201967Walston House Thriplow CambridgeNAThriplowCambridgeshireSir Leslie Martin
12211968Elliot Brothers Rochester Factory Alterations St 5NARochesterNottinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12221968Compton Street Housing Stage 1Compton StreetIslington FinsburyGreater LondonClifford Culpin & Partners
12231968Immediate RecordsNANANANA
12241968Ulster (Belfast) Hospital Radiology (See 1132)NADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12251968Ulster (Belfast) Hospital Staff Homes (See1132)NADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12261968Ulster (Belfast) Hospital Casualty (See 1132)NADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12271968City Road Area 2 Maisonettes (See 1147)City RoadIslingtonGreateer LondonFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12281968Burnham House Lower Brook EndDropmore RoadLower Brook EndBuckinghamshireFranck & Deeks
12291968Montpelier Road Twickenham25 Montpelier RoadTwickenhamMiddlesexKeith Harrison
12301968Cowley Peachy - No InformationNANANANA
12311968Suffolk College St 5 (1151 Abandoned)was IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
12321968Carlton Road IslingtonCarlton Road Tufnell ParkIslingtonLondonFredrick MacManus & Partners
12331968Associated Portland Cement NorthfleetNANorthfleetKentYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12341968Marymead Centre Stevenage Bedwell HousingMarymead Court Broadwater & Buckthorn AvenuesBedwell StevenageHertfordshireStevenage Development Corporation
12351968New Malden Development Paper Lift (See 951)Dukes Avenue Grafton RoadNew MaldenSurreyNA
12361968Bishop Otter College 1968 Extension (See 741)NAChichesterSussexHarrison & West
12371968Sir Anthony Deane SchoolNAHarwichEssexJohns Slater Haward
12381968Warwick University Computer CentreGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12391968Barnstable 5 Housing Area BasildonNABasildonEssexDarbourne & Darke
12401968Ariel Hotel Remedial WorksLondon AirportHayesMiddlesexJames A Roberts
12411968Chalvedon Housing BasildonNABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
12421968Manders Art Centre Victoria Street OfficesVictoria StreetNANAJames A Roberts
12431968Newham College Of Further Education Phase 2NANewhamLondonNorth
12441968Wexham Park Hospital Intensive Care UnitWexham ParkSloughBerkshireEast Berkshire Regional Health Authority
12451968Warwick University Sports CentreGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12461968Titos Palma Majorca - AbandonedNAPalmaMajorcaNA
12471968Hull University Science Building 1st SectionNAHullHumbersideSir Leslie Martin
12481968Muswell Hill Primary School Caretakers House 1102NAHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Architects
12491968Cambridge University Trinity Col. Burrells FieldBurrells Fields Grange RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireDavid Roberts & Geoff Clarke
12501968Young Vic Theatre Waterloo66 The CutLambeth WaterlooGreater LondonHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
12511968Tiverton Road Primary SchoolTiverton Road Pilford RoadHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Council
12521968Albany Hotel GlasgowWaterloo StreetGlasgowStrathclydeJames A Roberts/Dennis Lennon & Partners
12531968Hull University Students UnionNAHullHumbersideSir Leslie Martin
12541968Hillingdon Civic Centre Uxbridge - AbandonedNAHillingdonMiddlesexNA
12551968Wellington Square Central Offices (See also 1416)Little Claredon StreetOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
12561968The Maltings IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
12571968Newcastle University Library Extension 2NANewcastleTyne & WearEaston Robertson Preston & Partners
12581968Kabul Lycee Esteqlal High SchoolNAKabulAfghanistanVG Letin (France)
12591968Reading University Wells Hall Of ResidenceWhiteknights ParkReadingBerkshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
12601968Besson Street New Cross HousingBesson StreetLewishamGreater LondonFredrick MacManus & Partners
12611968Trico Folberth Hydraulic Lift PitNANANAHarry Spencer & Associates
12621968Johns Slater Haward Systems 1968NANANAJohns Slater Haward
12631968Shell Woodstock Large Scale Synthesis Bldg ExtnSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
12641968South Western Hospital CheckLandor RoadLambethLondonNA
12651968Elliot Brothers Rochester 4th Tower (See 1028)NARochesterNottinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12661968Queen Elizabeth Hospital Operating Theatre (1126)Hackney RoadHackneyLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
12671968Barnet Overseas Student Housing Nansen Village21-23 Woodside AvenueNew BarnettLondonLush & Lester
12681968Lonsdale Square N124 Lonsdale SquareLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12691968Wayne Kerr GuildfordNAGuildfordSurreyLeonard Manasseh & Partners
12701968Reading University CEM Faculty Building (See 1259)Whiteknights ParkReadingBerkshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
12711968Lambeth Flats InvestigationLondon Bridge StreetLambethLondonNA
12721968Runcorn Housing CompetitionNARuncornCheshireCross & Brown
12731968National Theatre ReflectionsNALondonLondonEngineering Design Consultants
12741968Wills Tobacco Hartcliffe Project (Now ITL)Hartcilffe WayHartcliffe BristolAvonSkidmore Owings & Merrill/YRM
12751969Sutton Coalfield - No InformationLower ParadeSutton ColdfieldWest MidlandsJames A Roberts
12761969Ulster (Belfast) Hospital Mortuary (1132)NADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12771969St Helens Primary School IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
12781969Richards Shop Dudley Street WolverhamptonDudley StreetWolverhamptonMidlandsBronek Katz & Vaughan
12791969Langdon Hills 1 BasildonLangdon Hills High StreetBasildonEssexBasildon Development Corporation
12801969Leytonstone Road Housing Newham CalculationsLeytonstone RoadNewhamLondonNewham Borough Architects
12811969Coville Primary SchoolNANANAColquhoun & Miller
12821969South Western Hospital Lambeth RedevelopmentNALambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12831969Underhill Road Childrens Home291 299 Underhill RoadSouthwarkLondonSouthwark Borough Architects
12841969Shell Woodstock Technical Services Lab Block 2Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12851969Lordship LaneLordship Lane 524CamberwellLondon SouthwalkNeylan & Ungless
12861969Samuel Rhodes ESN SchoolDowney Street Cloudesley RoadIslingtonLondonGreater London Council Architects
12871969Number not issuedNANANANA
12881969Number not issuedNANANANA
12891969Oxford University Pathology Lab Stairs (See 1075)NAOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
12901969Winchester Street Flats PimlicoWinchester StreetPimlicoLondonCavenagh Associates
12911969Shell Woodstock Bordon Microbiology LaboratorySittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
12921969Newham College Of FE Games Hall (See 1243)NANewhamLondonNewham Borough Architects
12931969Warwick University Computer Centre TilingGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
12941969French Embassy Additional Floors (See 1188)NALondonLondonDouglas Stephen & Partners
12951969Newcastle University Library Extension 3NANewcastleTyne & WearEaston Robertson Preston & Partners
12961969Cambridge University Centre Food LiftNACambridgeCambridgeshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
12971969Cardiff University Ranch site staircase (See 936)NACardiffSouth GlamorganSir Percy Thomas Partnership
12981969Marquess Road Housing Finsbury Stage 2 (See 1190)Marquess RoadFinsburyLondonDarbourne & Darke
12991969Royal Waterloo Hospital StairsNALambethLondonNA
13001969St Georges Church Hanover SquareHanover SquareLondonNAManousso
13011969Palace Green London3 Palace GreenKensingtonLondonSt John Harrison H
13021969Lancaster University Site Works 1969NALancasterLancashireBridgewater Shepherd & Epstein
13031969Royal Holloway College Roads (See 1051)Englefield GreenEghamSurreyAttenborough & Jones
13041969Lusaka Government PrintersNALusakaZambiaNA
13051969Liverpool Pedestrian Bridges PrototypeLeeds St Hood St Roe St & (Chapel St Adlington)LiverpoolMerseysideColin St John Wilson & Partners
13061969Bloomsbury Street & Great Russel Street22 Bloomsbury Street 92/93 Great Russel StreetLondonLondonDarbourne & Darke
13071969Warwick University Boiler House Extension Stage 3Gibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
13081969Woodgrange Park NewhamWoodgrange ParkNewhamLondonNewham Borough Architects
13091969Ariel Hotel Remedial Works (See 1240)London AirportHayesMiddlesexJames A Roberts
13101969Furness Withy Offices - Not BuiltNANANAYorke Rosenberg Mardall
13111969Hill House FarmPlastow GreenHeadleyHampshireDenys Lasdun & Partners
13121969Bishop Otter Craft Building (See 741)Bishop Otter College ComplexChichesterSussexHarrison & West
13131969Camden Road IslingtonPenn Road Carlton RoadIslingtonGreater LondonDarbourne & Darke
13141969Runcorn Brookvale (See also 1209)Brookvale RoadRuncornCheshireDarbourne & Darke
13151969British Olivetti Branksome HildersHindhead RoadHaslemereSurreyJames Stirling & Partners
13161969British Olivetti Provincial - No InformationNANANAJames Stirling
13171969CEGB District DepotNANANANA
13181969Kings Street Restaurant39 Kings StreetLondonLondonAttenborough & Jones
13191969Cholmondeley Castle Cover To Swimming PoolNANACheshireRodrick Gradridge
13201969Walterton Road Area D Ludford EstateWalterton Road/Shirland RoadMaida ValeLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
13211969Affleck Street Housing IslingtonAffleck StreetIslingtonGreater LondonClifford Culpin & Partners
13221969David Street Waddington Street NewhamDavid Street Waddington StreetNewhamLondonNewham Borough Architects
13231969The Green Richmond - No Information2 The GreenRichmondMiddlesexDarbourne & Darke
13241969Warwick University Administrative BuildingGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
13251969Queens Square Development Calculation CheckNANewhamLondonNewham Borough Architects
13261969George Pinder County Modern SchoolMoor Lane Cayton BayScarboroughYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
13271969Stokesley County Secondary School Extn (See 1326)NAStokesleyYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
13281969British Museum Amenities Block Phase 1 (See 1552)Great Russel StreetCamdenGreater LondonColin St John Wilson & Partners
13291969Wills Hartcliffe UnderpassHartcliffe WayHartcliffe BristolAvonSkidmore Owings & Merrill/YRM
13301969National Football SchoolNANANAWilliamson Faulkner Brown & Partners
13311969Cator Park School For GirlsLennard RoadBeckenhamGreater LondonLyons Israel & Ellis
13321969Turret Lane IpswichTurret LaneIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
13331969Carpenters Road Community Centre Stage 4Carpenters RoadWest HamLondonNewham Borough Architects
13341969London Polytechnic Regents Street ExtensionLittle Titchfield StreetNALondonLyons Israel & Ellis
13351969Steyne Street Development Bognor RegisSteyne Street Chapel StreetBognor RegisSussexNeylan & Ungless
13361969Canon AR Lee School CliftonNACliftonYorkshireColquhoun & Miller
13371969Eldon Square Central Area DevelopmentEldon Square Percy StreetNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
13381969Shell Stanlow CanteenNAStanlowCheshireBuilding Design Partnership
13391969Birmingham & Midlands InstituteBroad StreetBirminghamMidlandsCedric Price
13401969Leicester College Of Further Education Stage 4ANALeicesterLeicestershireShepheard & Epstein
13411970Beaulieu Montague Motor Museum ComplexMontagu Motor Museum ComplexBeaulieuHampshireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
13421970Mander Centre East Central Arcade (See 1042)The Manders CentreWolverhamptonMidlandsJames A Roberts
13431970Liverpool Civic Centre Ph 1A (1135 Abandoned)Leeds StreetLiverpool 3MerseysideColin St John Wilson & Partners
13441970Durrants HotelNANANAColquhoun & Miller
13451970Marquess Road Housing Stage 3A Finsbury (See 1190)Marquess RoadFinsburyLondonDarbourne & Darke
13461970Wills Hartcliffe Ring Road Stage 3Hartcliffe WayHartcliffe BristolAvonSkidmore Owings & Merrill/YRM
13471970Number not issuedNANANANA
13481970CEGB Ratcliffe Mobile Plant WorkshopNARatcliffeLeicestershireEngineering Design Consultants/CEGB Generation
13491970CEGB Drakelow Apprentice Training CentreNADrakelowNAEngineering Design Consultants/CEGB Generation
13501970Central Electricity Generating Board LittlebrookNALittlebrookNANA
13511970Belsize Road35-39 Belsize RoadLondonLondonJeffery Haward
13521970Brentford Nylons Loading Bay - No InformationGreat West RoadBrentfordMiddlesexHarry Spencer & Associates
13531970Dome MonacoNAMonte CarloMonacoArchigram
13541970Fulbourne Hospital Nurses Accomodation (See 752)NAFulbourneCambridgeshireEdgington Spink & Hyne
13551970Theobald Road40 Theobald RoadLondonLondonHealey & Baker
13561970Morley College Extension61 Westminster Bridge RoadLambethGreater LondonJohn Winter & Associates
13571970C & A Modes Oxford Street Head Office Stage 1Oxford StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
13581970Trico BrentfordNABrentfordMiddlesexNA
13591970Belsize Road/Charles Street25 Charles Street/35-39 Belsize RoadLondonLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
13601970Christopher Wren School HammersmithBryony RoadHammersmithLondonILEA Architects
13611970Royal Holloway College Tolansky Building (See 1051Englefield GreenEghamSurreyMichael Brawne & Associates
13621970Kings Lynn New Courts BuildingSouth QuayKings LynnNorfolkLeonard Manasseh & Partners
13631970French Embassy Floor Strengthening (See 1188)NALondonLondonDouglas Stephen & Partners
13641970Heathrow Pheumatic Tube System Cargo AreaHeathrow AirportHayesMiddlesexFredrick Gibberd & Partners
13651970Laindon Hills 4 Housing BasildonHigh RoadBasildonEssexCrabtree & Jarosz
13661970Ivydale Road Childrens Home300-304 Ivydale RoadSouthwarkLondonSouthwark Borough Architects
13671970Forest Gate High School AlterationsNANANAColquhoun & Miller
13681970Number not issuedNANANANA
13691970Lancaster University Computer BuildingNALancasterLancashireNA
13701970Lancaster University Boiler House 3NALancasterLancashireShepheard & Epstein
13711970Hull University University House Stage 1Newland ParkKingston-upon-HullYorkshireNapper Errington Collerton & Associates
13721970Swan Centre Supermarket Alterations was TivoliNAYardleyBirminghamJames A Roberts
13731970Royal Holloway College Library Alts -No InfoEnglefield GreenEghamSurreyEdgington Spink & Hyne
13741970Dungeness Power Station Heavy StoreNADungenessKentEngineering Design Consultants/CEGB Generation
13751970Central Electricity Generating Board Service TowerNANANANA
13761970Albany Inn OssettOld Houndwood Colliery SiteOssettYorkshireJames A Roberts/Glyn Smith & Associates
13771970Royal Holloway College Athlone & Cameron HallsPiggery Gate Entrance Englefield GreenEghamSurreyAttenborough & Jones
13781970Richard Sutcliffe Survey (See 809) - No InfoNAWakefieldYorkshireNA
13791970Wrexham Library & Arts CentreRhoss Dhu RoadWrexhamWalesJames A Roberts
13801970Shell Woodstock Life Science Lab - CancelledSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
13811970Beaconsfield Royal Army Education Centre Stage 2NABeaconsfieldBuckinghamshireRobert Matthew Johnson Marshall
13821970Wellington Square Demolition (See 1416)NAOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
13831970Cedars Community CentreUxbridge RoadHarrow WealdGreater LondonNeylan & Ungless
13841970Halifax Primary School IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
13851970Manders Survey Of All PropertiesNAWolverhamptonMidlandsNA
13861970Newcastle University Library Stage 4NANewcastleTyne & WearEaston Robertson Preston & Partners
13871970Shell Woodstock Tunstall Laboratory Stage 6Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
13881970National Football School (See 1330)Stamford HallLoughboroughLeicesterNA
13891970Sir Anthony Deane School Stage 2 (See 1237)NAHarwichEssexJohns Slater Haward
13901970Thompson & Morgan Mail Order PremisesLondon RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
13911970Wycombe Sports Centre Phase 1 & 2Marlow HillHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireAttenborough & Jones
13921970Albany Hotel London Airport - No InformationLondon AirportHayesMiddlesexJames A Roberts
13931970Hull Hospital Operating Theatre VentillationNAHullHumbersideNA
13941970Wills Bristol Offices For Costing OnlyHarcliffe WayBristolAvonNA
13951970Camberwell Grove Housing Day NurseryGrove LaneSouthwarkGreater LondonNeylan & Ungless
13961970Ulster (Belfast) Hospital Laundry & Dining Room ExNADundonald BelfastDownFredrick Gibberd & Partners
13971970The Diamond Corporation - No InformationNANANAChapman Taylor Partners
13981970Leicester College Of Education Phase 4BNALeicesterLeicestershireShepheard Epstein & Hunter
13991970Warwick University Airdome - No InformationGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14001970South Western Hospital Geriatric Day UnitLandor RoadLambeth StockwellGreater LondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14011970Nansen Village Woodside Park Pre-School Day CentreWoodside ParkNew BarnettLondonLush & Lester
14021970Battle Hospital Central Group StoresOxford RoadReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14031970The Broadway Newbury - Abandoned11/13 The BroadwayNewburyBerkshireManousso & Guest
14041970Central Electricity Generating Board Div OfficesNABarnwoodGloucestershireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14051971Handford Hall Primary SchoolBramford RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14061971Ipswich Corn ExchangeNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14071971Thurleston Secondary SchoolNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14081971Le Cateau County Secondary School Catterick CampCatterick CampNorth RidingNorth YorkshireJohns Slater Haward
14091971Copleston Secondary SchoolCopleston RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14101971Westbourne Secondary School ExtensionNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14111971Nacton Heath Secondary School Stage 2 ExtensionPriory HeathIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14121971Shell Woodstock Analytical/BioChemistry Lab 2Shell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
14131971Chelsea Football Club Crash BarriersStamford Bridge North & Bovril GateChelseaLondonDarbourne & Darke
14141971Batholomew St. Shops & Offices Newbury -AbandonedNANANAManousso & Guest
14151971Oxford Templeton Centre For Management Studies Ph2Kennington RoadKenningtonOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
14161971Oxford Wellington Square Res Building Ph 1CLittle Claredon StreetOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
14171971Bells Garden Road Low Rise HousingBells Garden RoadSouthwarkGreater LondonFredrick MacManus & Partners
14181971Battle Hospital Geriatric Day UnitOxford RoadReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14191971Blackpool Safari Park Zoo RestaurantNABlackpoolLancashireCedric Price
14201971South Western Hospital Fire EscapeNALambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14211971Hull University Arts Building No 2Newland ParkHullHumbersideNapper Errington Collerton & Associates
14221971Grain Silo Clare Suffolk Remedial WorkNAClareSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14231971Amersham Hospital Phase 1 - AbandonedNANANAYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14241971British Olivetti Milton Keynes Warehouse CancelledNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireJames Stirling & Partners
14251971London Polytechnic Regents Street309 Regent StreetLondonLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
14261971Springfield Road Advice24 Springfield RoadLondonLondonAhrends Burton & Koralek
14271971Cardiff University Biochemistry & AnatomyCathays ParkCardiffSouth GlamorganThe Percy Thomas Partnership
14281971Guardian Royal Exchange Sports PavillionTuddenham RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14291971Low Rise Housing Project PeruNALimaPeruJames Stirling & Partners
14301971Newcastle Football Club BarriersSt James ParkNewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
14311971Stokesley Comprehensive School Stage 3 (See 1326)NAStokesleyYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
14321971Wellington Square Faculty Building - CancelledLittle Claredon StreetOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin/Patrick Hodgkinson
14331971Sports Halls Schemes for JHSNANANAJohns Slater Haward
14341971CEGB Oldbury On Severn Nuclear Training CentreNAOldbury On SevernGloustershireCEGB Generation Design Department
14351971Bassett Street - Renumbered See Job No 1540NANANANA
14361971Milton Keynes Central Shopping CentreCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
14371971Chelsea Football Club StadiumStamford BridgeChelseaLondonDarbourne & Darke
14381971St James Park Redevelopment East StandNewcastle United Football GroundNewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
14391971Old Church Street Shops & Maisonettes48 Old Church StreetChelseaLondonCavanagh Associates
14401971South Western Hospital Link BuildingNALambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14411971Wood Green Infant SchoolCommerse Road Finsbury RoadHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Architects
14421971Nevilles Court Dollis HillDollis HillLondonLondonNA
14431971Shell Stanlow Administration & Accounts BuildingNAStanlowCheshireBuilding Design Partnership
14441971Hull Hospital Intensive Care UnitLansdown RoadHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14451971Alsen Road Home For The Retired & Day CentreDurham Road & Alsen RoadIslingtonGreater LondonMax Lock Easton Perlston & King
14461971Caledonian Market Phase 4 Area 18Hungerford RoadIslingtonGreater LondonMax Lock Easton Perlston & King
14471971London Road Cheam Report (See 904)London RoadCheamLondonAhrends Burton & Koralek
14481971CEGB Scientific Services Centre NW RegionNANANAEngineering Design Consultants/CEGB Generation
14491971Liverpool Gyratory Bridges (see 1305)Leeds St Hood St Roe St & (Chapel St Adlington)LiverpoolMerseysideColin St John Wilson & Partners
14501971Hull Royal Infirmary Orthopaedic Clinic - No InfoLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14511971Hull Royal Infirmary Theatre & Staff Accom-No InfoLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14521971Stokesley Comprehensive School Youth Annexe (1326)NAStokesleyYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
14531971Calverton Shopping Centre Supermarket LoadsNANANottinghamshireJames A Roberts
14541971Thurleston Secondary School ExtensionNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14551971Suffolk College Phase 6A Stage 6 was IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14561971Cannock Community HospitalNABirminghamWarwickshireDenys Lasdun & Partners
14571971YRM Longacre LiftNANANANA
14581971South Western Hospital Lift ShaftNALamberth StockwellGreater LondonSt Thomas Hospital Suveyor
14591972Hans Place Denbigh House22-23 Denbigh House Hans PlaceLondonLondonArchitects Design Partnership
14601972C & A Modes Oxford Street Stage 2Oxford StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14611972Branch Hill HousingBranch HillCamdenLondonCamden Borough Architects
14621972Capital Development Finance Corp Holborn HallGreys Inn RoadHolbornLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14631972Montrose Court Additonal Floors32/44 Montrose CourtPrinces GateLondonArchitects Design Partnership
14641972Battle Hospital Psychiatric Day CentreOxford RoadReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
14651972Oxford Pembroke Coll St Ebbes Dev McGowan LibraryPembroke College StreetOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
14661972Hastings Road HousingHastings Road Stephens RoadNewhamLondonShepheard Epstein & Hunter
14671972Peterborough Hospital Post Graduate Medical CentreMidland RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireRuddle Wilkinson & Partners
14681972Hemel Hempstead Kodak Building InvestigationNAHemel HempsteadHertfordshireGilbert Ash & Partners
14691972Two Tree Island Development FeasibilityNASouthend On SeaEssexCedric Price/Yorke Rosenberg Mardall
14701972Setchell Development Houses Shops & Tenants HallWillow WalkSouthwarkGreater LondonNeylan & Ungless
14711972Walham Grove London SW644 Walham GroveLondonLondonKeith Harrison
14721972Chalvedon Housing Basildon Stage 2 (See 1241)NABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
14731972Chalvedon Housing Stage 3 Basildon (See 1241)NABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
14741972Leadenhall Street Underwriters Room54 Leadenhall StreetLondonLondonFoster Assoicates
14751972Howards Road stage 1 H 1284 - No InformationNANewham East HamLondonNewham Borough Architects
14761972Swan Centre Wrenson Stores Birmingham was TivoliNAYardleyBirminghamJames A Roberts
14771972Ready Mix Concrete Research ProgrammeNAThorpeNANA
14781972Oxford Regional Hospital Board Computer CentreOld RoadHeadingtonOxfordshireBuilding Design Partnership
14791972New Central Library Hastings SussexNAHastingsSussexHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
14801972Kingsgate 3C1 & 2E Day Centre & Childrens HomeKingsgate Place Thurlow terrace Kingsgate RoadCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
14811972Kingsgate 5B1 & 6A Dwellings & PoolKingsgate Place Kingsgate RoadCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
14821972Goodinge Day Nursery Caledonian Market (See 1446)Caledonian RoadIslingtonLondonMax Lock Easton Perlston & King
14831972Interchange (West Amalgam) Centre Kentish TownPrince Of Wales RoadCamden Kentish TownGreater LondonCedric Price
14841972The Crumbles Eastbourne - No InformationNANANALeonard Manasseh & Partners
14851972Bucklers Hard Hotel AnnexeNACoventryWarwickshireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
14861972Hoechst Project Milton Keynes - AbandonedNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
14871972Burrell Collection GlasgowPollock ParkGlasgowStrathclydeBarry Gasson
14881972Compton Street Stage 2 Plus Claim (See 1222)Compton streetIslingtonLondonClifford Culpin & Partners
14891972All Saints CoE Primary School NewmarketNANewmarketSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14901972Lawn Road Garage25 Lawn RoadLondonLondonJohn B Benson
14911972Blue Circle Cricket Pavilion Score Board BromleyNABromleyKentHammett & Norton
14921972Esgair Bettws WalesNABeulahCardinganshireAdrian Gale Gale Wolton
14931974Tide Mill Yacht HarbourNAWoodbridgeSuffolkPatrick Hodgkinson
14941972Chapel Bridge SitePark RoadLondonLondonPiano & Rogers
14951972Wrexham Library & Arts CentreRhoss Dhu RoadWrexhamWalesJames A Roberts
14961972Bootle Health Centre - AbortiveStanley RoadBootleMerseysideBootle Borough Architects
14971972Church Of England Primary School Eye NewmarketNAEye NewmarketSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
14981972Bootle Home For The Elderly - No InformationNANANANA
14991972Melrose Avenue Activity Centre Milton KeynesMelrose AvenueBletchley MKBuckinghamshireColquhoun & Miller
15001972Milton Keynes Netherfield CentreNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
15011972Carlton Mansions SurveyWest End LaneHampsteadLondonNA
15021972St Marys Road Peckham - CancelledSt Marys Road & 160 162 Queens RoadSouthwark PeckhamGreater LondonSouthwark Borough Architects
15031972St Lukes Mission HallNAIslingtonGreater LondonMax Lock Easton Perlston & King
15041972Harlow Adam House Block E (See 521) - AbandonedNANANAHarlow Development Corporation
15051972St Andrews University Art CentreNASt AndrewsFifeJames Stirling
15061972Bury St Edmunds County Upper School Stage 1NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15071972Milton Keynes Mercury Eight Belles Field DevNABletchley Milton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
15081972Battle Hospital Reading Central Group Store ExtnOxford RoadReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15091972National Centre For Medical Research Mill HillNAMill HillLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
15101972Milton Keynes Site D14 Offices AppraisalNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
15111972Thomas Linacre School Assembly Hall AlterationsNAWiganLancashireWigan County Architects
15121973Annesley Hall NottinghamshireNANANottinghamshireWilliamson Faulkner Brown
15131973East Anglian Wire Working & Engineering Co1 Hill House RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15141973Reading University Arts Whiteknights Park SurveyWhiteknights ParkReadingBerkshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
15151973Harlow Town Harvey Centre Development Phase 4College Gate The HighHarlowEssexFredrick Gibberd & Partners
15161973Technical Study Group On The Wheatley ReportNANANANA
15171973Hull Royal Infirmary Orthopeadic FacilitiesLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15181973Kingsgate 6A 2 Swimming PoolKingsgate RoadCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
15191973CEGB Becca Hall Atomic & Computer CentreNANANAHodges & Haxworthy
15201973Kingsgate Area 2E Day Centre & Sheltered HousingKingsgate Place Kingsgate RoadCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
15211973Air Supported Structures Draft CodeNANANAProperty Services Agency
15221973Turnmill Street YRM OfficesTurnmill StreetLongacreLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15231973Oxford University Pembroke College St Ebbes DevPembroke College StreetOxfordOxfordshireSir Leslie Martin
