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Our History

F J Samuely and Partners Ltd., Consulting Engineers, specialise in structural engineering and related civil engineering.

The firm has been responsible for the structural design and site inspection of a wide variety of projects including universities, hospitals, commercial buildings, residential buildings, shopping centres, leisure centres and exhibition halls.

Felix Samuely

The firm's origins date back to 1933 when Felix Samuely came to Britain, where he worked on a number of well known and innovative structures, including the De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill, Simpsons Piccadilly and the Skylon for the Festival of Britain.

F J Samuely and Partners was formed in 1956 and Frank Newby became senior partner in 1959 when Felix Samuely died prematurely. Frank Newby retired in 1991 and Ian Singleton-Green became Senior Partner. Well known structures from this period include the Snowdon Aviary at the London Zoo, Stirling's Leicester Engineering Laboratories, the Clore Gallery at the Tate and the Burrell Museum in Glasgow. F J Samuely and Partners Ltd. was formed in April 2000. Tom Schollar is the Managing Director.

Subsequent major projects include the New Parliamentary Buildings at Bridge Street, the Michelin Building refurbishment and the Design Museum - one of several projects at Butlers Wharf. Recent projects include new buildings for the University Library and the Judge Institute of Management Studies at Cambridge; shopping centres at Tunbridge Wells, Milton Keynes and Swindon, a new college for Japanese students at Canterbury and leisure centres at Windsor and Borehamwood.

The Partners/Directors have always limited the size of the firm to allow them to take an active role in the design and direction of each project, which can vary in size from under 1M to over 60M.

There is close collaboration with architects and other members of the design team to achieve clients' needs with elegance and economy, be it for a functional office or factory building or for a sophisticated museum or leisure centre.

The firm is experienced in reinforced and prestressed concrete, steelwork, loadbearing masonry, timber and aluminium. If the structure is to be exposed, much attention is given to the form of the structural elements and the appearance of their connections. When appropriate, new forms of construction are developed and tested. Refurbishment, with its own particular problems, has become an integral part of the workload in recent years and has stimulated interest in historic materials and techniques, with projects at the British Museum, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Thai Embassy and the De La Warr Pavilion.

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