15241973Woodbridge School Sports DomeNANANAJohns Slater Haward
15251973East Anglian Daily TimesNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15261973Stoke Park Secondary School Stage 1Maidenhead EstateIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15271973Stoke Park Primary School Stage 1NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15281974Broke Hall Primary School Stage 1NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15291974St Marys Primary SchoolWoodbridge RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15301973Yarm County Primary School Stage 1Mount Leven RoadStockton On TeesYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
15311973British Home Stores Wigan24 StandishgateWiganLancashireJames A Roberts
15321973Colechurch House London Bridge Office/DwellingLondon BridgeLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15331973Yarm Comprehensive SchoolNAStockton On TeesYorkshireDenys Lasdun & Partners
15341973Langdon Hills Phase 1 & 2A BasildonLangdon Hills High StreetBasildonEssexBasildon Development Corporation
15351973Barnet 3 Woodside Avenue West Blk Nansen Village21-23 Woodside AvenueNew BarnettLondonLush & Lester
15361973St Thomas Hospital External WorksLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15371973Milton Keynes Mercury Eight Belles Field Phase 2Buckingham RoadBletchley MKBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
15381973Solihull Central Library - CancelledHomer RoadSolihullWest MidlandsJames A Roberts
15391973Milton Keynes Sports CentreNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
15401973Bassett Street Flats and MaisonettesBassett StreetCamden Kentish TownGreater LondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
15411973Shell Stanlow Canteen Block CNAStanlowCheshireBuilding Design Partnership
15421973Wycombe Sports Centre Phase 3 & 4 (See 1391)Marlow HillHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireAttenborough & Jones
15431973Runcorn Phase 2 Southgate Housing (See 1209)Chapel Street New Town CentreRuncornCheshireJames Stirling
15441973West Green Road Haringey Old Peoples HomeWest Green RoadHaringeyLondonColquhoun Miller & Partners
15451973Rhodes Street Islington Area 98Rhodes StreetIslingtonLondonClifford Culpin & Partners
15461973Trinity Street Community CentreTrinity StreetNewhamGreater LondonFeldman & Bennis
15471973Polytechnic Of Central London Thermodynamics LabNAMaryleboneLondonLyons Israel & Ellis
15481973Wellington Country ParkNAStratfield ReadingBerkshireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
15491973PA Technology Royston (Pats Centre Melbourn)Back LaneMelbourn RoystonHertfordshirePiano & Rogers
15501973Shell Woodstock Tunstall Laboratory SPFU4 (J28)Shell Sittingbourne LabatoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
15511973Calverton End Adventure PlaygroundCalverton RoadMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireArchigram
15521973British Museum ExtensionGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonColin St John Wilson & Partners
15531973Mildenhall C of E Aided Primary School Stage 2/3NANASuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15541973Scarborough Technical College Youth AnnexeNAScarboroughYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
15551973Bury St Edmunds County Upper School Stage 2Beeton WayIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
15561973St Marys Hospital Clinical Lecture Theatre AltsNAPaddingtonLondonColin St John Wilson & Partners
15571973Yarm Youth Annexe - No InformationNAStockton On TeesYorkshireDenys Lasdun & Partners
15581973C & A Modes Oxford Street Stage 3Oxford StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15591973Exeter Road Baxter Road Islington - No InfoNAIslingtonLondonNA
15601973Edenfield House - Not BuiltNANANAJohns Slater Haward
15611973Morecombe Swimming Stadium & Leisure CentreNAMorecombeLancashireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
15621973Oxford Centre For Management Studies Ph3 TempletonKennington RoadKenningtonOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
15631974Chalvedon Housing Basildon Stage 2 Phase 2NABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
15641974Empire Catering Hotel Feasibility - AbortiveNANewcastleTyne & WearWatkins Gray Woodgate International
15651974Kingsgate 5B 1 Low Rise Housing - CancelledKingsgate RoadCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
15661974Milton Keynes Central Station -Cancelled(See 1829)NAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
15671974Hull University Wolfson Gerontology LaboratoryNAHullHumbersideNapper Errington Collerton & Associates
15681974Hull University Biochemistry/Psychology/GeneticsNAHullHumbersideNapper Errington Collerton & Associates
15691974Wigham Richardson & Bevington Structural SurveysNALondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15701974Hull University Union Extension AbandonedNAHullHumbersideNapper Errington Collerton & Associates
15711974York House Consulting RoomsLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15721974Sampson Factory Stowmarket - CancelledNAStowmarketSuffolkYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15731974Clissold Park School Fire Damage (See 1103)Clissold ParkStoke NewingtonLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
15741974Ardilaun Road Childrens Community Centre AbandonedArdilaun RoadIslingtonGreater LondonIslington Borough Architects
15751974Marquess Road Estate Lillington St SurveyLillington StreetFinsburyLondonDarbourne & Darke
15761974Milton Keynes Civic Centre D1.1 OfficesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
15771974Wellington County Park MuseumNANANALeonard Manasseh & Partners
15781974Swan Centre Yardley New Precinct - AbandonedNAYardleyBirminghamJames A Roberts
15791974Milton Keynes D14 Offices AppraisalNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
15801974Camberwell School Of Art Southwark Gallery ExtnPeckham RoadSouthwarkGreater LondonNeylan & Ungless
15811974Hull Hospital Laundry Rebuild After Fire (See 1170Lansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15821974Eldon Square Hintons Unit MSU5 (See 1337)Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearJohnson Turnbull Partnership
15831974Eldon Square Burtons Unit MSU4Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearAustin Smith Lord
15841974Britannia Row Recording Studio ConversionBritannia RowLondonLondonShelia Bull
15851974Milton Keynes Housing Area D13 - CancelledNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
15861974Sidney Chaplin School Folly Lane Gym - AbandonedFolly LaneWaltham ForestEssexWaltham Forest Borough Architects
15871974Langdon Hills Basildon 1 Ph 2B (Details see Memo)Langdon Hills High RoadBasildonEssexBasildon Development Corporation
15881974Milton Keynes General AdviceNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
15891974Cambridge University Biochemistry Fire (See 716)NACambridgeCambridgeshireHammett & Norton
15901974Runcorn Phase 1A Southgate Housing (See 1209)Chapel Street New Town CentreRuncornCheshireJames Stirling
15911974Cambridge University Fisher HouseNACambridgeCambridgeshireGerard Goalen & Partners
15921974Grange Road Recreation CentreGrange RoadSouthwarkLondonFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
15931974Hull Royal Infirmary Neuroradiological FacilitiesLansdown StreetHullHumbersideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15941974Sir Anthony Deane Secondary School Stage 3 ExtnNAHarwichEssexJohns Slater Haward
15951974Abbey National Building Society HeadquartersFox Milne Willen LakeMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
15961974Shell Milstead Laboratories HAC AdviceShell Agricultural Research CentreSittingbourneKentNA
15971974Roll A Long Structure AppraisalNANANANA
15981974Kings Square Finsbury Block 5 RepairsKings SquareFinsburyLondonIslington Borough Architects
15991975Bottom Farm - CancelledNAHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireJeremy Dixon
16001974Hill House Farm Boiler HousePlastow GreenHeadleyBerkshireDenys Lasdun & Partners
16011974IBM Midlands Centre Phase 1 & 2Birmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16021974Airship HangarNANANAGillingson & Barnett
16031974Port Lympne Wild Life Park Access RouteNABlyfordSuffolkLeonard Manasseh & Partners
16041974Hull University Cleminson Hall HAC InvestigationNAHullHumbersideNA
16051974Elliot Brothers Rochester New LiftsNARochesterKentNA
16061974Whitton Special School Practical Block & NurseryNANASuffolkJohns Slater Haward
16071974Eldon Square Peters Store MSU5 - GS12/13Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearAinsworth Spark Associates
16081975Chalvedon Housing Basildon Stage 3 Phase 2NABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
16091975Welbourne Road Community CentreWelbourne RoadHaringeyLondonColquhoun Miller & Partners
16101975Tenterden Road Community CentreTenterden RoadHaringeyLondonColquhoun & Miller
16111975Uplands Activity Centre - AbandonedNAHaringeyLondonColquhoun & Miller
16121975Eldon Square McGowans unit N1 & N2 - CancelledEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearMichael Aukett Design Associates
16131975C & A Modes Oxford Street Alts to EscalatorOxford StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16141975Stokesley Comprehensive School Stage 4 (See 1326)NAScarboroughYorkshireJohns Slater Haward
16151975Shell Woodstock Tunstall 7 Laboratory BlockShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
16161975IBM Midlands Regional Marketing Centre Phase 1 & 2Birmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16171975Bromley Cricket Pavilion ColumnsNABromleyKentHammett & Norton
16181975Chalvedon Basildon Neighbourhood CentreNABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
16191975St James Development Area 1196-250 Southwark Park RoadSouthwarkLondonSouthwark Borough Architects
16201975Keetons DevelopmentNASouthwarkLondonNeylan & Ungless
16211975Villas In SpainNACanary IslesGran CanariaAttenborough & Jones
16221975Harlow Co Op Store ExtensionThe HighHarlowEssexHarlow Development Corporation
16231975Quinn Building Site SouthwarkMorley Street Off Waterloo Road & Dodson StreetSouthwarkLondonLeonard Manasseh & Partners
16241975Howletts Zoo Park - CancelledNANANALeonard Manasseh & Partners
16251975Laindon 8 Housing BasildonHigh StreetBasildonEssexCrabtree & Jarosz
16261975Palmerston Road BathsPalmerston RoadCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
16271975Peterborough Hospital Accident/Emergency ExtnNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireEast Anglian Regional Health Authority
16281975Eldon Square Mothercare Units W9/12Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
16291975University Of Hull Alts to Exist BuildingsNAHullHumbersideNA
16301975Bowden Hill House Advice - CancelledBowden HillLacockWiltshireMargaret Maxwell
16311975Cowells Warehouse IpswichNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
16321975Shell Woodstock Residence BED Lab & Gen PurposeShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
16331975The Maltings Stowmarket - Not BuiltStation RoadStowmarketSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
16341975Compton House Old Peoples Home StaffordLichfield RoadStaffordStaffordshireRoyston Summers
16351975Brunel Centre Austin Menswear Unit 19The ParadeSwindonWiltshireArthur Nix
16361975Fulbourne Hospital Fire Damage (See 752)NAFulbourneCambridgeshireNA
16371975Harwich Refinery Office BlockNAHarwichEssexJohns Slater Haward
16381975Harlow College Additional Mezzanine - Not BuiltNANAWest SussexNA
16391975Wills Car Park ExtensionNAHartcliffe BristolAvonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16401975Beaconsfield Royal Army Education CentreNABeaconsfieldBuckinghamshireRobert Matthew Johnson Marshall
16411975Harlow Harvey House - Not BuiltNAHarlowEssexFredrick Gibberd & Partners
16421975Kytes Estate WatfordNAWatfordHertfordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16431975Eldon Square Cream & Skin S2/2A & S27Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearFurneaux Crane Jennings Stewart
16441975Cardiff University Observatory - CancelledNACardiffWalesNA
16451975Eldon Square Hunters Wool Shop Unit W4Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearRichard Turley Associates
16461975Shell Woodstock SPFU5Shell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
16471975Middleton Pool Newport Pagnell New RoofNANewport PagnellBuckinghamshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
16481975Summit Garage Fitzroy ParkFitzroy ParkLondonLondonSheila Bull
16491975Eldon Square Werff Unit S5Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearStephen R Lewis Associates
16501975Eldon Square North Gas Units S43 & 46Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
16511975Netherall Gardens Settlement Remedial Work8 Netherall GardensLondonLondonNA
16521975Battle Hospital CSDU Settlement TanksOxford RoadReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16531975Lancaster University Settlement TanksNALancasterLancashireShepheard Epstein & Hunter
16541975SAMA Banks -RiyadhNARiyadhSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
16551975SAMA Banks - JeddahNAJeddahSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
16561975SAMA Banks - DammamNADammamSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
16571975SAMA Banks - MeccaNAMeccaSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
16581975SAMA Banks - MedinaNAMedinaSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
16591975Creighton School South Wing ConversionTetherdownHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Architects
16601975Eldon Square Units N7 & N8 MezzanineEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearRonald Smith Shopfitters Ltd
16611975Swan Centre Chevron Oil Escape Stairs was TivoliNAYardleyBirminghamJames A Roberts
16621975Shell General Purpose Building BEDWoodstock Agricultural Research CentreSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
16631975Oxford University Wellington Square LinkLittle Claredon StreetOxfordOxfordshireOxford University Surveyor
16641975Boots Research Nottinghamshire Phase 1Little OrchidThurgartonNottinghamshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
16651975Exning Bridge Over StreamHarranton VillasExning Nr NewmarketSuffolkNayman Gavin Associates
16661975Glebe Place SW3 New Roof41 Glebe PlaceLondonLondonCross Dickson Gold Jones Sansom
16671976Swains Lane Extension85-87 Swaines LaneLondonLondonJohn Winter & Associates
16681976Stoke Park Drive Housing Site 3AStoke Park DriveIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
16691976Eldon Square BSC Footware Unit NE9 & NE10Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearBSC Footware Ltd
16701976Eldon Square Lord John Unit NE5 MezzanineEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearStephen R Lewis Associates
16711976North End Farm Office & Farm Buildings AdviceNANABuckinghamshireSteven Mullin
16721976Earlham Street Warehouse Roof Top HousingEarlham StreetCovent Garden WestminsterGreater LondonCross Dickson Gold Jones Sansom
16731976Hollam Housing DevelopmentNAHollam North DevonSomersetGareth Wright Associates
16741976Hornes Building Oxford Street Conversion90/92 Oxford StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16751976Mowbray House Structural SurveyWhitehall Court 14/18 St Claire StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16761976Heston Service Station Foyer ExtensionM1 MotorwayIsleworthNANA
16771976Elliot Brothers HAC AppraisalElstree WayBorehamwoodHertfordshireNA
16781976Spedan Towers Redevelopment FeasibilityNACamden HampsteadLondonCamden Borough Architects
16791976Eldon Square Jo Coral Unit NK10 & 11Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
16801976Shell Milstead Laboratory ExtensionNANANANA
16811976Caledonian Road Baths Renovation - CancelledCaledonian RoadIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
16821976Warwick University Squash CourtsGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireWarick University Estates Officer
16831976Shell BDP Enzyme Chemical Laboratory Extract DuctShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentNA
16841976Milton Keynes Sports Field & 4000 Seat StadiumNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
16851976Dockland Study College AccommodationNANANARoyal College of Art Junina Bicknell
16861976Camden School For Girls New GymnasiumSandal RoadCamdenLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
16871976Wills Factory Roof Loading Dock (now ITL)Hartcliffe WayBristolAvonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
16881976ITT Sprinkler Tanks - CancelledTheaklen Drive Ponswood Industrial EstateNANANA
16891976Eldon Square Ravel Unit NE MezzanineEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
16901976Shell Woodstock Extn to Design Office/WorkshopsShell Sittingbourne LabatoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
16911976Eldon Square Austin Reed Units S1 S1AEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
16921976King Alfred School Sports AreaNAHampsteadLondonLush & Lester
16931976Shell Research Centre OCD 2 BuildingShell Sittingbourne LabatoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
16941976National Westminster Bank Harlow Strong RoomNAHarlowEssexJW Hammond & Partners
16951976Stoke Park Secondary School Stage 2Stoke ParkIpswichSuffolkSuffolk County Architects
16961976Eldon Square Unit W8 Lift Opening Infill at MallEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearBrundrett & Sons Ltd
16971976St James Development Phase 2 Dwellings & HallBeatrice RoadSouthwarkLondonSouthwark Borough Architects
16981976Polytechnic Of Central London Sports StadiumNAChiswickLondonPolytechnic Of Central London
16991976Young Vic New StairsNAWaterlooLondonHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
17001976Eldon Square Wallis Unit NE3Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearRonald Smith Shopfitters Ltd
17011976Eldon Square Cecil Gee Unit N6Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearShop & Store Planners Ltd
17021976Shell Resiting Existing GaragesShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
17031976Shell Tunstall Laboratory Stage 8Shell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
17041976Eldon Square Unit S15Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearTimber Tailors Northern Ltd
17051976Royal Mews Windsor Foundations AdviceNAWindsorBerkshireLeonard Manasseh & Partners
17061976Eldon Square Dorothy Perkins Units 12 & 13Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearGrenbourn Associates Ltd
17071976Braco Road HouseBraco RoadComriePerthshireMartin Richmond
17081976Raeburn Close Report2 Raeburn CloseLondonLondonNA
17091976Creighton Secondary (Neville School For The Deaf)TetherdownHaringeyLondonJames Stirling & Margaret Craig
17101976Cyrus House Rehabilitation FeasibilityNANANAClifford Culpin & Partners
17111976Bells Garden Road Bullers Close Community BuildingPeckham Park RoadSouthwarkLondonFredrick MacManus & Partners
17121976Walterton Road Tenants Clubroom Area DWalterton RoadLondonLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
17131976Silentbloc Loading Investigation (See 466)Manor RoyalCrawleySussexNA
17141976Rhodes Avenue Primary School Alterations & AddsRhodes AvenueHaringeyLondonJames Stirling & Margaret Craig
17151976Loughborough University LibraryAshby RoadLoughboroughLeicestershireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
17161976American Embassy Mezzanine (See 606 & memo)NALondonLondonNA
17171976Marquess Rd St Pauls Basement Workshops/Play AreaMarquess RoadIslingtonLondonDarbourne & Darke
17181976Cambridge University Centre New Escape StairsGranta PlaceCambridgeCambridgeshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
17191976Chelsea Football Club West Stand - AbandonedStamford BridgeChelseaLondonDarbourne & Darke
17201977Shell Research Centre Canteen ExtensionShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
17211977Milton Keynes D13 Housing Design CheckNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
17221977Wills HQ CanopyHartcliffe WayBristolAvonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17231977Victoria & Albert Museum Cast Court to GalleriesNALondonLondonLeonard Manasseh & Partners
17241977Saudi Arabian Credit Bank - CancelledNARiyadhSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
17251977Wexham Park Hospital Pharmacy AlterationsWexham ParkSloughBerkshireStanley Peach & Partners
17261977Milton Keynes Unit 1 BishopsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBishops Food Stores Ltd
17271977Princess Marina House RustingtonWindmill DriveRustingtonSussexAttenborough & Jones
17281977Langdon Hills Meeting Room BasildonNABasildonEssexBasildon Development Corporation
17291977Millbank Estate Riverside FlatsGrosvenor RoadWestminsterGreater LondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17301977Wood Green Tescos & Leisure CentreWood GreenHaringeyLondonChapman Taylor Partners
17311977Ipswich Building Society Administration Office42/54 Foundation StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
17321977Eldon Square RHM Bakeries Unit NE11Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearRHM Bakeries Ltd
17331977Caledonian Road BathsCaledonian Road Bemerton StreetIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
17341977Eldon Square Harton Unit 22 South BlockEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearHF Witton (Shopfitters) Ltd
17351977Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 - CancelledHeathrow AirportHayesMiddlesexYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17361977Avenue Road Old Peoples Home Competition1 Avenue RoadLondonLondonJames Stirling & Margaret Craig
17371977Hornsey Lane Flats119 Hornsey LaneHaringeyLondonColquhoun & Miller
17381977Camberwell Grove AdviceGrove LaneSouthwarkLondonJohn Stedman Group
17391977St James Park Phase 2 New StandLeazes EndNewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
17401977Shell AbottoirShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
17411977Standard Telephone & Cables GreenwichNAGreenwichNAT Dunwoody & Partners
17421977Milton Keynes Unit 86 BootsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBoots Co Ltd
17431977Bevington House Feasibility 2 Extra Storeys24-26 The MinoriesAldgateCity of LondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17441977Peterborough Hospital Accident Department ExtnNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireFrancis C Graves & Partners
17451977Hambro Life Centre SwindonGloucester StreetSwindonWiltshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17461977Garden StudioNALondonLondonChristopher Cross
17471977John Rannoch Packing Station InvestigationHaughley ParkIsle Of DogsLondonJohns Slater Haward
17481977Harlow Billiard Hall & Library ExtensionNAHarlowEssexHarlow Development Corporation
17491977Shell Woodstock AF1 AF2 2 Storey LinkShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
17501977Trinity Church Poplar West Wall Window OpeningNAPoplarLondonED Mills & Partners
17511977Newcastle University Library Fire Precautions3 Park TerraceNewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
17521977ITT Loading Bay BasildonNABasildonEssexT Dunwoody & Partners
17531977Homerton Hospital DGH Phase 1 Renumbered 1881Homerton RowHackneyLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17541977Chelsea Football Club Repairs To South TerraceStamford BridgeChelseaLondonDarbourne & Darke
17551977Hotel Sanaa Kuwait - CancelledNAKuwaitYemenThe Percy Thomas Partnership
17561977National Westminster Bank High Wycombe33 High StreetHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireBrocklehurst Cooper & Williamson
17571977Stoke Park Drive Housing Site 3BNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
17581977Lilleshall Playing FieldsLilleshall National Sports CentreNr NewportShropshireThe Sports Council
17591977Lilleshall HostelsLilleshall National Sports CentreNewportShropshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
17601977Hammersmith Hospital Collier/Wellcome BuildingDucane RoadHammersmithLondonLyons Israel Ellis Gray
17611977Bury St Edmunds County Upper School Stage 4NAIpswichSuffolkSuffolk County Architects
17621977Waltham Forest Dwellings RehabilitationSee The Memo In This File For List Of RoadsWaltham ForestNAStillman & Eastwick Field
17631977Milton Keynes D1.1 National Westminster BankCivic OfficesMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNational Westminster Bank
17641977Shell Grigg Farm PondsShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
17651977Peterborough Hospital Rheumatology Department AltsNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireDodson Gilliatt & Partners
17661977St Thomas Hospital Stage 2 LinkLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17671977Lilleshall GymnasiumLilleshall National Sports CentreNr NewportShropshireThe Sports Council
17681977Kent Uplands Tewkesbury & Park Lane SurveyKent Uplands Tewkesbury Roads & Park LaneHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Architects
17691977Eldon Square Irvine Sellers Unit NE5Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearRonald Smith Shopfitters Ltd
17701977Hammersmith Hospital Wolfson Institute Alts (749)Ducane RoadHammersmithLondonAnsell & Bailey
17711977Shell Research Centre Sports CentreShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
17721977GreenbirdNANANACedric Price
17731977Suffolk College Kiln Resiting To West End D BlockNANASuffolkSuffolk County Architects
17741977Milton Keynes British Home StoresMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBritish Home Stores plc
17751978Ashe Chemical Pump Station RochdaleNALittleboroughLancashireAshe Chemicals Ltd
17761978Chalvedon Basildon Old Peoples Centre Stage 3 Ph 1NABasildonEssexAhrends Burton & Koralek
17771978Wills HQ Embankment Retaining WallsHartcliffe WayBristolAvonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17781978Camden Housing Fordwych Maygrove Term Contract Ph3NACamdenLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17791978Shell Engineering Division ExtensionShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
17801978Tooting Beck Hospital Education CentreTrinity RoadLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17811978Swan Centre Market Shops 29 30 & 3 (See 851)NAYardleyBirminghamJames A Roberts
17821978Ministry Of Defence & Aviation Offices JeddahNAJeddahSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
17831978International Stores Maidstone InspectionBroughton Parade Loose RoadMaidstoneKentJ Ramsey Homa & Co
17841978Adria Hotel Conversion88-89 Queens GateLondonLondonDinka Latchin Associates
17851978Mercedes Benz Pre Delivery CentreNAHarwichEssexPeter Barefoot & Partners
17861978Fitzroy Park Conversion & Addition1 Fitzroy ParkHighgate IslingtonGreater LondonAlfred Lester Associates
17871978Glaxo Fulmer Hall Beaconsfield - AbandonedNABeaconsfieldBuckinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17881978Hammersmith Hospital Commonwealth Bldg (See 749)Ducane RoadHammersmithLondonLyons Israel Ellis Gray
17891978Athens HospitalNAAthensGreeceYorke Rosenberg Mardall
17901978Cambridge University Centre New Escape StairGranta PlaceCambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge University Estate Management
17911978Eldon Square Thornes Bookshop Unit GS26Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearMauchlen Weightman & Elphick
17921978Bishop Douglas School ExtensionHamilton RoadBarnet East FinchleyGreater LondonGerard Goalen & Partners
17931978Cambridge Autarkic Self Sufficiency HouseCambridge UniversityCambridgeCambridgeshireLyster Grillet & Harding
17941978Kharafi Shopping Centre (FJS Int No 104)NAKharafiKuwaitThe Percy Thomas Partnership
17951978Karafi Site Housing Kuwait (FJS Int No 105)NAKharafiKuwaitThe Percy Thomas Partnership
17961978Newcastle University Library Was Durham Univ.3 Park TerraceNewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
17971978Queens Gate Party Wall127 Queens GateNANADinka Latchin Associates
17981978Milton Keynes Unit 41 C & A ModesMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireLeach Rhodes & Walker
17991978Billericay Burns Unit St Andrews HospitalNABillericayEssexNETRHA Architects
18001978Albany Hotel Kitchen Extension (See 1252)NAGlasgowStrathclydeJames A Roberts
18011978St Thomas Hospital Raynes Inst Dimbleby Lab ResiteNALambethLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18021978Lambeth Hospital Medical Officers Block SurveyBrook DriveLambethLondonSt Thomas Hospital Works Officer
18031978Braniffe International Albemarle Street OfficesAlbemarle StreetLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18041978Shell PBCD Building Physiology/Biochemistry DeptShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18051978Generator Florida Conference Holiday CentreNAFloridaUSACedric Price
18061978Air Structures Research Gotthardtan StructuresNANANANA
18071978Morecambe Leisure Centre Phase 1A Band Area & WCsNAMorcambeLancasterFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
18081978British Aluminium Catering BlockChalfont ParkGerrards CrossBuckinghamshireBrocklehurst Cooper & Williamson
18091978Chantry High School Phase 3NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18101978Kirkley High School ExtensionNALowestoftSuffolkMaurice Whalley Griffin & Thompson
18111978Milton Keynes Unit 176 John LewisMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireThe John Lewis Partnership
18121978Chivers Jet Host BuildingCulham LaboratoryAbingdonOxfordshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18131978Forbury Road Structural Investigation67 Forbury RoadStoke NewingtonLondonNA
18141978Shell LSF Blending Laboratory ExtensionShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18151978Milton Keynes Unit 150 WH Smith Alts & AddsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireWH Smith Architects Department
18161978Leytonstone Mosque MinaretNANANAFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18171978Milton Keynes C44 & D41 Offices CourtyardsNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
18181978French Embassy Structural Investigation1 Albert GateLondonLondonDouglas Stephen & Partners
18191978Shell Tunstall 9 Laboratory Block (See 1804)Shell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18201978Leicester University Engineering BuildingNALeicesterLeicestershireLeicester University Works
18211978Shell LFS Blending Labatory AlterationsSittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
18221978Marquess Road Underground Garage VentilationMarquess RoadIslingtonLondonDarbourne & Darke
18231978Whitechapel Art Gallery Extension & AlterationsNALondonLondonColquhoun Miller & Partners
18241978John Deere Warehouse Nottingham Site InvestigationNANottinghamNottinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18251979Camden Girls School Structural Survey123 125 & 129 Camden RoadLondonLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
18261979Westbourne High School Stage 3 6th Form RemodNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18271979Suffolk College Stage 2 ExtensionNANASuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18281979Milton Keynes Unit 161 MothercareMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18291979Milton Keynes British Rail StationStation Approach RoadMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18301979Wakefield The Ridings Shopping Centre DevThe Ridings Kirkgate MallWakefieldYorkshireChapman Taylor Partners
18311979Royal Eye Hospital Car Park FoundationsNANANANA
18321979Taylor Woodrow Industrial Estates WarehouseHadleigh RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18331979Arcambi Offices ValenciaNAValenciaVenezuelaNA
18341979Peterborough District Hospital Pharmacy ExtnNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireEast Anglian Regional Health Authority
18351979Milton Keynes Unit 146-147 SuperdrugMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireG Croft & Associates
18361979Hammersmith Hospital Commonwealth Blg Alts (749)Ducane RoadHammersmithLondonNA
18371979Milton Keynes Unit 35-37 BSC FootwearMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18381979Milton Keynes Oldbrook 3 HousingNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireColquhoun Miller & Partners
18391979Jeddah MosqueNAJeddahSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
18401979Milton Keynes Unit 135-6 & 143 Shalet LtdMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18411979St Thomas Hospital Queen Victoria Statue ResitingNANANANA
18421979IBM Midlands Marketing Centre New Chemical StoreBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18431979Milton Keynes Unit 58 Lift Shaft & StairMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18441979Shell Growth ChamberNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18451979Bridge Road Kitchen Extension2A Bridge RoadCamdenLondonEdward Jones
18461979Milton Keynes StadiumNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18471979Shell Total Energy Building N15 & Boiler House No3NASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18481979Mothercare W1 Load Check34 North RowLondonLondonStock Page & Stock
18491979Milton Keynes Unit 138-139 JohnsonsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18501979Ipswich School Library Art Studio & Classroom25 Henley RoadIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18511979Greenbank ChesterNAChesterCheshireJames Gowan
18521979Milton Keynes Unit 38-39 Lord John StairsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireStephen R Lewis Associates
18531979Milton Keynes SculptureNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18541979Milton Keynes Unit 151 Scottish NewcastleMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMaurice Meyersohn & Associates
18551979Kings Square Estate Rehere House Boiler Room AltsKings SquareFinsburyLondonNA
18561979Cardiff University APB Library & Shared AccomNACardiffWalesCardiff University
18571979Suffolk College Floor Strengthening For LibrarySmart Street AnnexeNASuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18581979Abbey National Milton Keynes Unit 3 StairsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireJoseph Broster & Son Ltd
18591979Milton Keynes Unit 111-112 Irvine Sellers StairsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18601979Milton Keynes Unit 118-126 Holland & BarrettMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireHolland & Barrett Services Department
18611979Swan Centre Yardley Cavendish Club Refurb (Tivoli)NAYardleyBirminghamJames A Roberts
18621979Hilton International Hotel Gatwick AirportEastway Gatwick AirportGatwickSurreyYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18631979United Reform Church Felixstowe Hall RoofNAFelixstoweSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18641979Milton Keynes Dickens & Jones Unit 58Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireHouse of Frazer Company Architect
18651979Shell Gate House Fire & Ambulance BayNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18661979Shell SBD Refurbishing Support Steel On RoofNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18671979Pullens Estate Redevelopment 52 2/3 Storey HousesManor PlaceSouthwarkGreater LondonSouthwark Borough Architects
18681979Harlow Tesco StoreWestgateHarlowEssexFredrick Gibberd & Partners
18691979Rotork Poole Site investigationNAPooleDorsetLeonard Manasseh & Partners
18701979Woodgreen Leisure Centre Phase 1NAHaringeyLondonChapman Taylor Partners
18711979Battle Hospital Bulk StoresNAReadingBerkshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18721979Milton Keynes Unit 68H/69JMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18731979Suffolk College Block D Remedial WorkNANASuffolkNA
18741979Milton Keynes Bus StationB1 Elder GateMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18751979Hull Royal Infirmary CSSD To Intensive TherapyLansdown StreetHullHumbersideGelder & Kitchen
18761979West Of England Shipowners Mutual Insurance SocNANANARon Geary
18771979Hambro Life Extension - AbandonedGloucester StreetSwindonWiltshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18781979Oldbrook 2 Study Of Foundation SettlementNANANAColquhoun & Miller
18791971John Deere Loading Dock LangarNALangarNottinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18801979Hull Royal Infirmary Kitchen UpgradingLansdown StreetHullHumbersideGelder & Kitchen
18811979Homerton Hospital Phase 2 Redesign (Formerly 1753)Homerton RowHackneyLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18821979Oxford Templeton Management Centre Phase 4NANANAAhrends Burton & Koralek
18831979Hackney Road Stability Check245-261 Hackney RoadLondonNANA
18841979Blackburn Swimming Pool Renumbered Job No.2093NANANANA
18851979London Univ Kings College Residence Conversion72 Vincent SquareLondonGreater LondonShepheard Epstein & Hunter
18861989Milton Keynes Unit 77H GerrardsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18871979West Suffolk College Extension & RefurbishmentNANASuffolkSuffolk County Architects
18881979Brunel Peter Lord Staircase Infill & New Stair78 Regent StreetSwindonWiltshireNA
18891980Carpenters Road Dennison Point CracksCarpenters RoadNewhamLondonNA
18901980Hilton International Hotel Link GatwickNAGatwickSurreyYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18911980Hull Royal Infirmary X Ray Room 7 (B67)NAHullHumbersideNA
18921980Milton Keynes The Great ClockNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
18931980PA Technology Centre ExtensionBack LaneMelbourn RoystonHertfordshireRichard Rogers & Partners
18941980Bishop Otter 1980 ProgrammeNAChichesterSussexHarrison & West
18951980Watford Football Club StadiumVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
18961980John Deere Warehouse BinghamNABinghamNottinghamshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
18971980Kings Square Block 2 InvestigationKings SquareFinsburyLondonNA
18981980Ipswich Building Society Upper Brook Street Alts44 Upper Brook StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
18991980Orbit House New Generator HousingBlackfriars RoadLondonLondonNA
19001980Salisbury House SurveyNAIslingtonLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
19011980Elia Street Roof Extension23 Elia StreetLondonLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
19021980Cedars Community Association ExtensionNAHarrowMiddlesexNeylan & Ungless
19031980Dounsell Road WalthamstoweDounsell RoadWalthamstoweLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
19041980Wakefield Development SurgeriesAlmhouse LaneWakefieldYorkshireChapman Taylor Partners
19051980The Mary Rose Museum Portsmouth - AbortiveNAPortsmouthHampshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
19061980Leicester University Gilbert Murray Hall SurveyNALeicesterLeicestershireNA
19071980Aldridge Road Villas Structural Movement Advice17 Aldridge RoadLondonLondonNA
19081980Reading University Food Studies Building Stage 1Whiteknights RoadReadingBerkshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
19091980Hainhault Road Party Wall Survey7 & 9 Hainhault RoadLondonLondonNA
19101980Inner London Sessions House Standby GeneratorNewington CausewaySouthwarkLondonDerek Roberts & Partners
19111980Shell Extension to Garages Laboratory StorageNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
19121980Royal College Of Music Fan Extract AccessNANANANA
19131980Northampton General Hospital Stage 2B Ward ExtnCliftonvilleNorthamptonNorthamptonshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19141980Clore Gallery Extension For The Turner Collection at The Tate GalleryMillbankWestminsterGreater LondonJames Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates
19151980St James Park Ph 2 St 2 Stand NE End - AbortiveSt James ParkNewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
19161980Voltaire Road1-7 Voltaire RoadNALondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
19171980Friendship Gardens Canton - AbandonedNACantonSouth GlamorganYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19181980Milton Keynes Unit 3 Johnsons Part Unit AltsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
19191980Stoke High School Workshop Built By Staff/PupilsNAIpswichSuffolkSuffolk County Architects
19201980Shell Large Scale Synthesis Laboratory StorageShell Complex next to Formulation LaboratorySittingbourneKentNA
19211980Westminster Pier Stage 2 CompetitionNANALondonRodrick Ham & Finch
19221980Borden Shared ChurchNANANAGerard Goalen & Partners
19231980Great Russel Street48 Great Russel StreetLondonLondonColin St John Wilson & Partners
19241980Raines Foundation Church Of England School AltsArbour Square Approach RoadStepneyLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
19251980St Annes Crescent Housing Marshall Close EstateMarshall Close St Annes CrescentWandsworthGreater LondonStillman & Eastwick Field
19261980IBM Sports Centre HursleyNAHursley WinchesterHampshireNicholas Grimshaw & Partners
19271980St Thomas Hospital South Block Water Tank SupportNANANANA
19281980Exeter University Applied Science Boiler HouseNAExeterDevonFeilden & Mawson
19291980Tottenham Court Road Shop Front Conversion5 Tottenham Court RoadLondonLondonNA
19301980Manders Centre Victoria House Extension (see 1042)Manders CentreWolverhamptonMidlandsJames A Roberts Now Inston Sellars & Hickinbotham
19311980Bradford Royal Infirmary ETN Unit Light SupportNABradfordYorkshireNA
19321980Milton Keynes Unit 3 Chappell Pianos Part UnitMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireJoseph Broster & Son Ltd
19331980Bisham Abbey Playing AreaBisham Abbey National Sports CentreMarlowBuckinghamshireThe Sports Council
19341980Hambro Tricentre Training/Residential/RecreationMilford StreetSwindonWiltshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19351980Bevington House Minories EC3 GRC Cladding24-26 The MinoriesNALondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19361980Milton Keynes Central Business ExchangeNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
19371980Peterborough Hospital X Ray Support A & E DeptNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireNA
19381980Harlow BHS Stores Verbal Advice Only (Was Co-Op)NAHarlowEssexRonald Wylde & Associates
19391980IBM Warwick RefitBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19401980Chadwick Road Gable Wall Survey2 Chadwick RoadLondonLondonNA
19411980Hambro Residential Training CentreNASwindonWiltshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19421980Ipswich Mechanised Sorting Letter Office MLO (see job 2032)NAIpswichSuffolkPeter Barefoot & Partners
19431980Exeter University Applied Science MezzanineNAExeterDevonNA
19441980Exeter University Applied Science WalkwayNAExeterDevonNA
19451980Jubail Business CentreNAJubailSaudi ArabiaDerek Walker & Associates
19461980Westbourne High School 6th Form Stage 4NAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
19471980Victoria Way Greenwich Survey111 Vicotria WayGreenwichLondonNA
19481980Briggs Office Holloway Road Survey598-602 Holloway RoadLondonLondonNA
19491980Virgin Isles Project Timber Structure AdviceNANAVirgin IslesLeonard Manasseh & Partners
19501980Uxbridge Central Square Harman HouseHigh Street/York Road/George StreetUxbridgeMiddlesexKetley Goold Associates
19511980Digital Equipment Sports BuildingNANANANicholas Grimshaw & Partners
19521980Milton Keynes Unit 111N Frontier Fruit & Nut UnitMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
19531981Shell PCD 2 & 3 LinkNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
19541981Cambridge Univ Clare College Library/Masters LodgeNACambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Design
19551981Basrah Univ Shirazziya Medical College-War StoppedNABasrahIraqYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19561981Hull University Wolfson Laboratory ExtensionNAHullHumbersideNapper Errington Collerton & Associates
19571981SAMA Jeddah Dammam Riyadh Mecca Medina Guards QNANASaudia ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
19581981Harlow Sainsburys Town Centre AlterationsNAHarlowEssexJohn Sainsbury Ltd
19591981Kentish Town Station Reuse of 150 Year Old CanopyNAKentish TownLondonBritish Rail Ltd
19601981Milton Keynes Central Business ExchangeNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
19611981Milton Keynes Bus StationNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
19621981East Anglian Daily Times New Press Support30 Lower Brook StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
19631981Jubail Business Exchange 2nd Contract (715)NAJubailSaudi ArabiaDerek Walker & Associates
19641981Harlow Harvey Centre Martins Unit G11-12 F52-54NAHarlowEssexNA
19651981Swan Centre Yardley Granada Social Club New StairsNAYardleyBirminghamGould Singleton Partnership
19661981Winchester College Arts CentreCollege StreetWinchesterHampshireEdward Cullinan & Partners
19671981Winchester College Theatre WorkshopCollege StreetWinchesterHampshireEdward Cullinan & Partners
19681981Harlow Harvey Centre Mothercare Units 17 18 60 61NAHarlowEssexNA
19691981Institute Of Chartered Accountants Milton KeynesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche
19701981Royal Military College Of Science ShrivenhamNAShrivenhamOxfordshireNeylan & Ungless
19711981Prince Albert Road Roof Guarding & Access23 Prince Albert Road Flat 12CamdenLondonNA
19721981Hammersmith Hospital RPGMS Labatory Block ExtnDu Cane RoadHammersmithLondonAnsell & Bailey
19731981The High Harlow Snooker Hall & LibraryThe HighHarlowEssexMichael Belton & Associates
19741981The Grange Shopping Centre Lewis Store AppraisalNABirkenheadMerseysideYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19751981Abuja Shopping & Office Building NigeriaNAAbujaNigeriaConran Roche Ltd
19761981Homerton Hospital Education CentreHomerton RowHackneyLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
19771981American School Netherall Gardens Inspection(2424)16 Netherall GardensLondonLondonNA
19781981St James Church Adaptation of Room to RestaurantPicadillyLondonLondonMasini Franklin Partnership
19791981Wakefield Kirkgate Way Work On Existing BuildingsKirkgate WayWakefieldYorkshireChapman Taylor Partners
19801981Peterborough Hospital Post Grad Med Centre ExtnThorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireRuddle Wilkinson & Partners
19811981EMI Centre Tottenham Court Rd Mezzanine AbandonedTottenham Court RoadLondonLondonNA
19821981Woodgreen House New ForestNANew ForestNANA
19831981Shell Engineering Offices & Glass BlowersNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
19841981Shell Tunstall 4 Staircase AdviceNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
19851981Vitra Factory Building SwitzerlandNABasleSwitzerlandNicholas Grimshaw & Partners
19861981Lambeth Community Care CentreNALambethLondonEdward Cullinan & Partners
19871981Reading University Food Studies Building Phase 2WhiteknightsReadingBerkshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
19881981Equestrian Of Jorrocks John Mills SculptureNANANANA
19891981Riverside Studio & Chancellor Wharf DevelopmentCrisp RoadHammersmithLondonAlsop Finch & Lyall
19901981New Malden Coombe House AdviceHigh StreetNew MaldenSurreyJ Seymour Harris Partnership
19911981Morley College Phase 161 Westminster Bridge RoadLondonLondonJohn Winter & Associates
19921981Bishop Otter College Common Room & LibraryNAChichesterSussexHarrison & West
19931981Greenland Dock Redevelopment SchemeGreenland DockRotherhitheGreater LondonConran Roche
19941981Comyn Ching Covent Garden Rehab Listed BuildingNACovent GardenLondonConran Roche
19951981Wiltrad Wiltshire RadioNANAWiltshireNicholas Grimshaw & Partners
19961981Shell Sittingbourne Materials BuildingNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
19971981Shell Canteen AHU On RoofNASittingbourneKentNA
19981981Brunel Centre Sainsbury's Additional LiftsBrunel CourtSwindonWiltshireBarber Consultants Ltd
19991981Platou ConsultancyNANANANA
20001981Eurocentre Davis School Of English CambridgeNACambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Design Group
20011981Reading University Library ExtensionWhiteknights RoadsReadingBerkshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
20021982Waverley Court Site InvestigationNAVirginia WatersSurreyCastle Park Hook & Partners
20031982The Mary Rose Temporary Structure PortsmouthNAPortsmouthHampshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
20041982PA Technology Royston Road ReplacementBack LaneMelbourn RoystonHertfordshirePA Technology Int
20051982PA Technology Benelux SurveyAve Reigne AstridBraine Le ChateauBelgiumNA
20061982Oxford Templeton Management Centre Library ExtnKennington RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
20071982Bevington House Lift Installation24-26 The MinoriesLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
20081982Beaconsfield (Royal Army School) DPC InvestigationNABeaconsfieldBuckinghamshireProperty Services Agency
20091982Hilton International Hotel Main StaircaseEastway Gatwick AirportGatwickSurreyYorke Rosenberg Mardall
20101982Godfrey Street Structural Alterations18 Godfrey StreetChelseaLondonRonald Geary Associates
20111982Leicester University Physics BuildingNALeicesterLeicestershireCastle Park Hook Stanway Whitehead
20121982Hull Royal Infirmary Kitchen VentilationLansdown StreetHullHumbersideNA
20131982County Court Central Milton KeynesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche
20141982The Stables Extension & Advice7 ManorbrookApplewellLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
20151982Crouch Hall Road Extension & Advice58 Crouch Hall RoadLondonLondonCastle Park Hook Stanway Whitehead
20161982Prince Albert Road23 Prince Albert RoadCamdenLondonNA
20171982Goodfellow Metals CambridgeCambridge Science Park Milton RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Design Group
20181982Watford Football Club New StandVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown Watkinson Stoner
20191982High Road594 High RoadWaltham ForestLondonCastle Park Hook Stanway Whitehead
20201982Whitechapel Art Gallery ExtensionWhitechapel High StreetTower HamletsGreater LondonColquhoun Miller & Partners
20211982Park Road123/188 Park RoadLondonLondonThe Halpern Partnership
20221982Young Vic Theatre Alterations AdviceNALondonLondonHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
20231982Newcastle University Library Alts was Durham Univ.NANewcastleTyne & WearFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
20241982Bakery Tooley Street Inspection122/128 Tooley StreetLondonLondonNA
20251982Shell Contained Environment Building & RoadsNASittingbourneKentFredrick Gibberd & Partners
20261982Trinity Road Replacement Roof Mansard155 Trinity RoadLondonLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
20271982Brisbane Road Gable Wall1 Brisbane RoadLondonLondonCastle Park Hook Stanway Whitehead
20281982Eldon Square Newgate Mall ExtensionNewgate Street/Clayton StreetNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
20291982Keetons Development & Linden Grove New LiftsLinden GroveSouthwarkLondonNeylan & Ungless
20301982American Embassy Carlton Mansions Kilburn (see 606West End LaneKilburnLondonNA
20311982American Embassy PartitionsGrosvenor SquareLondonLondonNA
20321982Mechanised Letter Office Ipswich MLONAIpswichSuffolkPeter Barefoot & Partners
20331982Eagle Studios Conversion to Offices73 Clapham Common SouthClapham CommonLondonCastle Park Hook Stanway Whitehead
20341983Eldon Square West Block Additional FloorsEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
20351982Luton Airport Hanger Design CheckNALutonBedfordshireNA
20361982Mercedes Benz Car Park & DrainageNAHarwichEssexNA
20371982Passmore Builders Merchants Storage BuildingOlson RoadTower Hamlets Isle Of DogsGreater LondonShepheard Epstein & Hunter
20381982Manders Centre Security Control RoomNAWolverhamptonMidlandsNA
20391982Fishermead ObeliskNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
20401982Lilleshall Multi Purpose Sports CentreLilleshall National Sports CentreNr NewportShropshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
20411982Tate In The North Albert Dock FeasibilityAlbert DockLiverpoolMerseysideJames Stirling & Partners
20421982Habitat (Laurie & McConnell) Store CambridgeNACambridgeCambridgeshireConran Roche Ltd
20431982Camden School For Girls New 6th Form BlockSandal RoadCamdenLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
20441982Whittington New HospitalHighgate HillIslingtonLondonNETRHA Architects
20451982Sports Fields 1982-83 All Weather AdviceNANANANA
20461982Weedon Royal Military Depot AdviceNAWeedonNANA
20471983American Consulate Edinburgh (See 606)3-4 Regent TerraceEdinburghLothianAmerican Consulate
20481982Al Thaghr Markaz Al Mahmal Jeddah Shops Mosque EtcKing Abdul Aziz StreetJeddahSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
20491982Mercedes Benz Rubb Temporary BuildingNAHarwichEssexNA
20501982Caledonian Market Goodinge Day NurseryCaledonian RoadIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
20511983 Roofing Investigation - 4 SchoolsNANAEssexNA
20521983Parliamentry Buildings Bridge Street Phase 1Bridge Street/Parliament StreetWestminsterGreater LondonRamsey Tugwell Associates/Property Services Agency
20531983Milton Keynes Unit 152 Next Ltd Plant On Roof HepworthMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireJ Hepworth & Son plc
20541983American Embassy Mezzanine Feasibility (see 606)Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonNA
20551983Leicester College Life Science to ScraptoftNALeicesterLeicestershireNA
20561983Wexham Park Hospital Mast Above Lift MachineryNAWexham SloughBerkshireNA
20571983PA Technology Extn Stage 3 Research LaboratoryBack LaneMelbourn RoystonHertfordshireRichard Rogers & Partners
20581983Oxford Temple Management Centre RoundaboutUpper RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
20591983Expert Evidence In The Case Of Sylvester V GilbertNANANANA
20601983Crystal Palace Football Pitch NorthLedrington RoadCrystal PalaceLondonThe Sports Council
20611983Kings Square Window Panels InspectionKings SquareFinsburyLondonNA
20621983Paddington Recreation Ground Synthetic PitchNAPaddingtonLondonNA
20631983Process Industry Park Siddick CumbriaNASiddickCumbriaConran Roche
20641983Poste House Hotel Trust House Forte Milton KeynesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche
20651993Doncaster Airport Development Leisure ParkBawtry RoadDoncasterSouth YorkshireFaulkner Brown
20661983Pericom Ltd Factory & WarehouseLinford WoodMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche
20671983Wills Tobacco Roads Loading Bay Dock & LiftsHartcliffeBristolAvonNA
20681983Hanford Hall Primary School Ground Slab AdviceNAIpswichSuffolkNA
20691983Westbourne High School General Purpose RoomNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
20701983Bermerton Estate SurveyEarlsferry WayIslingtonLondonNA
20711983Eldon Square Miss SelfridgeEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
20721983Holford Road Boundary Wall6 Holford RoadLondonLondonNA
20731983Beaulieu Museum New Roof CoveringMontagu Motor Museum ComplexBeaulieuHampshireMichael Edwards & Associates
20741983Wakefield The Ridings Morrisons SupermarketThe RidingsWakefieldYorkshireChapman Taylor Partners
20751983Ringcross Estate Radford HouseNAIslingtonLondonNA
20761983Corpus Cristi School College Of THe Holy FamilyShernhall RoadWalthamstowLondonBroadbent Hastings Reid & New
20771983St Marys C of E Primary School Mildenhall Stage 3NANASuffolkJohns Slater Haward
20781983Davis Belfield & Everest Surveys of Various SitesNANANANA
20791983Loughborough University Chemistry BuildingNALoughboroughLeicestershireNA
20801983Downshire Hill Hampstead Structural Appraisal1B Downshire HillHampsteadLondonRandle & Gray
20811983Rovers Site Industrial Development Honslow152 Great South West RoadHounslowMiddlesexConran Roche
20821983Milton Keynes Kiln Farm 7Kiln FarmMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
20831983Whittington Hospital Link Diagnostic & Ward BlocksArchway Wing Site Highgate HillIslingtonLondonNA
20841983Shell Sittingbourne Administration BuildingNASittingbourneKentNA
20851983Suffolk College Squash CourtsNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
20861983Whittingdon Hospital Existing Buildings CheckHighgate HillIslingtonLondonNETRHA Architects
20871983Wills Hartcliffe Courtyard infill for AHUHartcliffeBristolAvonNA
20881983Wills Hartcilffe New MezzanineHartcliffeBristolAvonNA
20891983Reading University Whiteknights Library LiftWhiteknights RoadReadingBerkshireNA
20901983Hatfield Polytechnic Refit Gym for Computer RoomNAHatfieldHertfordshireArchitects Co Partnership
20911983Holne Chase Survey35 Holne ChaseNALondonNA
20921983Eldon Square South Checking Adjacent PropertyEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
20931983Blackburn Leisure Centre & Associated StructuresFielden/Barton StreetBlackburnLancashireFaulkner Brown
20941983Royal Vetinary College AviaryRoyal College StreetNALondonCedric Price
20951983Wakefield The Ridings Unit MSU1 C & A AlterationsThe RidingsWakefieldYorkshireLeach Rhodes & Walder
20961983Lightweight Structure StudyNASouthwarkLondonWilliam Alsop C Barnett J Lyall
20971983Gatwick Airport Engineering Workshops & OfficesGatwick AirportGatwickSussexYorke Rosenberg Mardall
20981983Battersea Power Station CompetitionNABatterseaLondonRon Herron Associates/YRM
20991983Habitat (Laurie & McConnell( Store RefurbishmentNACambridgeCambridgeshireConran Roche Ltd
21001983Highbury Quadrant Islington SurveyNAIslingtonLondonNA
21011983Camden School For Girls Art Room Wall SurveySandall RoadCamdenLondonStillman & Eastwick Field
21021983PA Technology Underground Clean Room FacilitiesBack LaneMelbourn RoystonHertfordshireRichard Rogers & Partners
21031983Redington Road The Studio68 Redington RoadNALondonIvan Simovic
21041983Alderington Road Housing For Single Persons10-16 Alderington RoadLamberth StreathamGreater LondonStillman & Eastwick Field
21051983Addison Avenue Cracked Facade41 Addison AvenueNALondonNA
21061983SAMA Banks - Medina & Mecca Remedial WorkNAMedina MeccaSaudi ArabiaNA
21071983Holford Road & East Heath Road Retaining Wall6 Holford Road & East Heath RoadHampsteadLondonNA
21081983Exeter University Engineering/App Science Bldg ExtNAExeterDevonFeilden & Mawson
21091983Tate Gallery New Art & Modern Sculptures MuseumMillbankLondonLondonJames Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates
21101983Eccleston Square Eurocentre ConversionEccleston SquareLondonLondonCambridge Design Group
21111983Hanley Shopping Centre The PotteriesMarket SquareHanleyStaffordshireMichael Haskoll Associates
21121983Milton Keynes British TelecomNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireJames Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates/YRM
21131983Shell Sittingbourne Potting Sheds To OfficesNASittingbourneKentNA
21141983Allied Breweries Centre OfficesNABurton On TrentStaffordshireTroughton McAslan
21151983Sir Robert Hitcham Church of England SchoolNAFramlingtonSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
21161983American Embassy Cyprus - AbandonedNAEngoniCyprusBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
21171983Hook Infants SchoolChurch ViewHookHampshirePerkins Ogden/Hampshire County Architects
21181984Kings Square Turnpike House Garage DemolitionGoswell Road Kings SquareIslingtonLondonNA
21191984Windsor Leisure PoolClewers MeadWindsorBerkshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
21201984Butlers Wharf Tower Bridge RefurbishmentTower BridgeButlers WharfLondonConran Roche Ltd
21211982Al Essayi Souk Al Khanima Commercial ProjectAl EssayiJeddahSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
21221984Reading University Engineering Lab FURS Bldg W33NAReadingBerkshireNA
21231984Oxford Templeton Management Centre Graduate ResideKennington RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
21241984Gazzah Jeddah Shops & OfficesNAGazzah JeddahSaudi ArabiaBrown Daltas & Associates Inc
21251984Oxford University ICRF Unit in Zoology BuildingNAOxfordOxfordshireNA
21261984Milton Keynes Monsanto Industrial FactoryWolverton MillMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
21271984Eldon Square Blackett St Bridge Demolished (2232)Blackett StreetNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
21281984Acre Road Industrial UnitsAcre RoadReadingBerkshireRon Herron Associates
21291984Cardinal Wiseman School InspectionShernall StreetSouth WoodfordLondonNA
21301984Mercedes Benz Harwich De-Waxing Bay and Car ParkNAHarwichEssexNA
21311984Mercedes Benz Harwich Car Park ExtensionStour Road BathsideHarwichEssexNA
21321984Everilda Copenhagen Streets Housing 21 DwellingsEverilda StreetIslingtonLondonNeylan & Ungless
21331984Rainham International Metals Wall RemovalNARainhamEssexNA
21341984Nat West Bank Brentford Refurb - Abandoned100 High StreetBrentfordMiddlesexGollins Melville Ward
21351984Honor Oak Road Flats147 Honor Oak RoadLewishamLondonNeylan & Ungless
21361984Barnet General Hospital New Lift & Link BridgeNABarnetLondonJames R Briggs & Associates
21371984IBM Warwick Replacement Cooling TowerBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireNA
21381984Shell Sittingbourne Workshop ExtensionNASittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
21391984Liberty Sq Shopping Centre Refurb - AbandonedLiberty SquareRomfordEssexChapman Taylor Partners
21401984Stockport Merseyway Shopping Centre - AbandonedMerseywayStockportCheshireChapman Taylor Partners
21411984Cambridge St Catherines College Kitchen RefitNACambridgeCambridgeshireJames R Briggs & Associates
21421984Oxford Templeton Management Cent Ph6 Student AccomKennington RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
21431984Hill House Farm Swimming PoolNANewburyBerkshireDenys Lasdun Redhouse & Softley
21441984Eldon Square Unit NE9 & 10 DolcisEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearNA
21451984Oxford Templeton Management Centre Phase 4Kennington RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
21461984Lower Mortlake Road243/253 Lower Mortlake RoadNANATroughton McAslan
21471984Kingsgate 6A1 Capital Repairs ProjectKingsgateCamdenLondonCastle Park Hook Stanway Whitehead
21481984Ford Computer Centre WarleyNAWarleyEssexThe Percy Thomas Partnership
21491984Stockport Shopping Centre/New River Wall/BridgeWarren Street/Vernon StreetStockportCheshireChapman Taylor Partners
21501984Condors Turret Lane IpswichTurret LaneIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
21511984Warsash College Of Maritime StudiesNAWarsash SouthamptonHampshireHampshire County Architects
21521984Nat West Bank Advice94 Kensington High StreetLondonLondonNA
21531984St Marys ConventNALondonLondonNA
21541984Wills Bristol Offices in SecondaryNAHartcliffe BristolAvonRon Herron Associates
21551984Bromley South Shopping CentreNABromleyKentFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
21561984Milton Keynes Unit SBU35-37 Freeman Hardy & WillisMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBritish Shoe Corporation Architects
21571984Milton Keynes British Home Stores AlterationsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBritish Home Stores plc
21581984Tottenham Court Road Alterations232-233 Tottenham Court RoadLondonLondonDenis Crompton AA Association
21591984Homerton Hospital Boundary WallHomerton RowHackneyLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
21601984Donne Place Refurbishment14 Donne PlaceNALondonMark Goldstein/Camilla Ween
21611984Watford AFC Office ExtensionVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
21621984Milton Keynes Towers Of Light Obelisk FeasibilityNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
21631984Eldon Square Websters Bookshop Hoist -DemolishedSidgate & High FriarsNewcastleTyne & WearJS Design Services
21641984Suffolk College Isolation Block ResitingNAIpswichSuffolkSuffolk County Architects
21651984Wakefield The Ridings Unit 31 Websters BookshopThe RidingsWakefieldYorkshireJS Design Services
21661984Kingsway Loading Capacity 1907 Building20 KingswayLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
21671984Birmingham City Plaza Temple Row Cannon StPhilips Square Cannon StreetBirminghamMidlandsThe Halpern Partnership
21681984Groombridge Road Hackney45 Groombridge RoadHackneyLondonNA
21691984Chalcot Road Studio On Roof4 Chalcot RoadLondonLondonJohn McAslan
21701984North Villas25 North VillasLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
21711984Mercedes Benz Weighing Machine BaseNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
21721984IBM Midlands Centre Warwick Phases 1A & 3Birmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
21731984Redhill Surrey Church St Joseph & St Paul'sLadbroke RoadRedhillSurreyMasini Franklin Partnership/Keane Murphy Duff
21741984Biatlaws Conservatory LeamingtonNALeamingtonWarwickshireTroughton McAslan
21751984Warrington CrescentFlat 3 28 Warrington CrescentLondonLondonJan Kaplicky Future Systems
21761984Sutton Housing Development Upper StreetUpper StreetIslingtonLondonNeylan & Ungless
21771984Manders Centre Wolverhampton RefurbishmentNAWolverhamptonMidlandsInston Sellers Hickinbotham (Was James A Roberts)
21781984Hambro Life Swindon SurveyNASwindonWiltshireNA
21791984Java Wharf Fire DamageJava WharfButlers WharfLondonConran Roche Ltd
21801984Customs House Butlers WharfButlers WharfLondonLondonConran Roche
21811984Butlers Wharf Building 16 - Cinnamon WharfButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
21821984New Bond Street Survey Prior to Purchase161-162 New Bond StreetLondonLondonNA
21831984Sealink Offices British Rail Station HolyheadNAHolyheadAngleseyBritish Railways Board Regional Architects
21841984Tite Street Survey37-37a Tite StreetChelseaLondonWeen Goldstein Architects
21851984Reading University Library Bindery PlantNAReadingBerkshireReading University Building Officer
21861984American Embassy Satellite Dish (see 606)Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonNA
21871984Eastway Sports Centre Synthetic SurfaceNAStratfordLondonNA
21881984Esso O & DC Office Relocation ProjectErmyn WayLeatherheadSurreyThe Percy Thomas Partnership
21891984Rutland Gate Refurbishment Carpark & Pool2-8a Rutland GateWestminsterGreater LondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
21901985Mothercare Central Warehouse DevelopmentPark Farm Enterprise ZoneWellingboroughNorthamptonshireConran Roche
21911985Wakefield The Ridings Issued for Microfilm onlyNANANANA
21921985Leicester University Engineering BuildingLeicester RoadLeicesterLeicestershireBickerdike Allen Partnership
21931985Gartons Site BatterseaYork RoadBatterseaLondonNA
21941985Morley College Roof Chiller Unit61 Westminster Bridge RoadLondonLondonJohn Winter & Associates
21951985St Thomas Hospital Loadings CheckLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonNA
21961985American Embassy Loading Dock (See 606)Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonNA
21971982Tunbridge Wells Victoria Proj Meadow Road Car ParkMeadow Road Calverley RoadTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
21981985Hanley Lewis StoreNAHanleyStaffordshireMichael Haskoll Associates
21991985Milton Keynes British Home Stores Shop FrontMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBritish Home Stores plc
22001985PA Technology North Western Car ParkNAMelbourn RoystonHertfordshireRichard Rogers & Partners
22011985Whittington Hospital MortuaryHighgate HillIslingtonLondonNA
22021985Royal Holloway College Dining Hall ExtensionNAEnglefield GreenSurreyAttenborough & Jones
22031985Fulbourne Hospital Roof InvestigationNACambridgeCambridgeshireNA
22041985Watford AFC Crush Barriers AlterationsVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
22051985Watford AFC New West StandVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
22061985Milton Keynes Unit SU3 HamellsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNorman Picken & Associates Interior Design
22071985Thornhill Bridge Wharf135-141 Caledonian RoadIslingtonLondonConran Roche
22081985Shell Research Sittingbourne 3 Checking JobsNASittingbourneKentNA
22091985Allied Dunbar Tricentre 3 Swindon (Hambro)NASwindonWiltshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
22101985St Josephs Roman Catholic Church V John Laing DevNARedhillSurreyNA
22111985Globe Wharf FeasibilityRotherhithe StreetGlobe WharfLondonNA
22121985Cowdenbeath Path Estate Fracture CheckingCowdenbeath PathLondonLondonNA
22131985Brixton Community Support Centre CSU55 Stockwell Park RoadGrovesway LambethLondonEdward Cullinan & Partners
22141985Mercedes Benz Harwich De-waxing ExtensionStour Road BathsideHarwichEssexMercedes Benz UK Ltd
22151985London Zoo Snowdon Aviary Cables see 860Regents ParkLondonLondonZooligical Society Architect Mr J Toovey
22161985St Thomas Hospital Boiler House RefitLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonSt Thomas Hospital Works Department
22171985Tottenham Green Leisure/Library FacilitiesPhillip Lane Town Hall Approach RoadHaringeyLondonHaringey Borough Architects
22181985Queens Gate Exploratory Work39 Queens GateLondonLondonRon Herron Associates
22191985Shell Sittingbourne Unit L26 extensionNASittingbourneKentShell Research Ltd
22201985Shell Woodstock Club ExtensionNASittingbourneKentGordon Bowyer & Partners
22211985St Saviours Dock LondonNALondonLondonConran Roche
22221985Goodfellow Metals Phase 2Cambridge Science Park Milton RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Design Group
22231985Whittington Hospital Floor MB3 X-Ray LoadingsHighgate HillIslingtonLondonIslington Health Authority Building Officer
22241985Homerton Hospital Pathology Dept Block 3 ExtnHomerton RowHackneyLondonNA
22251985Albany Court Abbey Road Conversion McWinter HouseAbbey RoadNALondonGordon Forbes Architects
22261985Design Museum Butlers Wharf Building 14Butlers WharfLondonLondonConran Roche
22271985Butlers Wharf LSE Hostel Near Tower Bridge -AbandonedNr Tower BridgeLondonLondonConran Roche
22281985Michelin House Refurbishment81 Fulham RoadChelsea & KensingtonGreater LondonConran Roche / York Rosenberg Mardall
22291985Watford AFC New Stand SchemeVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
22301985Hilton Hotel Gatwick Stage 2 ExtensionEastway Gatwick AirportGatwickSurreyYorke Rosenberg Mardall
22311985IBM Warwick Generator & Fuel StorageBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
22321985Eldon Bridge DevelopmentPercy StreetNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
22331985Buck & Dog Pub StockportNAStockportCheshireChapman Taylor Partners
22341985American Embassy Penthouse Roof/Library Floors 606Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonAmerican Embassy
22351985American Ambassy Gloucester Place Survey77-81 Gloucester PlaceLondonLondonAmerican Embassy
22361985Milton Keynes Food CentreNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireRobert Matthew Johnson Marshall
22371985Warren Buckley StockportPercy StreetStockportCheshireChapman Taylor Partners
22381985Stockport - Bridge ShopsPercy StreetStockportCheshireChapman Taylor Partners
22391985Oxford Templeton College Entrance CanopyKennington RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
22401982Camden Hill Mansions Survey3 Camden Hill Mansions Edge StreetChelsea & KensintonLondonCowan Associates
22411986Butlers Wharf Building A-DButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
22421986Butlers Wharf K-V1 Cardamum BuildingMaguire StreetSouthwickLondonWells Thorpe & Suppel
22431986Milton Keynes Arena 18,000 Capicity & Car ParkNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche
22441986East Anglian Daily Times Printing Platform Extn30 Lower Brook StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
22451986Loughborough University Library ExtensionNALoughboroughLeicestershireFaulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner
22461986Cambridge University Gonville & Caius Harvey CourtHarvey CourtCambridgeCambridgeshireStephen Brown
22471986Milton Keynes Unit 27 Richard Cakes Mezz FloorMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireDavid A P Brookbank & Associates
22481986Sumatra Road Flats98 Sumatra RoadNALondonNA
22491986St Thomas Hospital Treatment Block CorrosionLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonNA
22501986Churchill Square Brighton Grenville House RefurbChurchill SquareBrightonSussexNA
22511986Reading University CEM/FURS Whiteknights AbandonedWhiteknights RoadReadingBerkshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
22521986Willesden FC Synthetic Pitch CommentsNAWillesdenLondonNA
22531986Clissold Park School Stoke NewingtonNAStoke NewingtonLondonNA
22541986Finchley Catholic School (Bishop Duglas)Adj Woodside Grange RoadBarnet FinchleyGreater LondonGerard Goalen & Partners
22551986Daren Court Carlton Road SurveyCarlton RoadIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
22561986Milton Keynes Open Market High Level Refuse BasesCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMilton Keynes Development Corporation
22571986New Crane WharfGarnet Street Wapping High StreetTower Hamlet WappingGreater LondonConran Roche
22581986Whittington Hospital Diagnostic/Stores LinkHighgate HillIslingtonGreater LondonAvanti Architects Ltd
22591986Kensington Square Gardens Wall59 Kensington Square GardensLondonLondonNA
22601986Parliamentry Buildings Ph 2Bridge StreetWestminsterLondon SW1Casson Conder Partnership
22611986Swan Centre Yardley Fire Damage (Tivoli)NAYardleyBirminghamNA
22621986Shell Research Centre Insecticides BuildingNASittingbourneKentPeter Makower/Barnsley Hewett & Mallinson
22631986Shell OCR BuildingNASittingbourneKentPeter Makower Architects & Planners
22641986Shell Building D14 Fan SupportNASittingbourneKentNA
22651986Eldon Square Bainbridge Loading DockNANewcastleTyne & WearJohn Lewis Partnership
22661986Milton Keynes Unit 161 Mothercare Alts 1st Fl/RoofMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireYork Associates
22671986St Thomas Hospital York House AlterationsNANANANeil Farrance Ley Colbeck & Partners
22681986Kingsgate 6A 1 AdviceNACamdenLondonCastle Park Hook & Partners
22691986Milton Keynes Unit 161 Mothercare Alts 1st FlRoofGoods Station RoadTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
22701986Royal Holloway College Athlone Hall OpeningNAEghamSurreyNA
22711986Ladkarn Haulage Isle Of DogsNAIsle Of DogsLondonNicholas Grimshaw & Partners
22721986Easton Street Footbridge Amnesty InternationalEaston StreetLondonLondonChris Woodward/George Kasabov Associates
22731986Eldon Square Handyside Shopping CentrePercy Street Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearBenoy Gordon & Partners
22741986Shell Building J33 Roof Air Conditioning PlantNASittingbourneKentNA
22751986Shell Research Project P79 & New P15 BuildingNASittingbourneKentShell Sittingbourne
22761986Milton Keynes Unit 40-42 Laura AshleyMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNorthwest Design Associates
22771986American Embassy Structural Survey (See 606)4 Somers CrescentLondonLondonNA
22781982Butlers Court Butlers Wharf - AbandonedButlers CourtShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
22791986Whittington Hospital MortuaryHighgate HillIslingtonLondonNETRHA Architects
22801986Bisham Gardens Survey8 Bisham GardensHighgateLondonNA
22811986Serre ParisNAParisFranceCedric Price/ Roquelaure Read Architects
22821986East Anglian Daily Times Loading DockLower Brook StreetIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
22831986Milton Keynes SciconNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireThe Percy Thomas Partnership
22841986Allied Dunbar College Conference Centre AbandonedNAChistledon SwindonWiltshirePeter Carter
22851986Tate Gallery New Museum Complex & Study CentreMillbankLondonLondonJames Stirling Michael Wilford & Associates
22861987Eldon Square Recreation CentreEldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearEldon Associates Ltd
22871987Marconi Defence Systems building 25/26Warren Lane Honeypot LaneStanmoreMiddlesexCovel Matthews Wheatley
22881987Shell CCHU Building RC G42Shell Research LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentDavid George
22891987Bard Pharmaceuticals (Goodfellow Metals Bldg) ExtnCambridge Science Park Milton RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Design Group
22901987Butlers Wharf Spice QuayShad ThamesLondonLondonConran Roche
22911987Tate Gallery InteriorMillbankLondonLondonColquhoun Miller & Partners
22921987Tottenham Green Community Education & Arts CentreTottenham GreenHaringeyGreater LondonHaringey Design Service
22931987Tottenham Green Leisure & Library ProjectNATottenham GreenLondonHaringey Design Service
22941987Wills Hartcliffe Office RefurbishmentNAHartcliffe BristolAvonWD & HO Wills Bristol
22951987Peterborough Hospital Post Graduate Medical CentreNAPeterboroughCambridgeshireRuddle Wilkinson & Partners
22961987Spirit of Free Enterprise DocklandsNADocklandsLondonNA
22971987Homerton Hospital Refridgeration PlantHomerton RowHackneyLondonNA
22981987Shell Research Forestry Glasshouses Blg L32 PBBNASittingbourneKentPeter Makower Architects & Planners
22991950Arcon Schools - No InformationNANANANA
23001987Southampton Magistrates Court (ADI 095/04)NASouthamptonHampshireHampshire County Architects
23011987Mitchelin House The Conran Shop (See 2228)NAFulhamLondonConran Design Group
23021987Metropolitan WharfNAWappingLondonCampbell Zogolovitch Wilkinson & Gough
23031987Shad Thames Wharf Conran Roche OfficesButlers WharfNALondonConran Roche
23041987Whittington Hospital Diagnostic (A & E) BlockHighgate HillIslingtonLondonHutchinson Locke & Monk
23051987Central Electricity Generating Board Barnwood ExtnNABarnwoodGloucestershireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
23061987Butlers Wharf Building 13 Coriander HouseGainsford StreetSouthwickLondonConran Roche
23071987Butlers Wharf Building 10Butlers WharfShad ThamesLondonAllies & Morrison/Conran Roche
23081987Norwich Airport Kite Wendy Taylor - Sundial and Honeycombe SpheresNANorwichNorfolkWendy Taylor
23091987Alton College Ph 3 ExtensionNANAHampshireHampshire County Architects
23101987Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange Ph 2 Avebury 3 ExtnAveburyMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
23111987St Peters Precinct Shops & Car Park - Not BuiltNAOldhamLancashireRenton Howard Wood Levin Partnership
23121987Shell Sittingbourne Building J28 SPFU4 InfillNASittingbourneKentNA
23131987St Thomas Hospital Kitchen & Nurses Home ExtensionLambeth Palace RoadLondonLondonLlewelyn Davis Weeks
23141987Michelin House Octopus Publishing Refit (2228)Fulham RoadLondonLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
23151987IBM Warwick Ph 2 Cooling TowerBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireNA
23161987Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange Midsummer 3 Ph 2MidsummerMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
23171987Blandford Street Kendall Place Development35-53 Blandford StreetLondonLondonAllies & Morrison
23181987Bowerman Court St Johns Way Inspection - AbandonedSt Johns WayIslingtonLondonNA
23191987Eldon Square Eldon Gardens Buildings CheckEldon GardensNewcastleTyne & WearGordon Benoy & Partners
23201987Wexham Park Hospital Nurses Home Fire DamageWexham ParkSloughBerkshireStanley Peach & Partners/ Director of Works EBHA
23211987Billingsgate Pier Development - AbandonedBillingsgateLondonLondonAlsop & Lyall
23221987Nomura Gallery at the TateMillbankLondonLondonColquhoun & Miller
23231987American Embassy Floor Loadings Door Opening 606Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonNA
23241987American Embassy Security Screen (See 606)Grosvenor SquareLondonLondonNA
23251987Oldbrook Housing 2 Defects SurveyNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
23261987Whittington Hospital Telephone ExchangeHighgate HillIslingtonLondonHutchinson Locke & Monk
23271987Eldon Square Refurbishment Phase 2Eldon Square Percy StreetNewcastleTyne & WearFitch Benoy Ltd
23281987Whittington Hospital Scanner Suit AlterationsHighgate HillIslingtonLondonHutchinson Locke & Monk
23291987East Anglian Daily Times Press Room AlterationsNANANAJohns Slater Haward
23301987Butlers Wharf Temporary Car ParkButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
23311987Reed School Blk B Convert to Flats WatfordOrphanage RoadWatfordHertfordshireOLP Peter Williams
23321987Shell Sittingbourne Building G37 MilsteadNASittingbourneKentNA
23331988Swanscombe Sports CentreNADartfordKentAttenborough & Jones
23341988Butlers Wharf W7 Substation - AbandonedButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
23351988British Museum CateringGreat Russel StreetCamdenLondonAustin Smith Lord
23361988Camberley Town Centre College GardensPortsbury RoadCamberleySurreyChapman Taylor Partners
23371988Greenland Docks Control BuildingRedriff Road / Plough wayRotherhithe SouthwarkGreater LondonConran Roche
23381988Spice Quay PierSpice QuayShad Thames SouthwarkGreater LondonConran Roche
23391988Shell Sittingbourne Building J33 Fermenters HallNASittingbourneKentNA
23401988Shell Sittingbourne Building E18 & E23 Bridge LinkNASittingbourneKentPeter Makower Architects & Planners
23411988Milton Keynes Shopping Building West ExtensionCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
23421988Wadhurst Park Conservatory RoofNANAEast SussexJohn Outram Associates
23431988Digital Equipment Office Building ReadingThames Valley ParkReadingBerkshireThe Percy Thomas Partnership
23441988Reading University FURSNAReadingBerkshireHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
23451988Shell Sittingbourne Headcorn Ponds F42NASittingbourneKentNA
23461998The Circle AdviceQueen Elizabeth StreetLondonLondonNA
23471988Liliane Lijn Sculptures99 Camden MewsLondonLondonNA
23481988Shell Sittingbourne Building F42NASittingbourneKentPeter Lewis
23491988Royal Victoria Place Housing A & B Tunbridge WellsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
23501988Jubilee Lush & Lower Oliver Wharfs SurveyWapping WallWappingLondonThomas Brent & Associates
23511988Butlers Wharf W2 to W4 & Car ParkButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
23521988Butlers Wharf W7 to W9Butlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
23531988Butlers Grinders & Operators Shad ThamesButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
23541988Milton Keynes Unit 78 Marks & Spencers Add FloorsMilton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
23551988Hungerford Bridge Shops FeasibilityNAHungerfordBerkshireAlsop & Lyall
23561988New Malden C 1 & Apex Tower & Car Park ExtensionHigh StreetNew MaldenSurreyNewman Levinson & Partners
23571988Tottenham Hale Station Canopy Bridge Waiting RoomsFerry LaneTottenham HaleLondonAlsop Lyall & Stormer/BR Network Architect Anglia
23581988Milton Keynes City ChurchNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
23591988Hanley The Potteries Number Given for Future WorkMarket SquareHanleyStaffordshireMichael Haskoll Associates/Mott Green & Wall
23601988Stratford East British Rail Station - AbandonedNANewham StratfordGreater LondonCedric Price
23611988Eldon Square Subdivision of Unit MSU 3Eldon Square Percy StreetNewcastleTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
23621988Sandwell Mall Leisure Shopping DevelopmentNASandwellWest MidlandsFitch Benoy Ltd
23631988Cambridge University Library Ph 2 ExtensionNACambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Associates
23641988Reading University Institute of Food ResearchWhiteknights RoadReadingBerkshireHutchinson Locke & Monk
23651988Benham Printing Press PlatformNAColchesterEssexJohns Slater Haward
23661988Butlers Wharf Building 23 Restaurant PubButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonWells Thorpe & Suppel
23671988American Embassy Lees Court22 Lees PlaceLondonLondonNA
23681988National Westminster Bank Extension & AlterationsNAHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireBrocklehurst Cooper & Williamson
23691988Whittington Hospital St Mary's Wing RefurbishmentHighgate HillIslingtonLondonHutchinson Locke & Monk
23701988Homerton Hospital Pathology Dept ExtensionHomerton RowHackneyLondonYorke Rosenberg Mardall
23711988Eurocentre Eccleston Square Alterations55-57 Eccleston SquareWestminster PimlicoLondonDesign Group Cambridge
23721988Eurocentre London Honor Oak Road - AbandonedHonor Oak RoadForest Hill LewishamLondonCambridge Design Group
23731988Signal West Office & Car Park Under New BuildingNASwindonWiltshireEPR Partnership
23741988Allied Dunbar Tricentre 2 SwindonNASwindonWiltshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall/PCA
23751988National Westminster Bank South Woodford BranchNAWoodfordLondonNA
23761988Finsbury Estate Clarkes Close Michael Cliff HouseClarkes CloseFinsbury IslingtonLondonNA
23771988Aberdeen Oil Experience CentreNAAberdeenGrampianConran Roche
23781989The Vyne School Basingstoke AlterationsVyne RoadBasingstokeHampshireHampshire County Architects
23791989Greenland & South Dock Amenity BuildingNANANAConran Roche
23801989Milton Keynes Dickens & Jones Fire DamageMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
23811989Battle Hospital - Fire Damage ReinstatementOxford RoadReadingBerkshireNA
23821989Swan Centre Granada Extn of Bar & Extns (Tivoli)NAYardleyBirminghamGould Singleton Partnership
23831989Tunbridge Wells Belgrave Road CottagesBelgrave RoadTunbridge WellsKentPhilip Wilks & Partners
23841988Milton Road 2 Office Building CambridgeMilton RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireDesign Group Cambridge
23851989Adanac Park Gravel Extraction for DevelopmentNurslingSouthamptonHampshireSawyer Architects plc
23861989British Museum Paper Conservation BuildingGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonAustin Smith Lord
23871989Prince Albert Road Penthouse Advice23 Prince Albert RoadLondonLondonRenton Welch Partnership
23881989Kings Square Estate Turnpike House Lift ShaftKings SquareLondonLondonIslington Borough Architects
23891989Milton Keynes Dickens & Jones Additional FloorsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
23901989Shell Sittingbourne Building G41 Plant on RoofNASittingbourneKentShell Sittingbourne Estate Managers
23911989Milton Keynes Dickens & Jones Rebuild 1989 FireMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
23921989East Anglian Daily Times New Steel PlatformNANANAJohns Slater Haward
23931989Kings Lynn Hardwick Road Campbell Soup Site - AbandonedHardwick RoadKings LynnNorfolkDixon del Pozzo
23941989Epsom & Ewell Civic Offices Boiler House & ExtnNAEpsomSurreyHLM Architects
23951989Alton College Phase 4NAAltonHampshireHampshire County Architects
23961989Bromley District General Hospital - AbandonedNABromleyKentHutchinson Locke & Monk
23971989Shepherdess Walk Offices - Abandoned10-22 Shepherdess WalkLondonLondonConran Roche
23981989Prescot Street Refurbishment - Poly Peck41 42 Prescot StreetTower HamletsGreater LondonRider Hunt & Partners
23991989Butlers Wharf Shad Thames Demolition & Reconstruct - W11NALondonLondonConran Roche
24001989East Anglian Daily Times Wall AlterationsNANANAJohns Slater Haward
24011989Exeter University Sliding PartitionsNAExeterDevonExeter University Works Dept
24021989Milton Keynes Dickens & Jones Landlord AltsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireRennie Park Associates
24031989Whittington Hospital Archway PlantroomHighgate HillIslingtonLondonHutchinson Locke & Monk
24041989Marquess Road Islington Alterations & AdditionsMarquess RoadIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
24051989Gatwick Hilton Phase 3 Ballroom Alts & Car ParkNAGatwickSurreyYorke Rosenberg Mardall
24061989Milton Keynes Campbell Park Business Village - AbandonedNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche
24071989Tower Project CompetitionNANANAKoetter Kim & Associates
24081989East Anglian Daily Times Garage AreaNANANAJohns Slater Haward
24091989St Thomas Hospital 5th A & E FeasibilityLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonHLM Architects
24101989Tate Gallery AlterationsMillbankLondonLondonJohn Miller & Partners
24111989Churchill Square Milton House The PO Brighton39 Churchill SquareBrightonSussexTaylor Woodrow Properties Co Ltd
24121989Oxford Templeton College Ph 7Kennington RoadOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
24131989East Anglian Daily Times Newsprint & Mail RoomNANANAJohns Slater Haward
24141989London Zoo Snowdon Aviary Rebuild AbandonedRegents ParkLondonLondonZoological Society of London Architects Dept
24151989Richard Doone Roof Check on HouseNANANARichard Doone
24161989Nomura 2 Tate GalleryMillbankLondonLondonJohn Miller & Partners
24171989Milton Keynes City Church OfficesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireConran Roche/Planning Design Development Ltd
24181989Japanese University College KentNACanterburyKentHowell Killick Partridge & Amis
24191989Cromwell Hospital Convalescence HomeStockwell Park CrescentLambethLondonErgon Design Group
24201989Cambridge University Library Phase 2 - Burrels Walk BuildingCambridge University CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe Murray
24211989Central Business Exchange Ph3 MK - AbandonedNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
24221989Digital 2 TVP Reading - AbandonedThames Valley ParkReadingBerkshireTibbalds Colbourne Partnership Ltd
24231989Chalcot Gardens NW3 Advice2 Chalcot GardensLondonLondonNeylan & Ungless
24241989Netherhall Gardens16 Netherhall GardensHampsteadLondonNA
24251989Braithwaite House Chequers WorkshopsNAIslingtonLondonIslington Council Directorate of Design
24261989Whittington Hospital Training Centre Adj Blk FHighgate HillIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
24271989Reed School Block B Fire DamageOrphanage RoadWatfordHertfordshireOLP Peter Williams
24281989Hill House Farm Swimming Pool Roof AlterationsNAKingsclereNADenys Lasdun Peter Softley Associates
24291989Tunbridge Wells Fenwicks re-numbered 2498 was HOFRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
24301989Wilson Road Huyton MerseysideWilson RoadHuytonMerseysidePolly Peck International plc
24311989House of Fraser HQ - Victoria1 Howick PlaceLondonLondonHouse of Fraser Company Architect
24321989Cambridge Churchill College New BuildingsNACambridgeCambridgeshireHenning Larsen Tegnestue
24331989Compton Verney Opera House Stratford Upon AvonNAStratford Upon AvonAvonHenning Larsen Tegnestue
24341989Marquess Estate 16 17 Mull Walk16 17 Mull WalkIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Architects
24351989Tate Gallery Bookshop Mezzanine FloorMillbankLondonLondonColquhoun Miller & Partners
24361989Cambridge Gonville & Caius Harvey Court TerracesGonville & Caius CollegeCambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Architects Partnership
24371989Milton Keynes Market Hall Unit 120 Convert to shopCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
24381989Milton Keynes KioskCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
24391989New Malden Grafton Road Offices rear of Apex TowerGrafton RoadNew MaldenSurreyNewman Levinson & Partners
24401989Peterborough Hospital Out patients AlterationsThorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireMunro Naismith Associates
24411989Suffolk College Disabled LiftNAIpswichSuffolkJohns Slater Haward
24421990Butlers Wharf Building A-DButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche Ltd
24431990Bruton Place22 Bruton PlaceLondonLondonPlanning Design Development Ltd
24441990Barking Hospital Tower BlockNARedbridgeEssexNA
24451990Old Brompton Road Inspection50-52 Old Brompton RoadLondonLondonHaskoll & Co
24461990Whitechapel Gallery Medusa's Head SupportWhitechapelLondonLondonChris Burden Sculpturer
24471990Hull University Wolfson Laboratory AlterationsNAHullHumbersideHull University Estates Devision
24481990Vocational Training Centre Acton - On HoldBollo LaneActonGreater LondonTroughton McAslan
24491990Cambridge Girton College Wolfson Court ExtensionWolfson CourtCambridgeCambridgeshireBland Brown & Coles
24501990Lewis Shop HoldingNANANAThe Halpern Partnership
24511990American Embassy South Core AltertionsGrosvenor SquareLondonLondonAmerican Embassy
24521990Which Association For Consumer ResearchKenis HillMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireJohn Outram Associates
24531990Tunbridge Wells Camden Road Refurbishment37-41 Camden RoadTunbridge WellsSurreyChapman Taylor Partners
24541990Milton Keynes Shopping Building West ExtensionCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireHaskoll & Co
24551990Arthur Fish PremisesWassand StreetHullHumbersideNA
24561990American Embassy Fitzjohns Avenue51 Fitzjohns AvenueLondonLondonNA
24571990Parliamentary Buildings BookshopBridge StreetWestminsterLondonProperty Services Agency
24581990St Thomas Hospital Out Patients FeasibilityNANALondonSt Thomas Hospital Works Department
24591990Wycombe Sports Centre AdviceNAHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireHigh Wycombe Dept Planning & Architecture
24601990Cambridge University Harvey Court Advice On CracksGonville & Caius College CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireCambridge Architects Partnership
24611990Wexham Park Hospital Slough AdviceNASloughBerkshireNA
24621990Le Pont De La Tour Restaurant Butlers WharfButlers WharfLondonLondonProject Management International plc
24631990Douai Abbey Church Upper WoolhamptonNAWoolhamptonNAMichael Blee Design Partnership
24641990Camden Mews Lilian Linj Studio Survey99 Camden MewsLondonLondonNA
24651990Heathrow Airport Site 5 Ph 1 OfficeNAHillingdonMiddlesexBuilding Design Partnership
24661990Soldiers Sailors Air Force Association Offices19 Queen Elizabeth StreetLondonLondonTroughton McAslan
24671990University of East Anglia University Physio/Occ Therapy CampusNANorwichNorfolkJohn Miller & Partners
24681990Milton Keynes E1.1 Car Park & OfficesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
24691990IBM Warwick Roof Extension to HV & LV SwitchroomNANAWarwickshireYorke Rosenberg Mardall
24701990South Park Road SW19 Subsidence Claim71 South Park RoadLondonLondonNA
24711990London Zoo Snowdon Aviary RebuildNARegents ParkLondonNA
24721990Marquess Road Refurbishment Phase 1Mull WalkIslingtonLondonShepheard Epstein & Hunter
24731990House of Fraser HQ plant on roof1 Howick PlaceLondonLondonHouse of Fraser Company Architect
24741991Milton Keynes Mercury House Restaurant Amenity Block AdviceNABletchley MKBuckinghamshireOPUS Peter Young
24751991IBM Warwick Oil Storage ProjectNAWarwickWarwickshireNA
24761991Longman Group UK New HQ At HarlowEdinburgh WayHarlowEssexConran Roche/DEGW Ltd
24771991Warwick University Social Building Tray LiftGibbett Hill RoadCoventryWarwickshireNA
24781991Institute of Contemporary Arts12 Carlton House TerraceLondonLondonJohn Miller & Partners
24791991Esso Leatherhead Additional WorksNALeatherheadSurreyNA
24801991Milton Keynes Portes CochereCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
24811991Victoria & Albert Museum National Art LibraryCromwell RoadLondonLondonFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe Murray
24821991Allied Dunbar Tricentre 1 Scabbling Feasib. StudyNASwindonWiltshireNA
24831991Calvary Free Church Tunbridge wellsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentBKB Architects Eastbourne Sussex
24841991British Museum Feasibility StudyGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonFrank Timothy Associates/British Museum
24851991Epsom & Ewell Town Hall RefurbishmentThe ParadeEpsomSurreyHutchinson Locke & Monk
24861991Allied Dunbar Michael Warren SculptureAllied Dunbar SiteSwindonWiltshirePeter Carter
24871991Milton Keynes Offices West Stone & Webster HouseCentral Milton Keynes StationMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
24881991Eldon Bridge Shops Our Price Records (The Hennes)Eldon Bridge Eldon SquareNewcastleTyne & WearWH Smith Ltd Architects Dept
24891991Oxford Templeton MBA CentreTempleton College SiteOxfordOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
24901991Milton Keynes Unit 26 Dixons StoreMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireBernard Thorpe
24911991Judge Institute For Management Studies CambridgeOld Addenbrook Hospital SiteCambridgeCambridgeshireJohn Outram Associates/Fitzroy Robinson
24921991Hull University House AlterationsNAHullHumbersideNA
24931991American Embassy Mezzanine RefurbishmentGrosvenor SquareLondonLondonAllford Hall Monaghan Morris
24941991Oxford Templeton MBA Ph 8 & 9NAKenningtonOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
24951991Royal Holloway College Means Of Escape Blocks B/DEgham HillEghamSurreyNA
24961991Royal Marines Museum PortsmouthEastneyPortsmouthHampshireCasson Conder Partnership
24971991Salford Quays Anchor SculptureNASalfordManchesterWendy Taylor
24981991Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place FenwicksRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentWilliam Nimmo & Partners
24991991Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place Tenants AlterationsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
25001991Royal Brompton National Heart & Lung Hospital Ph 2Sydney StreetBrompton KensingtonGreater LondonHutchinson Locke & Monk
25011991Oxford University Central Office ExtensionWellington SquareOxfordOxfordshireOxford University Surveyor
25021991Milton Keynes Silbury Arcade Units 63/65 Midsummer Unit 8Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
25031991Pont De La Tour Restaurant Butlers Wharf A-DButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
25041991Butlers Wharf K-V1 Cardamum Building (2242)Butlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
2504.1000981993Butlers Wharf K-V1 Bengal Clipper also under 2504Butlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
25051991Butlers Wharf Building 16 Cinnamon Wharf (2181)Butlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
25061991Milton Keynes Mercury House Additional Car ParkingNABletchley MKBuckinghamshireClifford Tee & Gale
25071991Calvary Church Tunbridge Wells AlterationsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
25081991Milton Keynes Mercury East Link RefurbishmentNABletchley MKBuckinghamshireClifford Tee & Gale
25091991Serpentine Gallery FeasibilityHyde ParkLondonLondonJohn Miller & Partners
25101991Shell Building N15 (CHP) Diesel Exhaust StackShell Sittingbourne LaboratoriesSittingbourneKentNA
25111991Milton Keynes Car Show RoomNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
25121991BW General Advice/Design Museum Jetty/Flat 120/Core 4/5/Chop HseButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
25131991Wexham Park Hospital Partition AdviceWexham ParkSloughBerkshireNA
25141991Reading University Insitiute Of Food Research Ph2University Of Reading SiteReadingBerkshireHutchinson Locke & Monk
25151991Newbury Street1-6 & 7-8 Newbury StreetLondonLondonBlair Eastwick
25161991Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place WoolworthsRoyal Viatoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentWoolworths plc Property Services Dept
25171991Eldon Square WH Smith (High Friars)High Friars 10-14NewcastleTyne & WearWH Smith Ltd Property Division
25181991Tottenham Hale Station Post Contract WorksFerry LaneTottenham HaleLondonAlsop Lyall & Stormer
25191991Butlers Wharf Jetties InspectionButlers WharfShad ThemesLondonNA
25201991Kings Park Stevenage Unit KKings ParkStevenageHertfordshireConran Roche
25211992Kew Royal Botanical Gardens Jodrell Lab ExtnKew GardensKewLondonProperty Services Agency
25221992Allied Dunbar Swindon Roof Remedial WorkNASwindonWiltshireAllied Dunbar Premises & Services Division
25231992De La Warr Pavilion, BexhillNABexhill On SeaSussexTroughton McAslan Ltd
25241992Reed School Central Building Structural SurveyOrphanage RoadWatfordHertfordshireBroadway Malyan
25251992Planet Hollywood - AbandonedCafe RoyalePicadillyLondonBlair Eastwick
25261992Butlers Wharf Caraway House Cayenne CourtButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
25271992Wheat Wharf Butlers WharfButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonCD Partnership
25281992Windmill Hill Re-roofing Milton KeynesWindmill HillMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
25291992Hull University Social Science Escape StairsHull UniversityHullHumbersideHull University In House
25301992Wetherburn Court BletchleyNABletchleyBuckinghamshireNA
25311992Eldon Square Remainders Ltd (See 1337)Eldon Square Shopping CentreNewcastle on TyneTyne & WearNA
25321992Uxbridge Central Square Harman House (See 1950)NAUxbridgeMiddlesexPJ Carroll Associates
25331992University Of East Anglia Elizabeth Fry BuildingUniversity CampusNorwichNorforkJohn Miller & Partners
25341992Tunbridge Wells RVP Units SU 36/37-RichardsRoyal Vicotria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
25351992Cambridge University Library Stage 3 ExtnCambridge University CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe Murray
25361992Watford Football Club Safety -Bridges & WallVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireFaulkner Brown
25371992Caithness Road Party Wall5 Caithness RoadLondonLondonNA
25381992Gough Square Boswell House Refurbishment9 Gough SquareCity LondonGreater LondonAllford Hall Monaghan Morris
25391992Esso Leatherhead Kitchen GulliesEsso O & DCLeatherheadSurreyNA
25401992New Crane Wharf Health CLubGarnet StreetNew Crane WharfLondonNA
25411992White Horse Public House Tunbridge WellsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
25421992Tottenham Hale Underground RefurbishmentTottenham Hale Underground StationTottenham HaleLondonJohn Lyall Architects
25431992Eastern Services Building SculpturesLimehouse Link RoadLondonLondonNA
25441992London Underground Passenger Protection BarriersLondon Underground StationsLondonLondonNA
25451992London Underground FC6 South Colonnade SurveyCanary WharfLondonLondonNA
25461992IBM Warwick CPS/IPS Alterations Permanent Oil Store & GeneratorIBMWarwickWarwickshireAlan Murrey & Associates
25471992Gatwick Airport Southside Catering ProjectGatwick Airport SouthGatwickWest SussexNA
25481992Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place Staircase Food CourtRoyal Vicotria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
25491992British Museum Drill Hall Add Floor New RoofNALondonNABritish Museum Arch & Building Services
25501992Exeter University North Block Extension A - DExeter University CampusExeterDevonshireNA
25511993Lysian Mission Survey & Report104/122 City RoadLondonLondonPlanning Design Development Ltd
25521993Sculpture Sleepless Dreams Zadok Ben-DavidLimehouse Link RoadLondonLondonNA
25531993London Underground Emergency Rescue UnitsLondon Road DepotLondonLondonDouglas Gibbins Associates
25541993London Underground Emergency Rescue UnitsNorthumberland Park DepotNorthumberland ParkGreater LondonDouglas Gibbins Associates
25551993British Museum Cold StoreOrsman RoadLondonLondonBritish Museum Arch & Building Services
25561993Butlers Wharf Building 15 - AbandonedButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonConran Roche
25571993Eldon Square Extension to Shopping Centre (1337) AbandonedBlackett StreetNewcastle Upon TyneTyne & WearChapman Taylor Partners
25581993Threeways House Clipstone Street40-44 Clipstone StreetLondonLondonNA
25591993Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place Public ToiletRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentChapman Taylor Partners
25601993British Museum Mexican GalleryNALondonNABowyer Langlands Batchelor
25611993Tottenham Green Leisure Centre Fitness AreaTown Hall Approach RoadLondonHaringeyHaringey Building Design Service
25621993Allied Dunbar Tricentre 1 Additional HolesNASwindonWiltshireNA
25631993Eldon Square Tenants AlterationsEldon SquareNewcastle Upon TyneTyne & WearNA
25641993British Museum East Residence Stone RepairNALondonLondonFrank Timothy Associates
25651993St Thomas Hospital Nevin Lecture Theatre RefurbLambeth Palace RoadLambethLondonScott Tallon Walker Ltd
25661993Parlimentary Buildings Alts LEB PMB6Cannon RowWestminsterLondonNA
25671993British Museum Hellenistic GalleryNALondonLondonCole Thompson Associates
25681993Royal Holloway College Bourne Lab Floor LoadingEgham HillEghamSurreyNA
25691993Dunbeath Industrial Estate Unit 2263/72/75/76Dunbeath Industrial EstateSwindonEssexNA
25701993Windsor Leisure Pool New SlidesClewer MeadWindsorBerkshireFaulkner Brown
25711993Oxford Templeton College Executive CentreNAKenningtonOxfordshireAhrends Burton & Koralek
25721993Elsecar Heritage Centre Powerhouse ExhibitionNAElsecarYorkshireBrannan & Whalley Ltd
25731993Hill Hall Motel Services & Leisure FacilitiesNATheydon MountEssexFitzroy Robinson Partnership
25741993Nuffield Industrial Centre Oxford Units InspectionNAOxfordOxfordshireNA
25751993Milton Keynes Fishermead 3 Re-roofingNAMilton KeynesBerkshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
25761993Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place Ongoing AltsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentNA
25771993Oxford Zoology Building Advice Slab HolesNAOxfordOxfordshireNA
25781993Royal Thai Embassy Inspection & Report29/30 QueensgateWestminsterLondonHLM Architects
25791993Allied Dunbar Restaurant ConversionNASwindonWiltshireNA
25801993Doncaster Leisure Centre Dome Star RoomsDoncaster Leisure CentreDoncasterYorkshireSkidmore Owing & Merrill
25811993Royal Holloway College Bourne Laboratory Level 1Egham HillEghamSurreyNA
25821993British Museum General (See Memo for details)Great Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
25831994British Museum Library Fire PrecautionsRussell SquareCamdenLondonBrill & Owen
25841994Cambridge University Fitzwilliam Museum AdviceTrumpington StreetCambridgeCambridgeshireBowyer Langlands Batchelor
25851994Milton Keynes Unit 1 AltsMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
25861994House Of Commons Canteen Dept Refurb Ph b & CWestminsterLondonNACecil Denny Highton & Partners
25871994Uplands Road Housing InvestigationChettle Court EstateHaringeyLondonNA
25881994Central Veterinary Laboratory Struct Survey MAFFWoodham Lane New HawWeybridgeSurreyCentral Veterinary Laboratories
25891994Milton Keynes Tenants AltsCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireDTZ Debenham Thorpe
25901994Guy's Hospital Harris Theatre Balcony/Floor AltsLondon BridgeLondonLondonScott Tallon Walker
25911994Clissold Leisure Centre Baths SurveyClissold RoadHackneyLondonJohn Lyall Architects
25921994Worple Road No 200 Structural SurveyWorple RoadLondonLondonNA
25931994Milton Keynes Marks & Spencers Unit 78Milton Keynes Shopping Centre West EndMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireLewis & Hickey
25941994Warren Street No 5 Change Garage to LaunderetteWarren StreetLondonLondonNA
25951994British Museum Blythe House Mezzanine FeasibilityNALondonLondonBritish Museum Arch & Building Services
25961994Windsor Leisure Centre Dry Sports HallNAWindsorBerkshireFauklner-Browns
25971994Chichester Thoelogical College Gillett HouseToll House CLoseChichesterHampshireKinloch-Holliss & Young
25981994Milton Keynes Unit 78Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePlanning Design Development Ltd
25991994Brunel Shopping Centre Refurb Extn Link & Car ParkNASwindonWiltshireChapman Taylor Partners
26001994Black Eagle Wharf HousingNALondonLondonCD Partnership
26011994Marylebone High Street No40/41 RefurbMarylebone Road nos 40-41LondonLondonHuw Owen
26021994Guys Hospital Zenith House Roof InspectionBorough High StreetLondonLondonNA
26031994Globe Wharf Housing Assist To PlanningGlobe WharfShad ThamesLondonPhippen Randell & Parkes
26041994Woodside WindsorWoodsideWindsorBerkshireStuart Mosscrop
26051994Butlers Wharf Gainsford Street No 59 Party WallGainsford Street No 59LondonLondonNA
26061994Pierhead Wharf (Cancelled)NALondonLondonNA
26071997Butlers Wharf Old Spice Quay Jetty/Jetty 3 RepairNAShad ThamesLondonNA
26081994Milton Keynes Landlords AltsCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
26091994New Malden Apex Tower RefurbishmentHigh StreetNew MaldenSurreyNA
26101994Longman HQ Harlow New BridgeEdinburgh WayHarlowEssexCD Partnership
26111994Oxford Templeton College Uwe Kitzinger AltsNAKenningtonOxfordshireAlastair Mackenzie Milne
26121994Central Veterinary Laboratory Blgd.26 & 100 MAFFWoodham Lane New HawWeybridgeSurreyNA
26131994Butlers Wharf Building A-D CoresButlers WharfShad ThamesLondonNA
26141994Brunel Centre House Of FraserNASwindonWiltshireChapman Taylor Partners
26151994British Museum King Edward Blg Risers Struc SurveyGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonFrank Timothy & Partners
26161994British Museum King Edward Blg New Entrance SurveyGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonBrownson Cross Bradley Hole
26171994Milton Keynes Unit 115Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBerkshirePlanning Design Development Architects
26181994British Museum Nereid Gallery 7Great Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
26191994Peterborough Hospital ScannerThorpe RoadPeterboroughCambridgeshireNA
26201995Milton Keynes Disney StoreCentral Milton Keynes shopping BuildingMilton KeynesBerkshireWintersgill & Faulkner
26211995Milton Keynes Unit 3-4 La SenzaMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBerkshireMartin Branston & Co
26221995Victoria & Albert Museum Reading Room GalleryNASouth KensingtonLondonNA
26231995House Of Commons Feasibility StudyNAWestminsterLondonCecil Denny Highton & Partners
26241995Milton Keynes Unit 7 Wax LyricalMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton Keynes BerkshirePlanning Design Development
26251995British Museum Gallery 12 ReinstatementGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonCole Thompson Associates
26261995British Museum Manuscript Room ArchesGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
26271995British Museum Mounters StudioGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonBritish Museum Arch & Building Services
26281995Eldon Square Eldon Way unit 13C First SportEldon WayNewcastle Upon TyneNAEldon Forsyth Associates
26291995Cambridge University History Library Fire EscapesCambridge University CampusCambridge CambridgeshireNA
26301995Milton Keynes Unit 19 (2) - AdlestonesMilton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBerkshireColin Williams Design
26311995Milton Keynes New LookCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBerkshireDavid G Nicholls Design
26321995Saffron Wharf Shad Thames Design LoadingsNAShad ThamesLondonGoddard Manton Partnership
26331995Kings Square Turnpike House & President HouseGoswell RoadIslingtonLondonIslington Borough Council tech & Environ Services
26341995Hounslow Key Site OneAlexandra RoadHounslowMiddlesexChapman Taylor Partners
26351995Cambridge University Library Aoi Pavilion Ext'nCambridge UniversityCambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe & Murray
26361995Cambridge University Library St.3 h.1 West Ext'nCambridge UniversityCambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe Murray
26371995Friary Shopping Centre St Dominic Square GuildfordSt Dominic SquareGuildfordSurreyChapman Taylor Partners
26381995Museum Of MankindBurlington Gardens No.6LondonLondonFrank Timothy Associates
26391995Borehamwood Sports CentreElstree WayBorehamwoodHertfordshireFaulkner-Browns
26401995Bushy Sports Centre - AbandonedHigh StreetBushyHertsfordshireFaulkner-Browns
26411995Furzefield Leisure Centre - AbandonedMutton LanePotters BarHertsfordshireFaulkner-Browns
26421995The Aldwych No.1 Structural Survey AbandonedThe Aldwych No.1LondonLondonCD Partnership
26431995Rose House Coach HouseSouth Street No 6Talleshunt D'ArcyEssexNA
26441995Hanley Shopping Centre Lewis's StoreNAHanleyStoke On TrentNA
26451995IBM Warwick Reception UpgradeBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireGMH Rock Townsend
26461995Eldon Square High Friars RemodellingEldon Square Shopping CentreNewcastle upon TyneMidlandsLeslie Jones Architect
26471995Eldon Square Unit 13C Eldon WayEldon Way Eldon Sq Shopping CentreNewcastle upon TyneMidlandsNA
26481995Eldon Square Unit 24 Millies Cookies Blackett BrdgBlackett Bridge Eldon Sq Shopping CentreNewcastle upon TyneMidlandsSue Wheldon Architects
26491995Hull University Escape StairsHull University CampusHullHumbersideNA
26501995IBM Warwick Hardstanding & Pedestrian CrossoverBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireAlan Murray Associates
26511995Cambridge University Chemistry BldgCambridge CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireNicholas Ray Associates
26521995Tilekiln Farm Essex Chimney BreastFinchingfieldBraintreeEssexNA
26531995British Museum Egyptian Storage Area FloorsGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
26541995Butlers Wharf Survey W11 Anise,Burma W7/8/9/JettysShad ThamesSouthwickGreater LondonBUJ Architects
26551995Milton Keynes Feature PylonsCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireDI Design & Development Consultants
26561995Hanley Shopping Centre the Potteries Factory ShopThe PotteriesHanleyStoke On TrentAbbey Hanson Rowe
26571995Brunel Shopping Centre Cladding RailsNASwindonWiltshireChapman Taylor Partners
26581995Marylebone High St. 55-57 Conran Shop/RestaurantMarylebone High Street Nos.55-57LondonLondonCD Partnership
26591995Homerton Hospital Theatre StoreNALondonLondonAK Design Partnership
26601995Cambridge University Biochemisty Lab RelocationCambridge CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireRH Partnership Architects
26611995Eldon Square Shopping Centre Argos - AbandonedNewgate Mall Food CourtNewcastle Upon TyneTyne & WearLeslie Jones Architects
26621995Eldon Square Unit 2 Stead & Simpson (see 1643)Douglas Way Eldon SquareNewcastle Upon TyneTyne & WearNA
26631995Chase Farm Hospital Internal Wall Cracks - AbandonedThe Ridgeway, Faculty of Health StudiesEnfieldMiddlesexNA
26641996Cardinal Vaughan Menorial School New Build Extn.Addison Road No 89LondonLondonDavid Lyall & Colin Winter
26651995Cambridge University Library Main Entrance/ExhibCambridge University CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe & Murray
26661996Brunel Centre Landlords AlterationsNASwindonWiltshireChapman Taylor Partners
26671996British Museum West Wing Enabling WorksGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
26681996St James Park Underground Station RefurbishmentNALondonLondonNA
26691996Milton Keynes Unit 182(5)Central Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
26701996Milton Keynes Unit 185Central Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
26711996Wakefield The Ridings Express Site Extension - AbandonedThe Ridings Shopping CentreWakefieldYorkshireLeslie Jones Architects
26721996Design Museum Blueprint Cafe ExtensionShad Thames no 28SouthwarkGreater LondonCD Partnership
26731996British Museum NE Stairs Scaffold LoadingGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
26741996British Museum Fire Alarm & Emergency LightingGreat Russel StreetCamdenLondonBowyer Langlands Batchelor
26751996Brunel Centre House of Frazer 2nd Fl Mezzanine - Havelock EuropaBrunel CentreSwindonBerkshireHavelock Europa plc
26761996Clarkes Mews No.4 Domestic RefurbClarkes Mews No 4LondonLondonCD Partnership
26771996The Friary Shopping Centre Bus Station Slab - GuildfordSt Dominic SquareGuildfordSurreyNA
26781996Tottenham Hale Station ForecourtFerry LaneTottenham HaleLondonJohn Lyall Architects
26791996Reed School Block 3B RefurbishmentOrphanage RoadWatfordHertfordshireNA
26801996Kings Square Galway,Grayson & Rahere HousesPleydell Estate?FinsburyLondonIslington Council Architectural Services
26811996Longmans Temporary Generator HousingEdinburgh WayHarlowEssexHamilton Associates
26821996Excel Logistics (Was Mothercare) Floor LoadingsPark Farm Enterprise ZoneWellingboroughNorthamptonshireNA
26831996Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School 2 storey infill Bl - WC ProjectAddison Road No.89Notting Hill KensingtonGreater LondonDavid Lyall Colin Winter
26841996Building Centre RepairsStore Street no.26LondonLondonHook Whitehead Stanway
26851996British Museum King Edward VII Stone StoreGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
26861996Milton Keynes Unit 78EF LilywhitesMilton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireMark ALford Associates
26871996British Museum North American Gallery (Library A1)Great Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
26881996House Of Commons Phases D,E & FNAWestminsterGreater LondonCecil Denny Highton
26891996ITL Hartcliffe (Was Wills Tobacco)Wills Tobacco Factory SiteBristolAvonTurner Associates
26901996Conran Warehouse AlterationsMerton Park EstateLondonLondonNA
26911996Brunel Centre Unit MSU1 House of Fraser RefitBrunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireNA
26921996Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place FenwicksRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentWiliam Nimmo & Partners
26931996Butlers Wharf Building A-D 1st Fl Fire DamageShad ThamesLondonLondonNA
26941996British Museum Fire Alarm & Emergency LightingGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonBowyer Langlands Batchelor
26951996Greenwich Church Street Nos.4-6Greenwich Church StreetGreenwichGreater LondonChapman Taylor Partners
26961996Lyndhyrst Road No.28 Retaining WallLyndhyrst RoadLondonLondonNA
26971996Cambridge University LibraryWest RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireFaulkner Brown Pearce Howe Murray
26981996Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Cafe GiardinoMilton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireV & A Designs
26991996East Workshops Welbeck NottinghamshireNAWelbeck Nr WorksonNottinghamshireJohn Outram Associates
27001996Long Lane No.90 FinchleyLong LaneFinchleyLondonDerek Yeadon
27011996Brunel Centre Swindon Sainsburys AlterationsBrunel Centre Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireNA
27021996Potters Bar Scout Hut & Shenley Hospital Church - SurveyMimms Hall Road Scout HutPotters BarHertsfordshireNA
27031996Our Lady of Victories Church Kensington - CracksKensington High StreetKensingtonLondonNA
27041996Cambridge University Centre MonitorGranta PlaceCambridgeCambridgeshireNA
27051996Haymarket Roof Extension - Haymarket PublishingHammersmith Road No.174HammersmithLondonCD PArtnership
27061996Tower House The StrandThe StrandLondonLondonRolfe Judd Group Practice
27071996Beak Street Nos 42-44 Front EntranceBeak Street Nos 42-44LondonLondonCD Partnership
27081996Brunel Centre Swindon Dillons AlterationsBrunel CentreSwindonWiltshireDillons UK Ltd
27091996Cambridge University Biochemistry GlasshouseCambridge University CampusCambridgeCambridgeshireRH Partnership
27101996British Museum Sect.F Peripheral Properties Link 5 - FAEL InstallationsRussel Square 38-42WestminsterLondonNA
27111996British Museum Western Asiatic Area PlantroomGreat Russel StreetCamdenLondonNA
27121996British Museum 70 Series Plantroom SupportsGreat Russel StreetWEestminsterLondonNA
27131997European Academy Grovenor Place - AbandonedGrovenor Place Nos 8-9LondonLondonAllford Hall Monaghan Morris
27141996Broxbourne Sailing CLubKing Edward's Road No.19WareHertfordshireChapman Taylor Partners
27151997Doncaster Leisure Centre Design Check New Opening - The DomeBawtry Road The DomeDoncasterYorkshireNA
27161996Cambridge University Centre Plant on RoofGranta PlaceCambridgeCambridgeshireNA
27171997Bernheimer Munich Restaurant RefitNAMunichGermanyCDP
27181996Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Levi Strauss - Units 15 & 16Central Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMidland Shopfitters Ltd
27191996British Museum Data Network Builders WorksGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27201996Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Capolito RomaCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
27211996Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre West ForecourtElephant & Castle Shopping CentreElephant & CastleLondonSteve Harrison
27221996Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Levi StraussCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireQueensway
27231996Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Discovery StoreCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireD Gray Shopfitters
27241996Swan Shopping Centre Yardley (was Tivoli Birmingham)Swan Shopping CentreYardleyMidlandsReeks Sinclair
27251996IBM Warwick CSC & SD UPS/CPS (N+1) ProjectBirmingham RoadWarwickWarwickshireAlan Murray Associates
27261996Wycombe Sports Centre New Plant Room RoofNAWycombeBuckinghamshireNA
27271996Milton Keynes Shopping Building Sunglass HutMilton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
27281997Horsham Leisure Centre Swimming PoolNAHorshamSussexFaulkner-Browns
27291997House Of Commons Vote Office Damp InspectionNAWestminsterLondonCecil Denny Highton
27301996Royal Holloway Collage Athlone ReceptionRoyal Holloway Collage CampusEghamSurreyNA
27311966British Museum King Edward Building Heirs of RomeGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27321997De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill RefurbishmentMarinaBexhill-on-SeaSussexJohn McAslan & Partners
27331997The Manor House, Crooms Hill, GreenwichCrooms HillGreenwichGreater LondonHook Whitehead Associates
27341997Milton Keynes Sports DivisionSilbury Arcade no.131 MK Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMonro Cruickshank Macgregor
27351997Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre LiftsNAElephant & CastleLondonHarrison Architects
27361997British Museum Sector E North Corridor TrenchGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonBritish Museum
27371996British Museum King Edward Building Key PoundGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27381997City Road Development Peregrine House Roof Plant - AbandonedNAIsingtonLondonNA
27391997British Museum Kings Library Statue MoveGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27401997Wadhurst Park Greenhouse & Vestibule - FoundationsNAWadhurstKentJohn Outram Associates
27411997British Museum Great Court Pipework Diversions - North RoadGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonBritish Museum
27421997Odessa WharfNAGreenwichLondonFletcher Priest Architects
27431997British Museum South & West Corridor TrenchesGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27441997Kensington Park Road No.122 Paul Smith Shop122 Kensington Park RoadLondonLondonSophie Hicks SH Ltd Architects
27451997Frimley Road Camberley DevelopmentFrimley RoadCamberleySurreyBroadway Malyan Architects
27461997British Museum King Edward Bldg Stone ConservationGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonFraser Brown MacKenna
27471997Oakhill House Phase II ModificationsNAHildenboroughKentDyer Brown
27481997Norwich Riverside Pool - AbandonedNANorwichNorfolkFaulknerBrowns
27491997British Museum Restaurant Stairs Alterations - South West Fire Escape Stair XIIGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonFrank Timothy Associates
27501997Cambridge University Library North West CornerNACambridgeCambridgeshireHarry FaulknerBrown Pearce Howe Murray
27511997British Museum Relocation of No 2 Calorifier RoomGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonBLB
27521997Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre Crack MonitoringElephant & Castle Shopping CentreElephant & CastleLondonHarrison Architects
27531997Southside Blackheath Inspection & ReportNABlackheathLondonHook Whitehead Associates
27541997Cambridge University Fitzwilliam Museum - Cyriot GalleryTrumpington StreetCambridgeCambridgeshireBowyer Langlands Batchelor
27551997British Museum Sprinkler TanksGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27561997Times Drawing Office Maddox StreetMaddox Street No.15LondonLondonNA
27571997Sloane Avenue Nos 84-86 Paul Smith ShopSloane Avenue 84-86LondonLondonSH Architects
27581997Gower Mews Mansions No.14Gower Mews 14LondonLondonNA
27591997The Moat School - St Marks Fulham Day School RedevelopmentBishop's AvenueFulhamLondonJohn McAslan & Partners
27601997British Museum Archroom & Kings Library Book MoveGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27611997British Museum Temporary Heating SupplyGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27621997British Museum New Energy Centre Gas SupplyGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27631997Pembroke Gardens No 12Pembroke GardensKensingtonGreater LondonSeth Stein
27641997Riding House Street 37-49Riding House SreetLondonLondonBlair Eastwick
27651997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Colonnade ColumnCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
27661977Shewsbury Lane No.10 London SurveyShrewsbury LaneLondonLondonConran Design
27671997Building Centre Ground Floor Car DisplayNA LondonLondonNA
27681997Patshull Road No.18 London Structural AdvicePatshull RoadLondonLondonHenry Hertzberg
27691997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Marks & Spencers 2nd Floor ExtensionSunset Walk Saxon Gate EastMilton KeynesBerkshireLewis & Hickey
27701997British Museum Roof Top Services RacetrackGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27711997Telford TheatreNATelfordNAJohn Outram
27721997Elephant & Castle Station RedevelopmentElephant & Castle Shopping CentreElephant & CastleLondonHarrison Architects
27731997British Museum Sector E Electrical Infrastructure - North Corridor TrenchGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27741997Esso House Leatherhead - Atrium RoofErmyn WayLeatherheadSurreyNA
27751997British Museum Great Court Drainage/Water ServicesGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27761997Manchester Airport Terminal 2NAManchesterMidlandsChapman Taylor Partners
27771997British Museum Duveen Slip Room and Room 2 - Riser D9Great Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
27781997British Museum Ventilation to Egyptian Antiquities OfficeGreat Russel StreetLondonLondonNA
27791997Royal Academy of Arts - Sensation ExhibitionBurlington HousePiccadillyLondonSophie Hicks Ltd Architects
27801997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre 33 Silbury Arcade Sub-Division - HammellsCentral Milton Keynes Shopping BuildingsMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
27811997British Museum Sector 8 Inner North S roomsGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27821997Esavian House 181 High Holborn181 High HolbornHigh HolbornLondonJohn McAslan and Partners
27831997British Museum Temporary Control RoomGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27841997British Museum Substation BGreat Russel streetWestminsterLondonNA
27851997ACM Cinema CityNANANAGensler
27861997British Museum FAEL contract 2Great Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27871997British Museum CCTV Final Control RoomGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27881997British Museum BMD 599F Electrical Infrastructure New Sector F RisersGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27891997British Museum BMD 517 Fire Precaution Projects Annual Base OrderGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27901997British Museum BMD 599 M & E Engineering Infrastructure ProjectGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27911997British Museum BMD 5172 Security Project Annual Base OrderGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27921997Holland Park Mews No.35 London35 Holland Park MewsLondonLondonSeth Stein Architects
27931997Piper Building Unit 58NAFulhamLondonSeth Stein Architects
27941997British Museum BMD599A Sector A Electrical InfrastructureGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
27951997House of Commons Refreshment Department Phase ENAWestminsterLondonCecil Denny Highton
27961997House of Commons Refreshment Department Phase FNAWestminsterLondonCecil Denny Highton
27971997Doncaster Leisure Park The Dome New Flume RidesNADoncasterYorkshireDoncaster Council
27981997Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre Link BridgeNAElephant & CastleLondonNA
27991997Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre Coronation BingoNAElephant & CastleLondonNA
28001997Egyptian House Sphinx Hill MoulsfordSphinx HillMoulsfordOxfordshireJohn Outram Associates
28011997Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre Bowl Entrance & PubNAElephant & CastleLondonHarrison Architects
28021997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Unit 1 New Hole for Spiral StaircaseCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireDavid Coles
28031997Elephant & Castle Lightwell InfillElephant & Castle Shopping CentreElephant & CastleLondonHArrison Architects
28041997Exeter University Applied Science BuildingNANANANA
28051998British Museum Proposed Fire Escape (X4) Arch RoomGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonPurcell Miller Tritton
28061998The Potteries Shopping Centre Lewis's HanleyThe Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentHaskoll and Company
28071998British Museum Voids Survey Phase 2Great Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
28081998Pembridge Place Bennis House W2 Staircase BalustradingPembridge Place No 5LondonLondonS H Architects
28091997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Unit 1G Alterations to Existing UnitCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
28101997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Unit 344Central Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
28111997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Queens Court & Market Square GlazingCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
28121997Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Unit 115G New StaircaseCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
28131998Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre Pinklands Unit 223Jermyn Street No 91Elephant and CastleLondonStephen Harrison
28141998FCLR - HANLEYThe Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke On TrentHaskoll and Company
28151998British Museum Temporary Toilets South West AreaGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonBritish Museum Architects
28161998Delta 1200 SwindonDelta Business ParkSwindonWiltshireRolf Judd
28171998Downs House Stoke-by-Nayland Suffolk Repairs to existing DwellingNAStoke by NaylandSuffolkNicholas Ray Associates
28181998Wheat Wharf Butlers WharfWheat Wharf Butlers WharfShad ThamesLondonBUJ Architects
28191998Conran Shop 12-13 Conduit StreetConduit Street Nos 12-13LondonLondonCD Partnership
28201998Pimlico Road No 91 LondonPimlico Road No 91LondonLondonNA
28211998British Museum BMD 599X Sectors B C & F Roof Lighting and WalkwayGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonBowyer Langlands Batchelor
28221998British Museum BMD 599X Sectors A & E Roof Lighting & WalkwayGreat Russel StreetWestminsterLondonBowyer Langlands Batchelor
28231998British Museum Gallery 19 Roof LightsGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonArnold & Boston
28241998Wadhurst Park Extension to The New HouseThe New HouseWadhurst ParkSussexJohn Outram
28251998Aldenham Road/Bushey Grove Leisure CentreNABusheyHertfordshireFaulkner-Browns
28261998Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre Landlord MattersJermyn StreetElephant & CastleLondonNA
28271998British Museum Coins and Medals Cooling TowerGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
28281998Kiftsgate Court Chipping Camden GloucestershireNAChipping CamdenGloucestershireHugh Broughton Architects
28291998Blackfriars No 74NANANASeth Stein ARchitects
28301998British Museum 42 Russell SquareRussell Square No 42WestminsterLondonNA
28311998Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Unit 1G Northern RockCenral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
28321998Ipswich AirportNANANAJohn McAslan & Partners
28331998Hannover SculptureNANANANA
28341998British Museum Escape Stair X10Great Russell StreetWestminsterLondoRobert Warren
28351998Bartholomew SquareNANANAMicheal Blair
28361998Royal Holloway College Athlone HallNAEghamSurreyNA
28371998British Museum Room 7 CracksGreat Russell StreetWetminsterLondonNA
28381998Langley Court No 9Langley CourtCovent GardenLondonNA
28391998Shorrolds Road Nos 2-6Shorrolds RoadLondonLondonSeth Stein ARchitects
28401998Cleveland Square N0 25 Flats 2 and 4Cleveland SquareLondonNASophie Hicks
28411998Havant Meridian Centre - AbandonedNANANAChapman Taylor
28421998Butlers Wharf Cayenne CourtButlers WharfLondonNABUJ Architects
28431998Tulse Hill107 Tulse HillNANAA D Architects
28441998Cambridge University Biochemistry Part 1 RelocationNANANARH Partnership
28451998British Museum Sector D Roof, Racetrack ExtensionGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
28461998Farrier Street No.1Farrier StreetCamden townLondonAuletta & Chancler
28471998Watford Football Club Annual Survey of Public Access StructuresVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireNA
28481998Cromwell Gardens No 11 1st Floor Flat CracksCromwell GardensLondonLondonNA
28491998Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Unit 78 Simon PhotographicsCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
28501998Portland Road No 74 London W11Portland Road No 74LondonLondonSH Architects
28511998British Museum FAEL 3Great Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
28521998Erith Swimming CentreNABexleyKentFaulknerBrowns
28531998Glassworks Gymnasium CambridgeNANACambridgeCD Partnership
28541998British Museum KEB Basement StudyGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonRobert Warren
28551998Amwell Street - AbandonedNANANAJohn McAslan and Partners
28561998Hesketh Pool Easton NestonNANANANA
28571998Hopton StreetHopton StreetNANASeth Stein Architects
28581998John Lewis Hanley Redevelopment Tenant's SubmissionNAHanleyNANA
28591998James Stirling FoundationNorth Gower StreetLondonLondonNA
28601998Milton Keynes Shopping Centre 27 Crown WalkCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
28611998Hyde Vale No 46Hyde Vale No 46LondonNANA
28621998British Museum Elevation Enhancement WorksGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonButress Fuller Alsop Williams
28631998LeBon GarageUpper Richmond RoadLondonLondonSophie Hicks
28641998Eaton Place Flat 4 LondonEaton Place No71-73LondonLondonCD Partnership
28651998Manchester Sculpture - Nothing BuiltNANANANA
28661998British Museum Sector D Level 7 Parapet WalkwayGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
28671998The Ridings Shopping Centre Wakefield External SignsThe RidingsWakefieldMidlandsWorkman & Partners
28681998British Museum Gallery 71 DoorwayGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonBowyer Langlands Batchelor
28691998East Workshop WelbeckNAWelbeckNottinghamshireJohn Outram Architects
28701998Farnborough WarehouseClockhouse RoadFarnboroughHantsNA
28711998British Museum North American Gallery ShowcaseGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
28721998Louisville Road No 7Louisville Road No 7LondonLondonNA
28731998Bloomsbury Street No 58Bloomsbury Street No 58LondonLondonNA
28741998Milton Keynes Shopping Centre 27-29 Crown WalkCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
28751998Hyde Vale No 65Hyde Vale No 65LondonLondonNA
28761998Golden Lane Offices of Michael Blair AssociatesGolden Lane No 88LondonLondonNA
28771998Whistles LtdNANANASeth Stein Architects
28781998Cathcart RoadCathcart RoadNANANA
28791998Sale PlaceSale PlaceNANAADS Associates
28801998Lyntonia House, Praed Street No 7-97-9 Praed StreetLondonLondonADS Associates
28811998Devonshire HouseNANANANA
28821998Abbotsbury Road No 13Abbotsbury Road No 13LondonLondonHugh Broughton Associates
28841999British Museum BMD 106 Sprinkler Pumps InstallationGreat Russel StreetLondonNAT G Armstrong & Partners
28851998Grosvenor Avenue No 39Grosvenor Avenue No 39LondonLondonVassallo Mellor Parris
28861999Elephant And Castle Bowling ClubElephant and Castle Shopping CentreElephant and CastleLondonHarrison Architects
28871999La PolynesieNANANASophie Hicks
28881999London Underground Access LiftsNANANANA
28891999University of East Anglia Add Accomodation at Queens & Elizabeth FryNANorwichNAJohn Miller & Partners
2890NAHavant Shopping Centre Meridian Centre InfillNANANAChapman Taylor Partners
28911999De La Warr Pavillion Bexhill Theatre RefurbishmentNABexhill-on-SeaSussexJohn McAslan and Partners
28921999British Museum - East Stair P5Great Russell StreetLondonNAFrank Tomothy Associates
28931999Cambridge University University Centre KitchenNACambridgeCambridgeshireRHP
28941999British Museum White Wing Fire Staircase X8Great Russel StreetLondonNARWCA
28951999Quatro 2 Frimley Road, CamberleyFrimley RoadCamberleySurreyBroadway Malyan Architects
28961999James Henderson HouseNANANANA
28971999Cambridge University Fire PrecautionsNACambridgeCambridgeshireNA
28981999Wadhurst Park VerandaThe New HouseWadhurst ParkSussexJohn Outram Architects
28991999Lambollo Road No 15Lambollo Road No 15Belsize ParkNAADS Architects
29001999Walsall Bus StationNAWalsallNAAlford Hall Monaghan Morris
29011999British Museum Railing ReinstatementGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonButtress Fuller Alsop Williams
29021999British Museum East Wall Riser 34Great Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
29031999Addison Avenue No 31Addison AvenueLondonLondonDerek Yeadon Furnitures
29041999Rose CottageVale of HealthHampsteadLondonHenry Hook Associates
29051999British Museum Proposed Walkway DisplacementGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
29061999Butlers Wharf Building Flat AlterationsButlers WharfLondonLondonHarper Mckay
29071999Westland Place No 3-11Westland PlaceLondonLondonADS Architects
29081999Cambridge University Library Stage 3 Phase 4 SW CornerNACambridgeCambridgeshireTheHarry Faulkner-Brown Howe Partnership
29091999Butlers Wharf JettiesShad ThamesLondonLondonBUJ Architects
29101999Building Centre (Nova) Third Floor Conference RoomNANANANA
29111999Westbourne Grove ShopsWestbourne GroveLondonNASophie Hicks Ltd
29121999Farm Avenue No. 18Farm AvenueLondonNANA
29131999British Museum MPHW Pump UpgradeGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
29141999Shires, TrowbridgeNATrowbridgeWiltshireHaskoll & Company
29151999Cambridge University Department of Chemistry (JIF)NACambridgeCambridgeshireNicholas Ray Associates
29161999Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Lillywhites New OpeningCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBerkshireNA
29171999Swiss CottageNALondonNAFaulknerBrowns/PRP Architects
29181999British Museum Korean GalleryGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonDevereux
29191999Whistles Chelsea W8Kings Road No 31ChelseaLondonSeth Stein Architects
29201999Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Carousel (did not progress)Central Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireDTZ Debenham Thorpe
29211999Cambridge University University Centre Roof TerraceNACambridgeCambridgeshireNA
29221999British Museum Advertising Towers north side of KEVII BuildingGreat Russell StreetWestminsterLondonNA
29231999Sloane Square Nos. 32/33Sloane SquareLondonLondonS H Ltd Architects
29241999Butlers Wharf East JettiesNANANABUJ Architects
29251999Stowe SchoolNAStoweBuckinghamshireFaulknerBrowns
29261999Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Bay TradingCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
29272000British Museum FAEL 4Great Russel StreetWestminsterLondonNA
29282000Habitat Milton KeynesNAMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireDebenham Tie Leung
29292000Dagmar Terrace No. 10B Terraced House10B Dagmar TerraceLondonNAHook Whitehead Associates
29302000Cambridge University Chemistry Building Fire PrecautionsNACambridgeCambridgeshireNA
29312000Wycombe Sports Centre Basketball Goals InvestigationNAHigh WycombeBuckinghamshireNA
29322000Eurocentre Cambridge Advice62 Bateman StreetCambridgeCambridgeshireNA
29332000Aldgate House London New Offices33 Aldgate High StreetLondonLondonPRC Fewster
29342000Elliot HousePark RoyalLondonNASophie Hicks Ltd Architects
29352000British Museum Sarangbang WeightsGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
29362000Ennismore Gardens Flats 28 & 29 Wall Opening28/29 Ennismore GardensLondonLondonSystematic Designs Ltd
29372000De La Warr Pavilion, BexhillMarinaBexhill-on-SeaSussexJohn McAslan & Partners
29382000Thames & Hudson - Mezzanine FloorClockhouse RoadFarnboroughHampshireNA
29392000WOOLWORTH - MILTON KEYNESCMKSC, Silver BoulavadeMilton KeynesBerksDTZ Debenham Tie Leung
29402000CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY - BIOCHEMISTRYTennis Court RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireR H Partnership Architects
29422000BRITISH MUSEUM - SECTOR B RISER B2Great Russell StreetLondonNAArnold & Boston
29432000UNVERSITY CENTREMill LaneCambridgeCambridgeshireSherriff Tiplady Associates
29442000QUEEN MARY SCULPTURE (Queen Mary and Westfield college)Mile End RoadLondonNAWendy Taylor
29472000WHISTLES, KING STREET, MANCHESTERKing StreetManchesterNASeth Stein
29482000WHISTLES, ST JOHNS WOOD, HIGH STREETHigh StreetLondonNASeth Stein
29492000J D SPORTS - CMKSCSilbury ArcadeMilton KeynesBucksJudge Gill Design Associates
29502000Royal Navy Submarine Museum, GosportHaslar Jetty RoadGosportHantsRobert Warren Chartered Architects
29512000CMKSC - PYLON & CUBE SIGNSCMKSC - Silvery BoulavadeMilton KeynesBucksAustin Reynolds Signs Ltd
29522000BRITISH MUSEUM - GALLERY 7 & 20 CRACKSGreat Russell StreetLondonNANA
29532000BRITISH MUSEUM - RAMP & SHUTTERGreat Russell StreetLondonNANA
29542000British Museum - Display Cabinet at North StairGreat Russell StreetLondonNAGeoff Pickup - British Museum
29552000THE RIDINGS - WAKEFIELDGeorge StreetWakefieldYorkshireV & A Design
29572000British Museum - Roof Means of EscapeGreat Russell StreetLondonNANA
29582000Delta 1100 - SwindonWelton RoadSwindonWiltshireRolfe Judd Architecture
29592000Zion HouseSalisbury RoadShrewtonWiltshireARTS, LETTRES, TECHNIQUES
29602000Jubilee Waterside Centre105 Camley StreetLondonNATheis & Khan
29612000South Downs Business ParkNANANANA
296220008 Chalcot Gardens8 Chalcot Gardens - Flat 2LondonNANA
29632000107 Priory RoadPriory RoadLondonNAARTS, LETTRES, TECHNIQUES
29642000House of Commons Refreshment Department Phase G1 Cannon RowLondonWestminsterCecil Denny Highton
29652000Coram FieldsGuildford StreetLondonNATheis & Khan
29662001Ling House14 Dominion StreetLondonNAPRC Fewster
29672001Butlers Wharf Building Flat 117Flat 117 Butlers Wharf Building, Shad ThamesLondonNAHM2
29682001centre:mk - Next Unit Alterationscentre:mkMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
29692001Access Storage - Tower BridgeTower BridgeLondonGreater LondonSBT Architects
29702001Fast Retailing UK, Oxford Street301 - 309 Oxford StreetLondonNAConran & Partners
29712001Fast Retailing UK - WimbledonThe Broadway, WimbledonLondonNAConran & Partners
29722001Fast Retailing UK - Richmond (not progressing at the moment) - AbandonedNANANAConran & Partners
29732001Fast Retailing UK - Knightsbridge163 - 169 Brompton RoadLondonNAConran & Partners
2974200149 Elgin CrescentElgin CrescentLondonNASophie Hicks Architects
29752001St Columba's ChurchPont StreetLondonNAJohn MacAslan & Partners
2976200134 Gladwell RoadGladwell RoadLondonNAARTS, LETTRES, TECHNIQUES
2977200184 Colebrook Row84 Colebrook RowLondonNASeth Stein Architects
29782001Flat 3, 8 Belsize Lane8 Belsize LaneLondonNADavid Russell Architect
29792001Paul Smith Stairs40 Floral Street & 120 Kensington Park RoadLondonNAsophie Hicks Architects
29802001Butts/Burger KingElephant & CastleLondonNAHarrison Architects
29812001CMKSC - Reconfiguration Halfordscentre:mkMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireDTZ Debenham Tie Leung
2982200118 - 21 Betterton StreetBetterton StreetLondonNAIan McChesney Ltd
29832001Next - The Potteries Shopping Centre - HanleyNAHanleyStoke on TrentHaskoll
29842001Watford Football ClubVicarage RoadWatfordHertfordshireNA
2985200152 Kelso PlaceKelso PlaceLondonNASeth Stein Architects
29862001Cavalier House - EalingUxbridge RoadLondonEalingPDD Archtiects
29872001Wadhurst ConservatoryWadhurst Park, Marghew FarmTenterdenKentJohn Outram Associates
2988200155 Stockwell Park RoadStockwell Park RoadLondonNANA
29892001Cayenne Court PoolLafone Street, Butlers WharfLondonNAOSEL
29902001Churchill house - Holborn35 Red Lion SquareLondonHolbornNA
29912001New Look - centre:mkNAMilton KeynesBucksDTZ Debenham Tie Leung
29922001Harbour ExchangeCanary Wharf, South QuayLondonNARolfe Judd Architects
2993200136 St Mary's Gardens36 St Mary's GardensLondonNADavid Russell Architects
29942001British Museum - Large Objects WorkshopGreat Russell StreetLondonNABritish Museum APMP
29952001Windsor - Phase 3NAWindsorBerkshireFaulkerbrowns
29962001Cranbourne HouseCranbourne Industrial EstatePotters BarHertsNA
2997200174 Jermyn Street74 Jermyn StreetLondonNANA
29982001New Signs - centre:mkMidsummer ArcadeMilton KeynesBucksAustin Reynolds Signs
2999200121 Lancaster GateLancaster GateLondonNARupert Burrows
30002001The Ridings Wakefield - Staircase S13The RidingsWakefieldYorkshireNA
30012001Cayenne Court FitoutLafone StreetLondonNAOSEL
30022001Lafferty's Reconfiguration - centre:mkMidsummer ArcadeMilton KeynesBucksDTZ Debenham Tie Leung
30032001West Quay Shopping Centre - Southampton - New Lift - Unit SU44West Quay Shopping CentreSouthamptonNAClive Blass Design Consultants
30042001British Museum Sector D Racetrack - AbandonedGreat Russell StreetLondonNANA
30052001The Potteries shopping Centre - Hanley - Unit 132The Potteries Shopping CentreHanleySoke on TrentNA
30062001The Potteries Shopping Centre - DNAThe Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
3007200184 Regent Street84 Regent StreetLondonNAttg Architects
30082001Container bases - centre:mkCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesNANA
30092001Health Unit - centre:mk - CancelledCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesNANA
30102001Western Avenue - ActonWestern AvenueLondonActonBarton Willmore
30112001Tonbridge Club120 Cromer StreetLondonNATheis & Khan
30122001170 Haverstock Hil170 Haverstock HillLondonNAA D Architects
30132001Esavian House181A High HolbornLondonNAIan McChesney Ltd
30142001Aldgate House - Roof Extension33 Aldgate High StreetLondonNAHaskoll & Company
301520017c Praed Street7c Praed StreetLondonNANA
30162001Octobre Properties - SalfordNANANAClerici Associates
30172001Havant Bank - Janvier Properties15 North StreetHavantHantsClerici Associates
30182001190 Strand190 StrandLondonNAConran & Partners
30192001Liston RoadListon RaodNANATheis & Khan
30202001Hackney Community CollegeFalkirk StreetLondonLondonPerkins Ogden Architects
30212001The Central YMCA Club112 Great Russell StreetLondonNATheis & Khan
30222001University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry - Lecture Theatre No. 1Lensfield RoadCambridgeNARH Partnership
3023200121 Hamilton Terrace NW821 Hamilton TerraceLondonNATheis & Khan
30242001Embassy DohaEmbassy BoulevardDohaQatarJordan + Bateman
30252001Woolworths centre:mk - Scissor LiftCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesNANA
30262001Rose & Castle - centre:mkCentral Milton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesBucksDTZ Debenham Tie Leung
30272001Paul Smith - HeathrowTerminal 3Heathrow AirportNASophie Hicks Architects
30282001Lansdowne Crescent31 Lansdowne CrescentLondonNASeth Stein
30292001Pool House - Horringer, Sussex - ABANDONEDNAHorringerSussexNA
30302001British Museum - Honeywell Contract 3/4Great Russell StreetLondonNANA
30312002Rostrevor Mews1 Rostrevor MewsLondonNAConran & Partners
30322002Uniqlo - LeicesterNANANANA
30332002416 Butlers Wharf416 Butlers Wharf, 36 Shad ThamesLondonNADrury Browne Architects
303420025 Kemble Street (also to be known as Kean Street)5 Kemble StreetLondonNABarnard Wilson
30352002British Museum Shop Front DamageGreat Russell StreetlondonNANA
3036200266 High Street - Wimbledon66 High StreetWimbledonNANA
30372002Debenham Roof GardenPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30382002Barons KeepGlidden RaodLondonNAJohn McAslan & Partners
30392002Watford Football ClubVicarage RoadWatfordHertsNA
30402002200 Kensington Park Road200 Kensington Park RoadLondonNASeth Stein Architects
304120027 Cavendish Square7 Cavendish SquareLondonNASeth Stein Architects
3043200248 Strand on the Green48 Strand on the GreenLondonChiswickIan MacChesney Ltd
30442002Emmaus226 Elmley StreetLondonNAClive Edghill & Associates
3045200251 Kelso Place51 Kelso PlaceLondonNASeth Stein Architects
30462002Chelsea Green HotelIxworth PlaceLondonNANA
304720024 Orchard Avenue4 Orchard AvenueChishesterNAJohn Outram Associates
30482002219 Kings Road219 Kings RoadLondonNANA
30492002centre:mk Unit 133-135centre:mkMilton KeynesBucksNA
30502002centre:mk - Plasma Screencentre:mkMilton KeynesBucksNA
3051200237 Artesian Road37 Artesian RoadLondonNARupert Burrows Design Contractors
30522002Cambridge University Library - West Bookstacks Re-RoofingWest RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireHarry FaulknerBrowne Howe Partnership
30532002The Potteries Hanley - Multi-Storey Car ParkPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30542002The Potteries Hanley - New Look RelocationPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30552002Esso - Leatherhead Loading AdviceErmyn WayLeatherheadSurreyNA
30562002Oxford University - Dry Sports HallIffley RoadOxfordNAFaulknerBrowns
30572002Gieves & Hawke Loading AdviceSavile RowLondonNANA
305820021 Weatherby Place SW71 Weatherby PlaceLondonNAVAST (Paul Wallace)
30592002Topaz - centre:mkcentre:mkMilton KeynesBucksGreig & Stephenson
3060200244 Connaught Square44 Connaught SquareLondonNAJohn Outram Associates
30612002South Africa ScreensNANANASeth Stein
3062200214 - 19 Powis Mews14 - 19 Powis MewsLondonNASophie Hicks Architects
30632002Chloe - 152 Sloane Street152 - 153 Sloane StreetLondonNASophie Hicks Architects
30642002Potteries, Hanley - Repeair to mall Floor over DebenhamsPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30652002Cambridge University Library - Phase 5West RoadCambridgeNAHarry Faulkner-Brown Howe Partnership
30662002Sussex Hosue, CrawleySussex HouseCrawleySussexBarton Willmore Project Services Ltd
30672002Potteries, Hanley - Tie Rack Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
3068200231 Tite Street31 Tite StreetLondonNATheis & Khan
30692002123 Shoreditch HighStreet123 Shoreditch High StreetLondonNANA
30702002Butlers Wharf Core 5 Unit 517Butlers Wharf, Shad ThamesLondonNALambiel Associates
3071200219 Campden Hill Square19 Campden Hill SquareLondonNATheis & Khan
30722002Potteries Shopping Centre, Hanley - Multi-storey Car Park BarriersPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30732002City Plaza Entrance47 Cannon StreetBirminghamNAGlenn Howells Architects
3074200280a Lots Road80a Lots RoadLondonNANA
30752003centre:mk HMVcentre:mkMilton KeynesBucksNA
30762003centre:mk - Enabling Works for Masterplancentre:mkMilton KeynesBucksNA
30772003Unit 313 - Butlers WharfButlers Wharf, Shad ThamesLondonNAlambiel associates
307820037 Druce Road SE217 Druce RoadLondonNAIan McChesney Ltd
30792003Christopher Place1 Christopher Place, Chalton StreetLondonNAJohn McAslan & Partners
308020038 Duke Humphrey's Road8 Duke Humphreys RoadLondonNARichard Grierson
30812003Potteries, Hanley - Top ShopPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30822003Aldgate House RefurbishmentAldgate High StreetLondonNANA
30832003219 Kings Road219 Kings RoadLondonNAFarm Consultancy
30842003Debenhams Façade - Potteries, HanleyPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30852003Potteries, Hanley - Multi-storey Car Park AppraisalPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30862003100 Ledbury Road100 Ledbury RoadLondonNASeth Stein Architects
30872003Cambridge University - Plant SciencesCambridge UniversityNANAR H Partnership
30882003Cambridge University Chemistry Lecture Theatre 2 & 3Cambridge UniversityCambridgeNAR H Partnership
30892003Watford Football ClubVicarage RoadWatfordHertsNA
30902003centre:mk - Unit 92/94 Post officeNAMilton KeynesBucksWm Saunders Partnership
30912003St Thomas' Hospital Nurses Residence CourtyardLambeth Palace RoadLondonNAClive MacDonnell Landscape Design
30922003Hackney Community CollegeFalkirk StreetLondonNAMacConvilles
3093200323 Clevedon Road - Loft Conversion23 Clevedon RoadBrightonEast SussexJohn Outram Associates
30942003Flat 44 - 88 Portland Place W188 Portland PlaceLondonNASCHD - Simon Hurst
30952003centre:mk - Boots UnitNAMilton KeynesBucksNA
30962003Potteries, Hanley - Redevelopment of Toilets & CrecheNAHanleyStoke on TrentNA
30972003Potteries, Hanley - Inspection of Bridge BearingsNAHanleyStok on TrentNA
30982003centre:mk - Laura Ashley42 Midsummer ArcadeMilton KeynesBucksDTZ Debenham Tie Leung
30992003121 Butlers Wharf121 Butlers Wharf, Shad ThamesLondonNAlambiel Associates
31002003John McAslan & Partner LtdNANANAJohn McAslan & Partners Ltd
31012003Potteries, Hanley - Lower Mall SignageNAHanleyStoke on TrentNA
3102200330B Charlton Church Lane30B Charlton Church LaneLondonNANA
31032003105 Kensington Church Street105 Kensington Church StreetLondonNARupert Burrows Design Contracts
31042003Bexley Council Offices/ReceptionBroadwayBexleyheathkentChapman Taylor
31052003St Mary Moorfield - Escape Stair4-5 Eldon StreetLondonNAJane Ferra
31062003UEA - Queens Building - Services & PenetrationUniversity of East AngliaNorwichNorfolkJohn Miller & Partners LLP
31072003RIBA EnterprisesNANANAChapman Taylor
3108200353-55 Borough High Street52-55 Borough High StreetLondonNAFarm Consultancy Ltd
31092003centre:mk - Unit 86 - 8886-88 Midsummer Arcade, centre:mkMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
31102003Embassy Court, BrightonKings RoadBrightonEast SussexConran & Partners
31112003Unit 415 - Butlers WharfSuite 415 Butlers Whar, 36 Shad ThamesLondonNAPowell Tuck Associates
31122003House Extension for Robert WarrenThe Studio, Pine ViewHaslemereSurreyRobert Warren
31132003Marks & Spencer - Canary WharfUnit 16-17 Jubilee Place, Canary WharfLondonNANA
31142003Marks & Spencer - West WickhamNAWest WickhamNANA
31152003Hall Farm BarnsNANANAEd Tucker
31162003Building Centre26 Store StreetLondonNANA
311720038-10 Dryden Street8-10 Dryden StreetLondonNANA
31182003Bluebird - Kings Road350 Kings RoadLondonNAConran & Partners
3119200330 Westbourne Park Road W2Westbourne Park RoadLondonNANA
31202003Ambassador House, Bletchley219-229 QueenswayBletchleyBuckinghamshireWorkman, London
31212003Hertsmere Studio FitoutElstree Film Studios, Elstree WayBorehamwoodHertfordshireCumming Anderton Architects
31222003115 Brondesbury Road, NW6115 Brondesbury RoadLondonNANA
31232003Doncaster Leisure CentreBawtry RoadDoncasterYorkshireNA
31242003Next Extension - Potteries Shopping Centre, HanleyPotteries Shopping CentreStoke on TrentStaffordshireNA
31252003Paul Smith Shop - 84/86 Sloane Avenue SW384 - 86 Sloane AvenueLondonNASophie Hicks Architects Ltd
31262003Banbury, Unit 8, Canada CloseUnit 8, Canada CloseBanburyNANA
31272003Potteries, Hnaley - Advice on ShutterPotteries Shopping CentreStoke on TrentStaffordshireNA
31282003Paternoster Chop HousePaternoster SquareLondonNAConran & Partners
31292003centre:mk - Extended Unitcentre:mkMilton KeynesBuckinghamshirePDD Architects
3130200310 Honeybourne Road NW610 Honeybourne RoadLondonNANA
3131200331 Brooke Street31 Brooke StreetLondonNAFarm Consultancy Ltd
31322003Debenhams Façade Incident InvestigationThe Potteries Shopping CentreStoke on TrentStaffordshireNA
31332003Luton SSONALutonBedfordshireStyles & Wood
31342003Cambridge University Biochemistry - Loading CheckTennis Court RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireRHP Architects
31352003Marks & Spencer Food LlanishenNANANANA
31362003406 Butlers Wharf406 Butlers WharfLondonNAEnclosure Architects
31372004Dulwich Leisure CentreNANANAFaulknerBrowns
31382004Camberwell Leisure CentreNANANAFaulknerBrowns
31392004Seven Islands Leisure CentreNANANAFaulknerBrowns
31402004Harpur Shopping CentreNABedfordNANA
31412004The Quadrant CentreNADunstableNANA
31422004The Centre MK: MonsoonNAMilton KeynesNAClive Blass Design Construction
31432004ICA Extension, MKNAMilton KeynesNAPringle Brandon
31442004HH WarehouseNAHemel HempsteadNANA
31452004Cambridge University History FacultyNACambridgeNAJohn McAslan
31462004Cambridge University Anatomy BuildingNACambridgeNAR H Partnership
3147200425½ Wickham RoadNABrockleyNAIan McChesney
314820042 Vencourt PlaceNANANANA
31492004499 Oxford StreetNALondonNAJohn McAslan
3150200474 Little HeathNACharltonLondonMichael Hook Architects
31512004Cambridge University Chemistry LabsNACambridgeNANicholas Ray Associates
31522004De La Warr Pavilion SculptureNABexhillNANA
31542004961 Romford RoadNALondonNANA
31552004Page HouseParker StreetLondonNANA
31562004Kaleidoscope ProjectNAKingstonNANA
31572004Cator ManorNABlackheathLondonNA
31582004Cambridge HallCambridge AvenueLondonNAHiggins Gardner
31592004North Cottage, WarkworthBirling, WarkworthMorpethNorthumberlandNA
31602004144 Hemingford RoadNANANANA
31612004Potteries, River Island MSU3NANANANA
31622004Birchlands Garden RoomNANANAMatt Gibbs
31632004111 Hammersmith GroveNALondonNASeth Stein
31642004Project SugarMezzo Ltd, 100 Wardour StreetSohoLondonConran
31652004RVP Tunbridge WellsNATunbridge WellsNANA
31662004Project BentonThe Galleries Shopping CentreAldershotNABarton Willmore
3167200478 Dartmouth Park HillNALondonNANA
31682004Cambridge University Biochemistry - Phase 3NACambridgeNANA
31692004CUL : Bindery LoadingNACambridgeNANA
31702004CUL: Re-shelvingNACambridgeNANA
31712004Fleming Park, EastleighPassfield AvenueEastleighHampshireNA
31722004Mary Ward CentreQueens SquareLondonNATheis & Khan
31732004BT Stadium House, Cardiff (HPM job 13428)NACardiffNANA
31742004Wakefield (2004)The RidingsWakefieldNA Chapman Taylor LLP - Manchester
31752004HPM Projects (For invoicing only - do not use for time recording)NANANANA
31762004118 Royal College St, NW1 (For HPM: Job 13839)NANANANA
31772004C U Biochemistry - Phase 4NACambridgeNA R H Partnership Architects
31782004University of East Anglia - Research Room ConversionCampusNorwichNANA
31792004Dean Bradley HouseHorseferry RdLondonNANA
31802004St Paul's ChurchNANANANA
31812004The Junction CDCNACambridgeNANA
31822004Gormley: Standard CalcsGormley HouseWaxlow RoadLondonNA
31832004Albion RoadStoke NewingtonLondonNANA
31842004Car Showroom, AshfordNANANANA
31852004Windsor Leisure Centre - Phase 4Clewer MeadNANANA
31862004London Road, CamberleyNANANARichard Meadley Associates
31872004Daventry PoolsNADaventryNANA
31882004Monsoon For Men, Long AcreNALondonNANA
31892004Manor House, 13 Park VistaNAGreenwichLondonNA
31902004Kiers Offices, BarkingNALondonNANA
3191200442 Sterndale RoadNALondonNANA
31922004Flat 303, Butlers WharfNALondonNANA
3193200445 Collingwood House99 New Cavendish StreetLondonNANA
31942004Samuel Montagu Youth CentreNANANA Theis & Khan
31952004Bushey Grove Leisure CentreAldenham RoadBusheyHertsNA
31962004Units 19A to C, The Birches Ind EstateNAEast GrinsteadNA Workman & Partners
31972004British Museum, Gallery 5NALondonNANA
319820042 Laurier Road, NW5NALondonNA Theis & Khan
3199200458 Frognal, NW3NALondonNA Theis & Khan
32002004HPM Brick Inspection, SheffieldNASheffieldNANA
32012004Alton Towers - Pool adviceNANAStaffordshireNA
32022005Bouverie Place, FolkestoneNAFolkestoneKentNA
32032005Oxford Indoor Tennis BuildingIffley RoadOxfordNAFaulknerBrowns
32042005Cross Gates Shopping Centre: SU3 22-24Cross GatesLeedsNAHaskoll
32052005123 Stamford StreetNALondonNAPaul Wallace
32062005The Arts Educational SchoolsCone Ripman House, 14 Bath RoadChiswickLondonNA
32072005Oxford Road, Reading: Fire Investigation and Reinstatement6-34 Oxford RoadReadingBerkshireNA
3208200577 Scotts Sufferance Wharf5 Mill StreetLondonNANA
3209200535 Chesham Place35 Chesham Place, BelgraviaLondonNANA
3210200518-20 Laystall Street18-20 Laystall StreetLondonNANA
321120051B Rheidol Terrace1B Rheidol TerraceLondonNANA
32122005Cayenne Court, Courtyard - Crane Loading31 Shad ThamesLondonNANA
32132005Centre MK: River IslandNAMilton KeynesNANA
32142005Regent Square United Reform Church86 Tavistock PlaceLondonLondonTheis & Khan
32152005Centre MK: Compactor BaseNAMilton KeynesNANA
321620051 Aylesbury Rd, Walworth SE171 Aylesbury RoadLondonNANA
3217200513 Sudbrooke Road, SW1213 Sudbrooke RoadLondonNANA
32182005Centre MK: Wagamama, 7 Sunset WalkNAMilton KeynesNANA
32192005Longman's Harlow: Access GantryEdinburgh WayHarlowEssexNA
32202005Vicarage Farmhouse, AylesburyChurchwayStone, nr AylesburyBuckinghamshireNA
32212005The Birches Industrial Estate, East Grinstead (General)Imberhorne LaneEast GrinsteadWest SussexHamilton Associates
32222005Crossgates: New Retail UnitCrossgates Shopping CentreLeedsWest YorkshireHaskoll
32232005Centre MK: VirginNAMilton KeynesNANA
3224200557/58 Gilbey Road57-58 Gilbey RoadLondonNANA
322520057 Hollywood Road, SW10 9HT7 Hollywood RoadLondonNANA
3226200511 Essex Villas, W811 Essex VillasLondonNATheis & Khan
32272005Plot 8 Chichester Business ParkNAChichesterWest SussexNA
32282005Swindon: Canopy RemovalBrunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireJones Lang LaSalle
32292005CU Chemistry - Room 287Lensfield RoadCambridgeNANicholas Ray
3230200554D Graham Road, E854D Graham RoadLondonNANA
32312005Marie Foster CentreWood StreetBarnetNANA
32322005Centre MK: Monsoon90-94 Midsummer ArcadeMilton KeynesNANA
32332005Victory Services Club63-79 Seymour StreetLondonNANA
32342005Onyx Building, Cockpit YardNorthington StreetLondonNANA
3235NA3 Abbotsbury Road3 Abbotsbury RoadLondonNATheis & Khan
32362005Crossgates New SignageCrossgates Shopping CentreLeedsWest YorkshireNA
32372005Conran - Glass Balustrade22 Shad ThamesLondonNANA
32382005139 Sandycombe Road, Kew139 Sandycombe RoadRichmondSurreyNA
32392005JJB Sports, Watford High StreetNAWatfordNANA
32402005Cliftondown Shopping Centre: Car Park AdviceNABristolAvonNA
32412005Harpur Centre - ArgosThe Harpur CentreBedfordBedfordshireNA
32422005B&Q, Acton Fit-outWest 5 Centre, Western Avenue, Alliance RdLondonLondonNA
32432005Flat 6, 14 Grove Park, Camberwell14 Grove ParkCamberwellLondonNA
324420059 Wharton Street, WC19 Wharton StreetLondonLondonTheis & Khan
32452005Centre MK: Units 83-84NAMilton KeynesBedfordshireDTZ
32462005Sen - 149 King's Road149 King's RoadLondonLondonfour-by-two
32472005Lloyds, Victoria StreetVictoria StreetLondonNANA
32482005Rejuve, HeathrowRejuve LtdNANADesign Solution
32492005Blcok 9, Vestry Industrial Estate, SevenoaksVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
32502005Potteries, Hanley: DruckersThe Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
3251200548 Eaton Place, SW1Eaton PlaceLondonNANA
32522005Exchange Shopping Centre, PutneyPutney High StreetPutneyLondonGreig & Stephenson
32532005Eurocare HomesNANANAJordan & Bateman
32542005Newcastel West, LimerickNALimerickNAJordan & Bateman
3255200525 Rudall Crescent , NW3Rudall CrescentLondonNANA
32562005Aeolian & AmadeusMondial WayHeathrowLondonNA
32572005Vestry Block7, PathwayVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
32582005Vestry, Block 12, Car ParkVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
32592005Centre MK: Clarks Units 12-16Eagle WalkMilton KeynesNANA
32602005Petteries Shopping Centre: Unit 132NAHanleyStoke on TrentNA
32612005Potteries Shopping Centre: Stores at Service RoadNAHanleyStoke on TrentNA
326220051 Gardnor RoadNALONDONNANA
32632005Waltham College Pool InspectionNAWalthamstowLondonNA
32642005Chloe Staircase, Honk KongNAHonk KongNASphie Hicks
32652005Chloe Staircase - New YorkNANew YorkNASophie Hicks
32662005Cambridge University Centre, 2nd floor SouthNACambridgeNANA
32672005Thames & Hudson - Extension & CanopyNAFarnboroughNANA
32682005Potteries - removal of steel at the feature liftNAHanleyStoke on TrentNA
32692005Hemel Hempstead - Profile Macros LtdNAHemel HempsteadHertfordshireNA
32702005Hemel Hempstead - Eltek EnergyMaxted RoadHemel HemsteadHertfordshireNA
32712005Hemel Hempstead - Furnell TransportNAHemel HempsteadNANA
32722005Hemel Hempstead - JOB NUMBER NOT USEDNANANANA
32732005The Birches Ind Estate, Phase 3B (JOB ABANDONED)NANANANA
32742006Judge Business School: Louvre AdviceTrumpington StreetCambridgeCambridgeshireNA
32752006Crossgates Shopping Centre: SU29/30 and SU33/34NALeedsWest YorkshireJohn Clark Associates
32762006U Turn Project, Bethnal GreenNALondonNASeth Stein
32772006Potteries, Hanley: FoodcourtPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
32782006Theale School Pool InspectionNAThealeBerkshireNA
32792006Hemel Hempstead - Exel LogisticsNAHemel HempsteadHertfordshireNA
32802006Flat 10, Grove Hall, 10 West Grove, GreenwichNAGreenwichLondonNA
3281200610-12 Gt Marlborough StreetNALondonNANA
32822006Northcroft Leisure Centre, NewburyNorthcroft LaneNewburyBerkshireNA
32832006Sweet Briar Retail Park, NorwichNANorwichNorfolkNA
32842006Potteries, Hanley: PrimarkPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
32852006125 Shaftesbury Ave, Inspection125 Shaftesbury AveLondonNANA
32862006CU Chemistry - Room G19NACambridgeNANA
32872006Templars Square, Cowley - Project 1123-127 Pound WayCowleyOxfordNA
32882006Sidcup House, Sidcup12/18 Sidcup RoadSidcupKentNA
32892006British Museum, Gallery 5Great Russell StLondonNANA
32902006Centre MK: BootsStore 262 Milton KeynesMilton KeynesNANA
32912006Templars Square, Cowley: Project 3NACowleyOxfordNA
3292200622 Shepherd's Bush PlaceNALondonW12 8LXNA
3293200632 Noel RoadNoel RoadIslingtonLondonNA
32942006Unit 6A, Horse Fair, WisbechNAWisbechNANA
3295200616 Queen CourtQueen SquareLondonNANA
32962006Eurocentres Cambridge: Ceiling Grillage62 Bateman StreetCambridgeNANA
32972006Knights House, WarwickNAWarwickNANA
329820066-10 Kirby StreetNALondonNANA
32992006Glasshouse YardNALondonNANA
330020065-6 Eaton Close, SW1Eaton CloseLondonLondonSid Smith
3301200616 Eversley Road, CharltonNACharltonLondonNA
3302200629 Ashchurch Park Villas, W12Ashchurch Park VillasLondonNANA
33032006Crossgates: SU 43/44Crossgates Shopping CentreLeedsW YorksJohn Clark Associates
33042006The Priory Shopping CentreThe Priory CentreWorksopNottinghamshireJohn Clark Associates
33052006Interlink 100, EnfieldNAEnfieldNANA
330620067/9 Praed Street, Roof extension7/9 Praed StreetLondonNANA
33072006The Royals, SouthendHigh StreetSouthend on SeaEssexNA
33082006Templars Square, CowleyTemplars SquareCowleyOxfordNA
33092006Fleming Close, Park Farm Ind Estate, WellingboroughFleming CloseWellingboroughNANA
33102006Cheshunt Free ChurchNACheshuntHertfordshireNA
33112006Ocean House, E410-12 Little Trinity LaneLondonNANA
33122006115 Hamilton Terrace, NW8Hamilton TerraceLondonNANA
33132006The Keep, HaslemereMidhurst RoadHaslemereSurreyMichael Graham
33142006The Centro Camden Holding (Centro 3, Centro 4, Selous House, Atelier House, Forum House)NALondonNANA
33152006Ferreby, Goring on ThamesNAGoring on ThamesNAMichael Hook Architects
33162006RVP Tunbridge Wells Mall InvestigationNATunbridge WellsKentNA
33172006Swindon: D&A/ELCThe Brunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireNA
33182006Floridita, W1100 Wardour StreetLondonNANA
3319200678 Victoria Road, NW6Victoria RoadLondonNANA
33202006Design Museum AlterationsShad ThamesLondonNAAllford Hall Monaghan Morris
33212006Hanley NTL InstallationPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
33222006Centre MK: GiraffeMilton Keynes Shopping CentreMilton KeynesNANA
33232006Fenwick, Tunbridge WellsRoyal Victoria PlaceTunbridge WellsKentNA
33242006B&Q Acton, Purchase InformationWest 5 Centre, Western Ave, Alliance RdActonLondonNA
33252006Chloe, Melrose Place, Los AngelesMelrose PlaceLos AngelesUSASophie Hicks Architects
33262006Hackney CC: Woodwaste PlatformShoreditch Campus, Falkirk StLondonNANA
3327200642 Montagu Square, W1H 2LNMontagu SquareLondonNARyan von Ruben
33282006Hamilton House, Greenwich14 West GroveGreenwichLondonNA
33292006Dowe House (Ranyard)The GlebeBlackheathLondonMichael Hook
3330200616 St Julian's Farm RdSt Julian's Farm RdWest NorwoodLondonNA
3331200618 Stronsa Rd, W12Stronsa RoadLondonNANA
33322006Windsor Leisure Pool: Glazing InspectionClewer Mead, Stovell RdWindsorBerkshireNA
3333200677-95 Victoria Street, SW1Victoria StreetLondonNANA
33342006New Café, HanleyPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
33352006Centre MK: Pizza Expressthe centre :mkMilton KeynesNANA
3336200638 Auckland RoadAuckland RoadLondonNANA
3337200628 Clonmore St, SW18 5EXClonmore StreetLondonNANA
33382006The Birches Ind Estate, Phase 3A1 (Units 27/29)Imberhorne LaneEast GrinsteadWest SussexHamilton Associates
33392006Harpur Centre: Primark checksNANANANA
33402006Bexhill Completion Works to Pavilion & ExtensionsMarinaBexhill on Sea SussexNA
33412006The Royals, Southend: H&M Re-fitHigh StreetSouthend on SeaEssexNA
3342200613 Launceston Place, W8 5RLLaunceston PlaceLondonNASeth Stein
33432006Garfunkels, WC2Irving StreetLondonNANA
3344200615 Bryanston Square, W1Bryanston SquareLondonNASeth Stein
33452006Iris Studios, SW10Adrian MewsLondonNAFound Associates
33462006Beetham Tower Penthouse, ManchesterDeansgateManchesterNANA
33472006Block 3, Unit 1, Vestry Industrial Estate, SevenoaksVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
334820065 Parliament HillParliament HillLondonNANA
334920061 Sly Street, E1 2LESly StreetLondonNADavid Wood
33502006S&M Café, E1 6AG (Fire inspection)48 Brushfield StreetLondonNANA
33512006Building Centre, Staircase Inspection26 Store StreetLondonNANA
33522006Boundary Way, Hemel HempsteadBoundary Way, Units 1-4Hemel HempsteadHertsNA
33532006S&M Café, Partition Inspection48 Brushfield StreetLondonNANA
33542006Salisbury Coffee ShopNASalisburyNAJohn Clark Associates
33552006Giraffe: Heathrow T5NANANANA
33562006Orrery Slab InspectionConrans, 55 Marylebone High StreetLondonNANA
33572006Iverna CourtNALondonNANA
33582006Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney: Phase 2Putney High StreetNANAGreig & Stephenson
33592006Swindon CanopyBrunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireThe Design Solution
33602006Swindon Unit ExtensionBrunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireGreig & Stephenson
33612006Chiquitos: Fesival Park, BasildonNABasildonNANA
33622006Norwich Car Park DemolitionNANorwichNANA
336320069/10 Brunel Plaza, SwindonNASwindonNANA
33642006The Birches: Units 18 and 18AImberhorne LaneEast GrinsteadWest SussexNA
33652006The Birches: Unit 23Imberhorne LaneEast GrinsteadWest SussexNA
33662006The Birches: Unit 14DImberhorne LaneEast GrinsteadWest SussexNA
33672006Way LaneNANANANA
33682007Café Milan, 123 Shaftesbury Ave123 Shaftesbury AvenueLondonNANA
33692007Brunel Swindon: BridgeThe Brunel shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireNA
33702007Excel, Hemel HempsteadNAHemel HempsteadNANA
33712007173/178 High Street, SouthamptonHigh StreetSouthamptonNANA
337220077 Pembroke WalkPembroke WalkLondonNASeth Stein
33732007Crossgates: Split level Car ParkNALeedsNAJohn Clark Associates
33742007Hackney Community College - Block C altsFalkirk StreetHackneyLondonNA
33752007Garage at TewinNANALondonNA
33762007Crossgates: Offices Conversion to FlatsCrossgates Shopping CentreLeedsWest YorkshireJohn Clark Associates
33772007Corus Steel: Balcony projectNANANANA
33782007Heasman Spicer Completion Works to PavilionNANANANA
33792007Epsom Point, SurreyNANANANA
33802007Feltham Ind EstateNAFelthamMiddlesexNA
33812007Chiquitos: PortsmouthNAPortsmouthNANA
33822007Hanley: Costa CoffeeThe Potteries Shopping CentrreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
3383200743 Acacia RoadSt John's WoodLondonLondonRyan von Ruben
33842007Sullington Barn ConversionSullington Old RectorySullington Nr StorringtonWest SussexSeth Stein
33852007Paul Smith Leeds17-19 King Edward StreetLeedsWest YorksBarnard Wilson
33862007Paul Smith Heathrow T5Heathrow AirportNANABarnard Wilson
3387200722A Bateman's Row22A Bateman's RowLondonLondonTheis & Khan
338820073 Dorset Rise - Job AbandonedNALondonNANA
33892007Centre MK: 17 Acorn Walkthe centre: mkMilton KeynesNANA
33902007Nicholas Brakespear SchoolColney Heath LaneSt AlbansHertsNA
33912007Flat A, 12 Venetia Road12 Venetia RoadLondonLondonNA
33922007Chloe Stair, Kowloon Hong KongNAKowloonHong KongSophie Hicks
339320076 Egerton TerraceEgerton TerraceLondonLondonFound Associates
33942007CU Chemistry Melville Lab RefurbLensfield RoadCambridgeCambsNA
3395200737 Johns MewsJohns MewsLondonLondonNA
33962007Orangery Roof, Wadhurst ParkNAWadhurstEast SussexJohn Outram
33972007Highgate HeightsNALondonNARyan von Ruben
33982007391 StrandStrandLondonLondonNA
3399200730 Highbury HillHighbury HillLondonNAMyrilla Hunt
3400200774-78 North End, CroydonNorth EndCroydonNANA
34012007Potteries: SU22 Clinton CardsPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34022007La Senza, Brunel Plaza, SwindonThe Brunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireNA
3403200766a Netherwood Road, W14Netherwood RoadLondonNANA
3404200728A Wolfington Road, SE27Wolfington RoadLondonNANA
3405200744 Clapham Common North SideClapham Common North SideLondonLondonFound
34062007Harpur CentreHorne LaneBedfordNANA
340720077A Tavistock RoadTavistock RoadLondonLondonNA
34082007Waxlow RoadWaxlow Road, Park RoyalLondonLondonNA
34092007CU Library: Phase 6West RoadCambridgeCambsHopper Howe Sadler
34102007London Luton Smoking PlatformNALutonNADover Design
341120071 Wetherby Place, SW7Wetherby PlaceLondonLondonArchitecture 00
341220077&9 Egerton Garden MewsEgerton Garden MewsLondonLondonFound
34132007Highlands House, Mereworth: Alteration WorksWillow WentsMereworthKentMicheal Hook Architects
34142007CU Dept of EngineeringTrumpington StreetCambridgeCambsNicholas Ray
341520079 Hillgate Street, Notting HillHillgate StreetLondonLondonSeth Stein Architects
34162007Sandringham House, HarlowSandringham AvenueHarlowEssexNA
34172007Stanstead Airport, signage supportNANANANA
34182007CU Chemistry South BlockLensfield RoadCambridgeCambsNicholas Ray
34192007O'Neills Heathrow T3NALondonNANA
34202007LadlecombeBuckholt RoadCranhamGloucestershireFound Associates
34212007Prism Leisure, Knowl Piece, HitchinWilbury WayHitchinHertsNA
3422200715 The Glebe, BlackheathThe GlebeBlackheathLondonMichael Hook
34232007The Harpur Centre: URS OfficesHorne laneBedfordHertsNA
34242007The Potteries Hanley: Swift HousePotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34252007Unit SU13 Princesshay, ExeterPrincesshayExeterDevonFound Associates
34262007Derby Fit-Out - Job Abandoned?NADerbyNANA
34272007Vestry Ind Estate: Unit 9AVestry Industrial Estate, Vestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
34282007Saffron House118-124 Saffron HillLondonLondonNA
342920071 Brocas Close, NW3Brocas CloseLondonLondonNA
34302007Gough Square12 Gough SquareLondonLondonNA
3431200763 Ennismore GardensEnnismore GardensLondonLondonNA
34322007The Arena Stockley ParkStockley ParkUxbridgeMiddlesexNA
34332007Chiquitos: Printworks, ManchesterNAManchesterNANicholson Design Partnership
34342007The Potteries: Nationwide ATMPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34352007The Potteries: Food Court, Tenant's AlterationsThe Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34362007Priory Shopping Centre, Worksop: CanopiesThe Priory CentreWorksopNottinghamshireJohn Clark Associates
34372007200 Hammersmith Road: ChandelierHammersmith RoadLondonNANA
3438200745-53 Sinclair Road, W14Sinclair RoadLondonNANA
34392007Pool House, ProvenceNANAFranceSeth Stein
3440200734-35 John StreetJohn StreetLondonLondonMaike Gruna
344120079 Brampton House, Red Lion SquareRed Llion SquareLondonLondonNA
34422007Steel shear-head analysisNANANANA
34432007M&S Simply Food at T5NALondonNANA
3444200757 Endell StreetEndell StreetLondonLondonRaphael Alphonso
34452007Giraffe Manchester: Totem SignNAManchesterNANA
3446200746 Clapham Common North SideClapham Common North SideLondonLONDONNA
34472007Hackney Community College: KitchenFalkirk StreetHackneyLondonNA
34482007Grand Union Office ParkPacket Boat LaneUxbridgeMiddlesexNA
34492007Selous House, CamdenNALondonLondonNA
34502007Lyric House, Hammersmith149 Hammersmith RoadLondonLondonNA
3451200720 Canonbury Park NorthCanonbury Park NorthLondonLondonNA
34522007Silverburn F & B RestaurantNANANANA
34532007Xscape, Milton Keynes602 Marlborough GateMilton KeynesBucksNA
34542007Dupond's BakeryHoskins StreetGreenwichLondonMichael Hook
34552007Swansgate Shopping Centre, WellingboroughNAWellingboroughNorthamptonshireNA
34562007Chesil Ct, Chelsea Manor Street51 Chesil Court, Chelsea Manor StreetLondonLondonNA
34572007Chiquitos, Chill Factor, ManchesterNAManchesterNANA
3458200717 Kensington Park RoadKensington Park RoadLondonLondonFound
34592007The Potteries: WH Smith, SafePotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34602007The Potteries: Peacocks Fit-OutPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34612007152 Deptford High StreetDeptford High StreetLondonLondonEmoli Petroschka
34622007118 New Bond StreetNew Bond StreetLondonLondonNA
346320073D Joint Analysis for CorusNANANANA
3464200742 Briarwood RoadBriarwood RoadLondonLondonNA
3465200725 Hill RiseHill RiseLondonLondonNA
34662007Silverburn Shopping CentreBarrhead RoadGlasgowNANA
34672007Centre MK: Holland & BarrettCentre MKMilton KeynesBucksNA
34682007Est Restaurant, High WycombeNAHigh WycombeNANicholson Design Partnership
3469200716 Chepstow VillasChepstow VillasLondonLondonNA
34702007Magnet Warehouse, LutonNALutonBedfordshireNA
34712007208-212 Westbourne GroveWestbourne GroveLondonLondonSpencer Fung
34722007Giraffe, ManchesterNAManchesterNADover Design
34732007157/158 Sloane StreetSloane StreetLondonLondonNA
34742007Century Court, BracknellMillenium WayBracknellBerkshireNA
34752007Birches: Unit 17-19Imberhorne LaneEast GrinsteadWest SussexNA
34762007Harpur Centre ATMNANANANA
34772007Centre MK: 90 Silbury ArcadeSilbury ArcadeMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
34782007Centre MK: 21 Silbury ArcadeSilbury ArcadeMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
3479200712-14 Kingsley Close, N2 0ESKingsley CloseLondonLondonNA
3480200716-20 Kingston Road, SW19 1JZKingston RoadLondonLondonWalter Menteth
34812007Wailea, Kingston GorseNANANANA
34822007Cowley: Post Office SiteNACowleyOxfordNA
34832007Langley Business ParkNALangley, SloughBerksNA
34842007The Potteries: Unit 154Potteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34852007Centre MK: DruckersCentre MKMilton KeynesBucksNA
3486200743 Hamilton TerraceHamilton TerraceLondonLondonFound
34872007Lansdown Crescent, CheltenhamLansdown CrescentCheltenhamGloucestershireSeth Stein
34882007Bethnal Green Health Centre60 Florida StreetLondonLondonTheis & Khan
34892008The Exchange, Brent Cross GardensBrent Cross GardensHendonLondonNA
34902008Dolben StreetDolben StreetLondonLondonNA
34912008Potteries: 6/8 Lamb streetPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34922008Unit 16, Quorn Way, NorthamptonGrafton Ind Estate, Quorn WayNorthamptonNorthamptonshireNA
34932008The Potteries: BeaverbrooksPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34942008The Potteries: Market alterationsPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
34952008Southfield Road, MiddlesbroughSouthfield RoadMiddlesbroughYorkshireJohn Clark Associates
34962008Centre MK: 72-76 Midsummer ArcadeThe Centre MKMilton KeynesMilton KeynesNA
34972008Newmarket Car Park InspectionGuineas Shopping CentreNewmarketSuffolkJohn Clark Associates
34982008115 Brondesbury Road, Pier & CrackBrondesbury RoadLondonLondonNA
34992008Leicester Engineering RefurbishmentUniversity RoadLeicesterLeicestershireB3 Architects
3500200831 Beach RoadBeach RoadSt Osyth, Clacton on SeaEssexNA
35012008Guanabara, 171 Drury laneDrury LaneLondonLondonNA
35022008Potteries: Re-roofing of DebenhamsPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
35032008The Potteries: New flooring to Mall outside DebenhamsPotteries Shopping CentreHanleyStoke on TrentNA
35042008Gucci, 33 Old Bond StreetOld Bond StreetLondonLondonNA
3505200836-42 Clerkenwell RoadClerkenwell RoadLondonLondonNA
3506200817 Hampstead Hill GardensHampstead Hill GardensLondonLondonPapa Architects
35072008St George's East1 St George's RoadWimbledonLondonNA
35082008Tramshed EC232 Rivington StreetLondonLondonConran
35092008Templars Square, 39-41 Pound WayPound WayCowleyOxfordNA
35102008Café Gallery, SouthwarkDilston GroveSouthwark ParkLondonWalter Menteth
351120081 Sainfoin Road, BalhamSainfoin RoadBalhamLondonMichael Hook
351220083A/B Marjorie GroveMarjorie GroveLondonLondonNA
3513200819/19A Palermo Road, NW10Palermo RoadLondonLondonNA
35142008107 Tulse Hill RedevelopmentTulse HillLondonLondonNA
351520082 South Audley StreetSouth Audley StreetLondonLondonNA
35162008208-212 Westbourne Grove: Fit-OutWestbourne GroveLondonLondonNA
35172008British Museum: Hadrian ExhibitionGreat Russell StreetLondonLondonNA
3518200863 Inderwick Road, N8 9LAInderwick RoadLondonLondonNA
3519200849 Hoxton SquareHoxton SquareLondonLondonTheis & Khan
35202008Kingfisher Court, SloughKingfisher Court, Farnham RdSloughSloughNA
35212008Centre MK: Halifax ReconfigurationThe Centre MKMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
35222008Centre MK: Centre Management OfficesThe Centre MKMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
35232008Old Tavern Bar63- 79 Seymour StreetLondonLondonNA
35242008Joe's Kitchen, Manchester AirportManchester AirportManchesterManchesterNA
3525200837A Egerton DriveEgerton DriveGreenwichLondonNA
35262008Birches Unit 17/18/19 Second MezzanineImberhorne laneEast GrinsteadWest SussexNA
3527200829 Chepstow Place, Notting HillChepstow PlaceNotting HillLondonFound Associates
35282008Flat 10, Boswell HouseBoswell StreetLondonLondonNA
35292008Harpur Centre: WH SmithHorne LaneBedfordBedfordshireNA
3530200811 Stuart Road, Ham11 Stuart RoadHam, RichmondSurreyNA
35312008258 Elgin AvenueNALondonNANA
35322008Units 21/22 Faraday Court, WellingboroughPark Farm Industrial EstateWellingboroughNhantsNA
35332008Centre MK: 717 Midsummer BoulevardThe Centre MKMilton KeynesNANA
35342008Unit 5, Roydonbury Ind Est, HarlowHorsecroft RoadHarlowEssexNA
35352008Unit 9, Roydonbury Ind Est, HarlowHorsecroft RoadHarlowEssexNA
353620083 Hill Street, Richmond3 Hill StreetRichmondGreater LondonNA
35372008Chiquitos, Unit 70 The Galleria, HatfieldComet WayHatfieldNANicholson Design Partnership
3538200813 Launceston Place, W8 5RL. (Revised scheme)13 launceston PlaceLondonNASeth Stein
3539200823 Fitzwilliam Road, Clapham23 Fitzwilliam RoadClaphamGreater LondonNA
354020088 Holland Villas Road8 Holland Villas RoadLondonLondonNA
35412008Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney: Waitrose Extension.Putney High StreetPutneyLondonNA
35422008Paddock Wood: Unit QR:Paddock Wood Distribution centrePaddock WoodKentNA
35432008Unit 5/9 North Luton Ind EstateSedgewick RoadLutonBedfordshireNA
35442008Centre MK: 96 Silbury ArcadeThe centre: mkMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
354520081-2 High Parade, Streatham Hill1-2 High ParadeStreatham HillLondonNA
3546200812 King's Road, Thame12 King's RoadThameOxfordshireNA
35472008Sloane House, 149 Old Church St149 Old Church StreetLondonLondonNA
35482008Unit 4 Kendal Ct, Kendal Av W3Kendal AvenueLondonLondonNA
3549200829-37 Red Lion Street29-37 Red Lion StreetLondonLondonNA
35502008Ripon College, CuddesdonRipon CollegeCuddesdonOxfordHopper Howe Sadler
3551200830 Noel Road, N1 8HA30 Noel RoadLondonLondonNA
35522008Chiquitos: Cornerhouse, NottinghamBurton StreetNottinghamNANicholson Design
35532008Garfunkels, Tottenham Court Road264 Tottenham Court RoadLondonLondonNicholson Design
355420086 Scandrett St, Wapping E1W 2UP6 Scandrett StreetWappingLondonSeth Stein
35552008Hackney CC: Restaurant altsFalkirk StreetLondonLondonNA
35562008Globe Bar, Heathrow T3Heathrow, Terminal 3LondonGreater LondonNA
35572008Brunel Plaza - ResurfacingThe Brunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireJones Lang LaSalle
3558200834 Groom Place34 Groom PlaceLondonLondonFound Associates
35592008Flat 8, 39 Islington Green, N139 Islington GreenLondonLondonNA
35602008Debenhams, Livingston87 Almondvale Centre, Almondvale NorthLivingstonNAJohn Clark Associates
35612008The White Horse, West WickhamNANANANA
3562200829-31 Sloane Avenue29-31 Sloane AvenueLondonLondonFound Associates
356320081-3 Silver Street, Bedford1-3 Silver StreetBedfordNANA
35642009Garfunkels Gatwick: Phase oneGatwick AirportNANANA
35652009230 Farmers Rd, SE5: Hole through wall230 Farmers RoadLondonLondonNA
3566200999 Mansell St99 Mansell StLondonLondonNA
3567200925 Chester Street SW1X 7BL25 Chester StreetLondonLondonFound Associates
35682009Mile End HospitalBancroft RoadLondonLondonNA
35692009Vestry Ind Estate: Block 4Vestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
35702009Vestry Ind Estate: Block 11Vestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
35712009Waterloo House, Walton on ThamesMayfield RoadWalton on ThamesSurreyNA
35722009University Centre, CambridgeGranta PlaceCambridgeCambsNA
3573200975 Second Avenue, Mortlake75 Second AvenueMortlakeLondonNA
357420097 Westfields Avenue, SW13 0AT7 Westfields AvenueLondonLondonNA
35752009Ark - Risk Assessment and Invac and Evac ProceduresNANANANA
35762009Hayes Campus Children's CentreCollege Way, Coldharbour LaneHayesMiddlesexNA
35772009Apostrophe Café, Gatwick AirportGatwick AirportNAWest SussexNA
3578200919-20 Grosvenor Place, SW1X 7HT19-20 Grosvenor PlaceLondonLondonNA
35792009O'Neills Bridge to T3Heathrow AirportHayesMiddlesexNA
3580200990a Richmond Avenue90a Richmond AvenueLondonLondonNA
35812009The Old Mill, Godalming GU7 1EYMill LaneGodalmingSurreyNA
35822009Quaker Centre, Euston RoadFriends House, 173-177 Euston RoadLondonLondonTheis & Khan
3583200941 Lansdowne Road, W1141 Lansdowne RoadLondonLondonNA
3584200944 Connaught Square, W2 2HL: Alterations44 Connaught SquareLondonLondonNA
35852009Crossgates Unit 7Crossgates Shopping CentreLeedsWest YorkshireGreen Tea Architects
3586200910 Palace Green (Norwegian Ambassador's Residence)10 Palace GreenLondonLondonNA
35872009The Beaver Buildings, Oxford StreetOxford StreetLondonLondonNA
35882009Brunel: Green WallBrunel Shopping CentreSwindonWiltshireNA
35892009Beckett House, VestryVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
3590200941 The Chase41 The ChaseLondonLondonNA
359120099B Whittingstall Road, SW6 4EA9B Whittingstall RoadLondonLondonNA
35922009Film House, 142 Wardour Street142 Wardour StreetLondonLondonNA
35932009Unit 5 Clarke Rd, Milton KeynesClarke RoadMilton KeynesNANA
35942009St Paul's, Bayswater URCNewton RoadLondonGreater LondonTheis & Khan
35952009CU Chemistry: South Wing BasementLensfield RoadCambridgeCambridgeshireNRAP Ltd
35962009Centre MK: Coral, 717 Midsummer BoulevardCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
359720099 Elsworthy Road, NW3 3DS9 Elsworthy RoadLondonLondonAssociation of Ideas
3598200965 Cromwell Avenue N6 5HS65 Cromwell AvenueLondonLondonPapa Architects
35992009Garfunkels, Cockspur StreetCockspur StreetLondonLondonNicholson Design
36002009Centre MK: 117 Silbury ArcadeCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
36012009Baku Port, AzerbaijanNANAAzerbaijanNA
36022009173-178 Southampton High Street173-178 High StreetSouthamptonNANA
36032009Unit 35, The Exchange Centre, PutneyHigh StreetPutneyLondonNA
3604200931 Lansdowne Crescent, W11 2NT31 Lansdowne CrescentLondonLondonNA
36052009821 Bryanston CourtNANANANA
36062009Westminster Kingsway College, 87 Holmes Rd, Kentish Town87 Holmes RoadLondonLondonNA
36072009Burrell Snow LoadingsPollok Country Park, 2060 Pollokshaws RdGlasgowGlasgowNA
36082009Corus Elliptical BarriersNANANANA
36092009Milton Keynes Bus StationNAMilton KeynesNARobert de Grey, Architecture Studio
36102009103 Mount Street103 Mount StreetLondonLondonNA
36112009Building Centre Service HolesStore StreetLondonLondonNA
36122009Stoke Poges Pool HouseNAStoke PogesNANA
36132009Crossgates Unit L-MCrossgates Shopping CentreLeedsWest YorkshireGreen Tea Architects
36142009North Luton Industrial Estate: Unit 15Sedgwick RoadLutonBedfordshireNA
36152009Film House, 142 Wardour St: Plant loading on roof142 Wardour StreetLondonLondonNA
36162009108 Vale Royal House36 Newport CourtLondonLondonGreen Tea Architects
36172009St George's WestSt George's RoadWimbledonLondonNA
36192009Belsize Lane NW3Belsize LlaneLondonLondonNA
36202009Garfunkels, O2 Arena, GreenwichPenninsula SquareLondonLondonNicholson Design
36212009Noble House, Milton KeynesNAMilton KeynesNANA
3622200937 Glenwood Road, Catford37 Glenwood RoadCatfordLondonGreen Tea Architects
3623200913 North Hill (The Bull)13 North HillLondonLondonNA
3624201022 Palace Gardens Terrace22 Palace Gardens TerraceLondonLondonFound
36252010Valley Central, RugbyCosford LaneRugbyWarickshireNA
36262010the centre mk: NextCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBedfordshireNA
36272010Harpur Centre: Entrance investigations100 Horne LaneBedfordBedfordshireNA
36282010Paddock Wood: Unit YPaddock Wood Distribution CentrePaddock WoodKentNA
36292010Flat 9, No 4 Ennismore Gardens4 Ennismore GardensLondonLondonNA
3630201015 Mornington Road, Radlett15 Mornington RoadRadlettHertfordshireNA
3631201026 Red Lion Square26 Red Lion SquareLondonLondonNA
363220102a Algiers Road2a Algiers RoadLewishamLondonJonathan Ward
36332010341 Upper Street, Islington341 Upper StreetIslingtonLondonNA
36342010St William of York SchoolBrockley ParkForest HillLondonGreen Tea Architects
36352010Charlton LidoHornfair Park, Shooters Hill RoadLondonLondonNA
36362010Frankie & Benny's - Liverpool AirportLiverpool John Lennon AirportLiverpoolCheshireNicholson Design
3637201058 Nelgarde Road58 Nelgarde RoadLondonLondonGreen Tea Architects
3638201014 Bernard Gardens14 Bernard GardensLondonLondonNA
3639201034 Groom Place34 Groom PlaceLondonLondonFound Associates
36402010Iraq HousingNANAIraqJordan + Bateman
3641201096-98 Putney High Street (Exchange Shopping Centre)96-98 Putney High StreetLondonLondonNA
36422010Limestone Community Hall, Thamesmead2-4 Limestone WalkErithKentNA
36432010Templar's Square Post Office RedevelopmentTemplars SquareCowleyOxfordshireNA
36442010Albemarle House, PiccadillyAlbemarle Street, PiccadillyLondonLondonNA
3645201038-40 Croydon Road, West Wickham38-40 Croydon RoadWest WickhamGreater LondonNA
3646201079a Elizabeth Street79a Elizabeth StreetLondonLondonSeth Stein
36472010De la Warr: Anthony Gormley ExhibitionDe la Warr Pavilion, MarinaBexhill on SeaEast SussexNA
364820106 Kean Street, WC2B 4AS6 Kean StreetLondonLondonNA
3649201032 Parkside, Wimbledon32 ParksideWimbledonLondonNA
36502010Upper Langridge Farm, BathLansdownBathSomersetNico Warr
3651201031 Barrowgate Road, Chiswick31 Barrowgate roadChiswickLondonFound Associates
365220106 Hasker Street, SW3 2LG6 Hasker StreetLondonLondonNA
36532010240 Conisborough Crescent, Catford240 Conisborough CrescentCatfordLondonGreen Tea Architects
365420106 Buckingham Place6 Buckingham PlaceLondonLondonNA
36552010Teddington House59-67 Broad StreetTeddingtonMiddlesexNA
36562010Christopher Place Shopping Centre, St AlbansUpper Dagnall StreetSt AlbansHertfordshireNA
3657201021 Morella Road21 Morella RoadLondonLondonNA
365820104 Roland Gardens4 Roland GardensLondonLondonNA
3659201041 Richford Street41 Richford StreetLondonLondonMike Radcliffe
36602010104-106 Leadenhall Street104-106 Leadenhall StreetLondonLondonNA
36612010Bubble Theatre5 Elephant LaneLondonLondonSaville Jones
36622010John Donne Primary SchoolWood's RoadLondonLondonGreen Tea Architects
36632010Flat 3, 45 Connaught Square45 Connaught SquareLondonLondonNA
3664201025 Crescent Grove, SW425 Crescent GroveLondonLondonNA
36652010Exchange Shopping Centre Putney: Stair and Lift AlterationsPutney High StreetPutneyLondonNA
3666201010 St Stephen's Gardens10 St Stephen's GardensLondonLondonNA
36672010166 Westbourne Park Road166 Westbourne Park RoadLondonLondonNA
36682010Boots, 54-58 High Street, Maidenhead54-58 High StreetMaidenheadBerkshireNA
3669201048 Chichester Drive West48 Chichester Drive WestSaltdeanBrightonNA
36702010Sussex HouseGloucester PlaceBrightonEast SussexNA
36712010Flat 6, 147 Queen's Drive, N4147 Queen's DriveLondonLondonNA
3672201074 Waverley Avenue, Twickenham74 Waverley AvenueTwickenhamMiddlesexNA
3673201028-29 Dingwall Road, Croydon28 Dingwall RoadCroydonSurreyNA
36742010210 Wandsworth Bridge Road210 Wandsworth Bridge RoadFulhamlondonNA
36752010Covent Garden Market: Power upgrade worksCovent Garden MarketLondonLondonNA
3676201032 Brook Street32 Brook StreetMayfairLondonNA
36772010Colet Court, 100 Hammersmith Road100 Hammersmith RoadLondonLondonNA
367820107 Highgate West Hill7 Highgate West HillLondonLondonNA
367920106 Dukes Avenue6 Dukes AvenueLondonLondonNA
36802010Harpur Centre: scaffold on service rampHorne LaneBedfordBedfordshireNA
36812010Holy Family Primary School, Tower HamletsWades PlaceTower HamletsLondonGreen Tea Architects
3682201026 St Norberts Rd, BrockleySt Norberts RoadBrockleyLondonGreen Tea
3683NARotunda Complex, CamdenGloucester Rd/Oval RoadCamdenLondonNA
36842010Win Technologies - The Forum, Camden74-80 Camden StreetCamden TownLondonNA
36852010De La Warr InspectionMarinaBexhill on SeaEast SussexNA
3686201072 Prince Albert Court33 Prince Albert RoadLondonLondonSeth Stein
36872010Glasshouse Yard26-28 Glasshouse YardLondonLondonBen Adams
368820103-5 Silbury Arcade3-5 Silbury ArcadeCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesNA
36892010Milton Keynes Station302 EldergateMilton KeynesBucksNA
36902010St William of York SchoolBrockley ParkForest HillLondonGreen Tea
36912010Flat 2, 178 New Kings Road178 New Kings RoadLondonLondonNA
36922010College House, GuildfordWoodbridge RoadGuildfordSurreyNA
36932010117 Ledbury Road117 Ledbury RoadLondonLondonFound Associates
369420105 Canal Walk, Swindon5 Canal WalkSwindonWiltshireNA
36952011Kersal Hill ConventSingleton RoadSalfordGreater ManchesterNA
3696201137 Chequers Lane37 Chequers LaneWalton on the Hill, TadworthSurreyNA
369720114a Belgrave Mews4a Belgrave Mews NorthLondonLondonNA
36982011Vestry Weald RefrigerationVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
36992011Heron Place3 George StreetWestminsterLondonNA
37002011Lyon Court, HitchinWalsworth RoadHitchinHertfordshireNA
37012011Knowl PieceWilbury WayHitchinHertfordshireNA
37022011Dukes Meadow, Bourne EndDukes Meadow, Millboard RoadBourne EndBuckinghamshireNA
3703201155 Barrowgate Road55 Barrowgate RoadLondonLondonFound Associates
3704201120 Tite Street20 Tite StreetLondonLondonFound Associates
37052011Conran Conservatory22 Shad ThamesLondonLondonNA
37062011Friend's House Survey173 Euston RoadLondonLondonNA
3707201112-20 Crown Hill, Croydon12-20 Crown Hill, Church StCroydonSurreyNA
3708201147 Long Acre47 Long AcreLondonLondonNA
37092011Howe Green HallHowe GreenHertfordHertfordshireSadler Browne
37102011506 Butlers Wharf506 Butlers Wharf, 36 Shad ThamesLondonLondonQuinn Architecture
37112011123-129 Silbury Arcade123-129 Silbury ArcadeMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
371220114 Ennismore Gardens4 Ennismore GardensLondonLondonNA
37132011Centre MK: Next141-163 Silbury ArcadeMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireAllies and Morrison
37142011Flat 32, Heron PlaceHeron Place, 3 George StWestminster, LondonLondonNA
3715201126-28 Eagle Walk26-28 Eagle WalkMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireNA
3716201112 Shandon Road12 Shandon RoadClaphamLondonIan McChesney
3717201126 Campana Road26 Campana RoadHammersmithGreater LondonNA
37182011Sassoon AcademyDavies Mews, Brook StreetLondonGreater LondonAOI
3719201160 St Martins Lane60 St Martin's LaneLondonGreater LondonNA
3720201165/67 Manchuria Road65/67 Manchuria RoadLondonGreater LondonNA
37212011150 High Road, Ilford150 High RoadIlfordEssexNA
3722201198 Wrentham Ave, Kensal Green98 Wrnetham AvenueKensal GreenLondonEmoli Petroschka
37232011Plough Lane Retail Park, WimbledonPlough LaneWimbledonLondonNA
37242011Windsor Leisure Centre: 1st Floor GymClewer Mead, Stovell RoadWindsorBerkshireNA
3725201142-46 Princelet Street42-46 Princelet StreetLondonLondonNA
37262011Festival Place, BasingstokeFestival PlaceBasingstokeHampshireNA
3727201130 Ovington Street30 Ovington StreetLondonLondonFound
3728201119 Bolsover Street19 Bolsover StreetLondonLondonNA
37292011Unit 2a Slough Retail ParkSlough Retail ParkSloughBerkshireNA
37302011Hackney UTCFalkirk StreetLondonlondonNA
3731201125 Bedford Street25 Bedford StreetLondonLondonNA
373220111 Hide Mews1 Hide Mews, 161-163 Dalling RoadLondonLondonFound
37332011Flat 31, Heron Place, Thayer StreetHeron Place, 9 Thayer StreetLondonLondonNA
37342011Lyndean House, 43-46 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XBLyndean house, 43-46 Queen's RoadBrightonEast SussexNA
37352011Garfunkels at Burleigh House420 The StrandLondonLondonNicholson Design
37362011Royal Norwegian Embassy25 Belgrave SquareLondonLondonJordan + Bateman
37372011Nile House, BrightonNile StreetBrightonEast SussexNA
37382011Parchment House, 13 Northborough Street13 Northburgh StreetLondonLondonNA
37392011Centre MK: House of Fraser, Internal AltsCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBucksNA
37402011Centre MK: House of Fraser, New entranceCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBucksNA
37412011Foxholes Business ParkJohn Tate RoadHertfordHertfordshireNA
3742201167-75 Kingsway67-75 KingswayLondonLondonNA
37432011City Snacks, Theobalds Road29 Theobalds RoadLondonLondonNA
374420112 Wingfield Mews2 Wingfield MewsLondonLondonLicorice Design
37452011Barking Business ParkThames RoadBarkingEssexNA
37462011HMV Putney78-80 High Street, PutneyLondonLondonNA
3747201111 Wimpole Mews11 Wimpole MewsLondonLondonFound
37482011Christopher Place Shopping Centre, St Albans28 The MaltingsSt AlbansHertsNA
3749201117 Charing Cross Road17 Charing Cross RoadLondonLondonNA
37502011119 Ledbury Road119 Ledbury RoadLondonLondonNA
3751201177-95 Victoria Street77-95 Victoria StreetLondonLondonNA
375220113 Wilkes Street3 Wilkes StreetLondonLondonRichard Doone
3753201143 King Street43 King StreetLondonLondonNA
37542011Maria Fidelis School, Somers Town34 Phoenix RoadLondonLondonGreen Tea Architects
3755201177 Second Avenue, Mortlake77 Second AvenueMortlakeGreater LondonNA
37562011De la Warr Pavilion: GeneralMarinaBexhill on SeaEast SussexNA
3757201154 Above Bar Street54 Above Bar StreetSouthamptonHampshireNA
375820112 Fulton Mews2 Fulton MewsLondonLondonNA
37592011House of Fraser MK: PR infillsCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBucksNA
3760201129 Floral Street29 Floral Street, Covent GardenLondonlondonNA
37612011Slyfield Industrial EstateMoorfiled RoadGuildfordSurreyNA
37622011Eagle Place3-4 Eagle PlaceLondonLondonNA
376320116 Colville Terrace6 Colville TerraceLondonLlondonFound
3764201164-66 Midsummer Arcade MK64-66 Midsummer Arcade, Centre MKMilton KeynesBucksNA
37662011Launton Road Industrial EstateLaunton Road Retail ParkBicesterOxfordshireNA
37672011Middleton Hall Roof MKCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBucksNA
37682011638 High Road, Tottenham638 High Road, TottenhamLondonLondonNA
37692011639 High Road, Tottenham: Scaffolding checking for adjoining building639 High RoadLondonLondonNA
377020115 Parliament Hill, NW3 2SY5 Parliament HillLondonLondonNA
37712011Bunzl: Unit 2 Pegasus Road, CroydonPegasus RoadCroydonSurreyNA
37722011Neolay: Unit 10 Pegasus Road, CroydonPegasus RoadCroydonSurreyNA
3773201134-36 Ludgate Hill34-36 Ludgate HillLondonLondonNicholson Design
3774201160 St Martin's Lane: Eat60 St Martin's LaneLondonLondonNA
37752011The Point, MK602 Midsummer BoulevardMilton KeynesBucksNA
377620117 and 8 Parliament Hill7 and 8 Parliament HillLondonLondonNA
377720111-2 The Broadway N22 6DS1-2 The Broadway, High RoadWood Green, LondonLondonNA
37782011Coast to Coast, Brighton3 Waterfront, Brighton MarinaBrightonEast SussexNA
37792011Kildare House, Dorset Rise3 Dorset RiseLondonLondonNA
37802011Unit 26, Jaggard Way26 Jaggard WayLondonLondonNA
37812011152-156 Midsummer Arcade, MK152-156 Midsummer ArcadeMilton KeynesBucksNA
37822011Festival Place Basingstoke, old car park investigationsFestival PlaceBasingstokeHampshireNA
37832011Unit 4 The Exchange Centre, PutneyExchange Shopping CentrePutney, LondonLondonNA
37842011SWOY new entranceSt William of York School, Brockley ParkForest HillLondonGreen Tea Architects
3785201127 Soho Square27 Soho SquareLondonLondonNA
3786201112,13,14 Bloomsbury SquareBloomsbury SquareLondonLondonNA
37872011Flat 14, Heron Place3 George StreetWestminsterLondonNA
37882011Nations House, Wigmore Street103 Wigmore StreetLondonLondonNA
37892011170 Priestley Road, Guildford Business Park170 Priestley RoadGuildfordSurreyNA
379020111 Seckforde Street1 Seckforde StreetNANANA
37912012MKSC: John Lewis checkingCentral Milton KeynesMilton KeynesBucksNA
37922012The Walnuts, OrpingtonHigh StreetOrpingtonKentNA
37932012Marlborough Trading Mews: Unit 2Crockford LaneBasingstokeHampshireNA
37942012Heron Place: Cladding3 George StreetWestminsterLondonNA
37952012Garfunkels, 37 St Martin's Lane37 St Martin's LaneLondonLondonNicholson Design
37962012145 Beaufort Street, SW3 6BS145 Beaufort StreetLondonLondonLawson Robb
37972012Collingwood Retail ParkNewgate LaneFarehamHampshireNA
37982012664-666 Old Kent Road664-666 Old Kent RoadLondonLondonNA
379920124 Lindsay Square4 Lindsay SquarePimlicoLondonLawson Robb
3800201260 Purley Oaks Road60 Purley Oaks RoadSouth CroydonSurreyNA
38012012Shand House, Shand Street14-20 Shand StreetLondonLondonNA
3802201213 Berners Street, London13 Berners StreetLondonLondonNA
38032012MK Rail Station Canopy checks302 Elder GateMilton KeynesBucksNA
3804201233 Carthew Road, W633 Carthew RoadLondonLondonNA
380520125 Lyall Street5 Lyall StreetLondonLondonLawson Robb
38062012Butlers Wharf JettiesShad ThamesLondonLondonNA
38072012Heathgate House, Twickenham57 Colne RoadTwickenhamMiddlesexNA
38082012Fairfax House15 Fulwood PlaceBloomsburyLondonNA
38092012Neville House, Kingston137 London RoadKingstonMiddlesexNA
38102012Remote Storage, LakesideWest Thurrock WayWest Thurrock, GraysEssexNA
381120126 Mallord Street, London SW36 Mallord StreetLondonLondonSeth Stein
38122012Heron Place, 1st floor Project Egg3 George StreetWestminsterLondonNA
3813201273 Brook Street73 Brook StreetLondonLondonNA
38142012117 South Eden Park Road117 South Eden Park RoadBeckenhamKentNA
38152012Midsummer House MKMidsummer BoulevardMilton KeynesBucksNA
38162012CU Chemistry: NE BasementCambridge UniversityCambridgeCambridgeshireNA
38172012The Franklin Hotel22-28 Egerton GardensLondonGreater LondonNA
3818201227 Gertrude Street27 Gertrude StreetLondonGreater LondonNico Warr Architects
38192012Arcadia, Unit 78 MK29-35 Midsummer ArcadeMilton KeynesBucksNA
38202012Lombard House, ElstreeWaterfron Business Park, ElstreeRoadElstree, BorehamwoodHertfordshireNA
3821201249 Gloucester Crescent49 Gloucester CrescentLondonGreater LondonNA
38222012Festival Place, BasingstokeFestival Place Shopping CentreBasingstokeHampshireNA
38232012Slough Retail Park, Easy Living UnitTwinches LaneSloughBerkshireNA
3824201292 Belsize Road92 Belsize RoadLondonGreater LondonNA
3825201281 Second Avenue81 Second AvenueLondonGreater LondonNA
38262012Putney: New Lacy Road FlatsLacy RoadPutneyLondonNA
38272012Walnuts Shopping CentreHigh StreetOrpingtonKentNA
38282012MK SB CraneThe Centre MKMilton KeynesBucksNA
382920127-9 Church Street, Croydon7-9 Church StreetCroydonSurreyNA
38302012Ed's Diner, Unit 60A Cheshire OaksKinsey RoadEllesmere PortCheshireNA
3831201229 Gilston Road29 Gilston RoadLondonGreater LondonNA
3832201224 Ashchurch Park Villas24 Ashchurch Park VillasLondonLondonStuart Martin
38332012Spencer House, 23 Sheen Road23 Sheen RoadRichmondSurreyNA
38342012Walnuts Shopping Centre, Unit 18High StreetOrpingtonKentNA
3835201214 Garrick Street14 Garrick StreetLondonLondonNA
38362012Ed's Easy Diner, Highcross, LeicesterHighcross Shopping CentreLeicesterLeicestershireDover Design
3837201262 Sheffield Terrace62 Sheffield TerraceLondonLondonSeth Stein
38382012Unit 3, Pin GreenPin Green Industrial EstateStevenageHertfordshireNA
3839201267 Askew Crescent67 Askew CrescentLondonLondonNA
38402012Ed's Easy DinerKemble DriveSwindonWiltsDover Design
384120124 Roberts Mews4 Roberts MewsLondonLondonSpencer Fung
3842201255 Old Broad Street55 Old Broad StreetLondonLondonNA
38432012Ed's Easy Diner, West QuayWest Quay SC, Portland TerraceSouthamptonNADover Design
38442012190-196 High Street, Sutton190-196 High StreetSuttonGreater LondonNA
384520123-5 Thames Street, Kingston3-5 Thames StreetKingston upon ThamesSurreyNA
38462012MK Food Hall AssessmentCentre MK Food HallMilton KeynesBucksNA
38472012Carnaby Street Sub-station fit-outCarnaby StreetLondonLondonNA
38482012Albany Place, Welwyn Garden CityAlbany PlaceWelwyn Garden CityHertsNA
38492012The Summit, SunburyHanworth RoadSunbury on ThamesSurreyNA
38502012Brunswick House, LeatherheadRegents Park, Kingston RoadLeatherheadSurreyNA
38512012Ed's Easy Diner, WandsworthSouthside Shopping CentreWandsworthLondonNA
38522012Prezzo's, WandsworthSouthside Shopping CentreWandsworthLondonNA
3853201234 Broad Street, Seaford34 Broad StreetSeafordEast SussexNA
38542012Ed's Easy Diner, BridgendDesigner Outlet, J36 of M4BridgendMid-GlamorganDover Design
38552012Vale House, ReigateRoebuck CloseReigateSurreyNA
38562012304 Westbourne Grove304 Westbourne GroveLondonLondonNA
38572012Flat 14, Heron PlaceFlat 14, Heron PlaceLondonLondonNA
38592012Ashdown Road, KingstonAshdown RoadKingston upon ThamesSurreyNA
3860201229 Maiden Lane29 Maiden LaneLondonLondonNA
386120129 King Street9 King StreetLondonLondonNA
3862201268 Broadwick Street68 Broadwick StreetLondonLondonNA
38632012Eden Street, kingstonEden StreetKingston upon ThamesSurreyNA
38642012Eastgate House16-19 Eastcastle StreetLondonLondonNA
3865201225 Wellington Street25 Wellington StreetLondonLondonNA
3866201215 Exeter Street15 Exeter StreetLondonLondonNA
386720126 Cavendish Square6 Cavendish SquareLondonLondonNA
38682012Unit 23, BecktonLondon Industrial Park, Eastbury RoadBecktonLondonNA
3869201290A Belsize RoadBasement flat, 90a Belsize RoadLondonLondonNA
38702012VSC, 7 Edgware Road7 Edgware RoadLondonLondonNA
38712012221-231 High Streeet, Slough221-223 High StreetSloughBerkshireNA
38722012Old Post Office, KingstonAshdown RoadKingston upon ThamesGreater LondonNA
38732012MKSC: Gantry InspectionThe Centre MKMilton KeynesBucksNA
3874201212 Shaftesbury Road12 Shaftesbury RoadLondonLondonJB Architects
38752012Queens Square House, BrightonQueen SquareBrightonEast SussexNA
3876201250 St James Street50 St James StreetLondonLondonNA
38772012Ed's Diner, Metro Centre, GatesheadThe Metro CentreGatesheadTyne and WearDover Design
3878201271 Katherine Close71 Katherine CloseLondonLondonAssociation of Ideas
38792012Ed's Diner, ReadingThe OracleReadingBerkshireDover Design
38802012Unit 2A Slough Retail ParkTwinches LaneSloughBerksNA
38812012Putney Bridge RoadPutney Bridge RoadPutney, LondonLondonNA
38822012Block 8, Vestry, SevenoaksVestry RoadSevenoaksKentNA
3883201215 Bonhill Street15 Bonhill StreetLondonLondonNA
3884201214 King Street14 King StreetLondonLondonNA
3885201223 Smith Street23 Smith StreetLondonLondonNA
3886201234 King Street34 King StreetLondonLondonNA
38872012Burleigh House22 Tavistock StreetLondonLondonNA
3888201215 King Street15 King StreetLondonLondonNA
388920124 Henrietta Street4 Henrietta StreetLondonLondonAB Associates
38902012Regency House, 1-4 Warwick Street1-4 Warwick StreetLondonLondonNA
389120134 St Albans Grove4 St Albans GroveLondonNADavid Money Architects
38922013Unit 23, 24 &47 Covent GardenThe Market, Covent GardenLondonLondonNA
389320138 Adam and Eve Mews8 Adam and Eve MewsKensingtonLondonNA
3958201223 Fentiman Road23 Fentiman RoadLondonLondonNA